New Zealand Bans Smoking: New Zealand’s radical new laws ban smoking in young people. The nation is now’smoke free’

  • Anyone aged under 14 will be banned from EVER buying cigarettes in their life
  • There will be additional age groups until it is illegal in New Zealand
  • Part of a 15 year program, the target is to completely eliminate smoking by 2025.

New Zealand is banning young people from ever being allowed to buy cigarettes in a rolling program to make the entire country smoke-free by 2025.

In an effort to eliminate smoking in the country, no one under 14 years old will be permitted to purchase cigarettes.

Every year, a new age group will be added on to the list of bans until the entire country is illegal under Jacinda Adern, NZ Prime Minister.

Ayesha Verrall (associate health minister) stated on Thursday that she wanted to ensure young people don’t start smoking. She also said it would be an offence for them to sell or provide smoked tobacco products. 

New Zealand is banning youngsters from ever being allowed to buy cigarettes under a rolling program to make the entire country smoke-free by 2025

New Zealand has banned children from buying cigarettes in a rolling program that aims to eliminate smoking throughout the country by 2025.

“People under 14 years of age when this law takes effect will not be allowed to purchase legal tobacco.

“We’re also decreasing the attraction, addiction and availability of smoked cigarettes products. 


According to the proposals, New Zealand will not allow young adults under 14 years old to buy cigarettes.

Every year, a new group of people will be added on to the ban list. This will increase the number of those who are not legally allowed to smoke.

For the time being, New Zealand’s minimum age for purchasing cigarettes is 18

Also, the government has restricted how many shops can sell cigarettes. 

A licence will only be given to 500 people in the country, much like a license for a store to sell alcohol.

To combat their addictiveness, cigarettes’ nicotine level is being decreased.

The prices of cigarettes rose 10 percent each year between 2011-2020, but this was not enough for smokers. 

Eventually – with existing smokers dying –  health officials hope to see the entire country smoke-free.

“New laws will ensure that only low nicotine-level smoked tobacco products can be sold. There will also be a reduction in the number and availability of outlets who are allowed to sell them.

Dr Verrall said that while the new rules are not effective immediately, they will allow retailers to make the transition from being dependent on cigarette sales.

Each year an additional age group will be added to the ban list until it's illegal for the entire nation.

Every year, a new age group is added to the list.

After the implementation of new legislation, only 500 retail outlets will be permitted in all 50 states to offer cigarettes. To sell alcohol, they will have to obtain a license that is similar to one issued to bottle shops.

National targets are to reduce smoking rates by just five percent or less in New Zealand by 2025. 

In line with the strategy, the cigarette price has increased 10 percent every year between 2011 and 2020. No tax increases have been proposed.

While a pack of 20 Marlboro cigarettes is now available in New Zealand for around NZ$33, that strategy was not sufficient to achieve the 2025 targets.

Researchers found that the Maori population wouldn’t reach its target before 2061 if no radical measures were taken.

The strategy includes strict restrictions on vaping and smoking areas as well as bans on sponsorships and tobacco advertising. It also incorporates uniform packaging.