As New Zealand reports 205 cases of Kiwi Covid and one death, the battle for Kiwi Covid continues to spread from STILL locked Auckland to clusters around New Zealand.

  •  Covid numbers in Auckland are stabilising by clusters emerging elsewhere
  • Auckland is home to 87% of double-dosed patients, while 93% have had only one jab.
  •  Country recorded 205 cases with one man in his 40s dying on Monday 

New Zealand’s battle against COVID-19 Delta could evolve from an Auckland-centric outbreak to smaller clusters throughout the country.

The case numbers are steady with 205 community patients on Monday and the passing of a man in his 40s at Auckland’s Manukau Hospital.

This week’s rolling daily average for seven-day cases is now 187.

Radio NZ reported that ‘things look like they’re stabilizing in Auckland’, Dr Shaun Hendy (a COVID-19 modeller for cross-university research group Te Punaha Matatini), said.

Auckland is set to become the first place in New Zealand with 90% vaccinated (above)

Auckland could be the New Zealand’s first city with 90% vaccination (above).

“The R number (effective reproductive number) of the virus has fallen and could be as low as one.

“We’d like to see it drop below one, so there are decreasing numbers. But at least this point is where the outbreak in Auckland may be stabilizing.”

“That is largely due to the high vaccination rates we have achieved in Auckland.”

Auckland is still in lockdown despite 87% of the citizens being vaccinated (above)

Auckland remains in lockdown, despite 87% being vaccinated.

Auckland has a vaccination rate of 87 percent, double-dosed with 93% having received one jab.

The Delta variant was identified in several towns and villages around North Island over the last fortnight.

Other than Auckland, Northland or the Waikato (where COVID-19 was present for many months), the Bay of Plenty has encountered COVID-19 to different degrees.

Monday’s case count showed 20 additional cases from the Waikato. The Tauranga cluster has 17 cases active in just a few days and it looks very worrisome.

As Aucklanders receive more freedoms and NZ will soon allow them to return to their home cities, this spread should continue.

Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister has approved domestic travel for the residents of India’s largest city starting in December 15.

Not all countries have the same vaccination level as Auckland. Hendy said that once Aucklanders leave, it could expose populations who aren’t as protected.

“That could result in further minor outbreaks within the regions.”

Some Maori regional groups say that they do not want Aucklanders to travel to their region this summer because of COVID-19 contamination.

Dr Hendy stated that New Zealanders should respect those who don’t need to travel.

He stated that giving these regions more time to increase vaccine rates would be a big advantage.

Ms Ardern indicated that she would like Kiwis be able travel to “reconnect with their family and friends”.

“Ideally, we would like people to get vaccinated as soon as they can. We want to test them if they aren’t from Auckland.