Dummy run! Neighbor dashes over to rescue man dangling from the guttering after a Christmas lights disaster – only to discover it’s a prank

  • Rich Ferguson, 51 years old, created the Christmas prank from outside of his Colorado house.
  • A ladder is next to the mannequin, which hangs from guttering.
  • Mr Ferguson set up hidden cameras to film how neighbors reacted to his prank

One neighbor was tricked by a prankster who used Christmas decorations as Christmas decor to make it appear that someone had fallen off a ladder. However, the person in question was still clinging to the gutter.

Rich Ferguson (51), put up half of the Colorado Christmas lights and then hanged a mannequin from the gutter, making it appear like someone fell off a ladder as he was putting up decorations.

The ladder was left next to the dummy. It was designed to appear as though the dummy was grasping onto the pipe with its fingers. He also set up hidden cameras that recorded how neighbors responded to what they believed was an individual in dire need hanging from the front.

The footage showed a woman running to the aid of the dummy, before she realized that she was being pranked.

Rich Ferguson, 51, put up half the Christmas lights at his house in Colorado and then hung a mannequin from the gutter to make it look like someone had toppled off a ladder while putting up the decorations

Rich Ferguson, 51 years old, set up half the Colorado Christmas lights. Then, he hung a manequin from the gutter, making it seem like someone had fallen off a ladder.

Mr Ferguson used a hidden camera to film a woman rushing over to assist what she thinks is a person in need of help after falling from a ladder

Ferguson used a hidden camera and filmed a woman running to help someone who had fallen from a ladder.

He shows you the exterior of his house in this video and then explains what the joke will look like.

He said, “This is hilarious.” This is the story of a dummy that was strung up lights. After a while, the ladder gave way and he now hangs by his arms.

Mr Ferguson shows a hidden camera positioned on the roof, and another on the grass in front of the house, and says: ‘We’re going to see if we can capture the reactions of some passers-by.’

As the video cuts to the roof camera, it then shows the dog walker in maroon jumper with black pants as she sprints to assist.

The ladder is moved towards the mannequin, and she realises that the prankster has taken her out.

You can hear her swear before she runs away. 

This video was uploaded by Ferguson onto his TikTok Page, which has seen it viewed close to 15 million times. 

Mr Ferguson made it look like the mannequin was clinging onto the house guttering after falling from a ladder that toppled over

Ferguson made it appear that Mr Ferguson was holding onto the guttering in the house after the manequin fell from a ladder.

He also left a ladder toppled over next to the mannequin which is approximately four feet off the ground

A ladder he left behind was also thrown over by him next to the Mannequin, which is about four feet above the ground

He has also used his account @officialrichferguson to share other videos of people reacting to the startling decoration. 

Two children approach the mannequin. The other shows a man standing up and putting the ladder in a place so the victim can fall down. 

It was met with mixed reactions. Some users called it hilarious, while others found it cruel.

Jessica from TikTok said, “I had to view this 10 times. This is very funny. Many lost their sense of humor, and their taste …’.

Kaitlin Liliwhite from another user said, “As a nurse, I have seen so many people who are paralysed by ladder falls.” This is unacceptable.

Ferguson shared another video in which he explained that it was just a four-foot tall mannequin suspended from the gutter by some Christmas lights.

He said, “Quite a pointed gag. So I won’t need to have lights on my entire house, because of, you know, the accident. 

“Super Simple Idea Guys, Relax.”

He captioned the video: ‘Just to be abundantly clear what’s going on with this hilarious holiday decoration idea, it’s hanging by its hands. Chill.’