The Omicron Covid-19 version of next month’s Africa Cup of Nations could cause the Africa Cup of Nations to be cancelled. This variant is a great boost for Liverpool’s Premier League championship hopes.

Reports suggest that the Omicron Coronavirus variant could have caused the cancellation of Africa Cup of Nations. There were also complaints received from several English clubs.

Cameroon’s tournament will begin on January 9, and continue until February 6. Many Premier League players, including Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah from Liverpool, are expected to depart their clubs in mid-season for the Cameroon competition.

RMC Sport reports that the Central African Federation (CAF), a French news agency, could cancel the cancellation because the Omicron variant is continuing to devastate the continent. 

The African Cup of Nations set for January 2022 could be cancelled due to the Omicron variant

Omicron could mean that the January 2022 African Cup of Nations was cancelled

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