Father, 36, charged with driving 19-year-old son and three of his teenage friends to machete murder. Mother allegedly telephoned one of the boys to inform him that another wanted to surrender to police over killing of disabled boy.

  • Levi Ernest Morrison, an autistic person, was found murdered on April 10, 2010.
  • Nicola Leighton (36) allegedly drove Tyreese Ulysses (her son), along with three other young men to the scene.
  • Leighton, the teenagers and all four of them deny killing Levi in southeast London.
  • The court was informed that one of the fifteen-year olds “wanted to surrender himself” by the seventeen-year-old.

The teenager charged with hacking the death of a teenage disabled boy said he called him up next day and asked him to turn himself in.

Nicola Leighton (36), her son Tyrese Ulysses (19), and two other 15-year old boys, as well as a third (17-year-old boy) are all charged in the killing of Levi Ernest-Morrison (17-years-old) in Sydenham.

Leighton and all four teens deny killing Levi in April 2010.

The day after the attack, Leighton contacted the 17-year-old and said he should try to get in contact with one of the 15-year-old boys because the young boy ‘wanted to hand himself in’, a jury heard.

Levi Ernest-Morrison (pictured) was killed on April 10 in Sydenham, southeast London. A 36-year-old woman and four teenagers deny murdering him

Levi Ernest-Morrison was shot and killed in Sydenham (southwest London) on April 10. He was murdered by a 36-year old woman and four teenage girls.

The 17-year-old, who cannot be named, told the Old Bailey: ‘I think he kind of understood that he was responsible.

‘I know now it doesn’t work like that, but I think [Ulysses]His mum was free, he hoped.

Leighton is said to have ‘rounded up’ four youths including her son to kill Levi.

The court heard that she drove them to Sydenham Road, encouraging them to pursue Levi and his friend.

Leighton stated, in evidence before the court, that she did not know anything.

Jurors were told that the 17-year old had a machete, but it was never recovered.

‘Did you still have it with you when you found out Levi was the boy that was stabbed and had died,’ his barrister, Christopher Henley QC, asked him.

‘Yes,’ he replied.

‘I spoke to my mum about what happened. She asked me about my part in the incident.

‘Another family member came into the room as my mum was pretty upset.

‘They said I shouldn’t have that in my house so they disposed of it.’

Mr Henley asked: ‘Have you ever said to anyone that you stabbed Levi?’

The 17-year-old replied: ‘No never.’

He insists he’s not lying, and tries to transfer blame on his friend of 15 years.

The teenager (right) had autism and nerve damage which gave him drop foot, meaning he needed to walk with a crutch

This teenager, right, had neuro damage and autism. His drop foot was caused by nerve damage.

He admitted to possessing a machete but said that he didn’t use or cause any injuries with it.

‘The prosecution case is that, as Levi lay defenceless on the ground, you came over and pushed your machete into him, causing a fatal wound. Did you do this?’ asked Mr Henley.

‘No I didn’t,’ the teenager replied.

The court was told that the teenager had smoked marijuana together with two of his friends on April 11.

‘I was just taking a video of myself smoking,’ he said.

According to the prosecution, Leighton took four of his youths to Sydenham Road and then killed Levi.

Leighton (of Lockwood Close Sydenham) and one the 15-year old boys, both deny murder and possession with an offensive weapon.

Ulysses (of Catford) and the other youths also deny murder.

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