Nicola Sturgeon faces fury after exploiting COP26 summit during Scots independence struggle. She placed full-page ads boasting about her status as a ‘nation–in-waiting’.

  • Nicola Sturgeon published ads inviting world leaders for a ‘nation-in-waiting’
  • SNP leader condemned for using COP summit for Scots independence campaign
  • Ms. Sturgeon met Gret Thunberg, who enjoys her role as co-host of an event   

Today, Nicola Sturgeon was criticized for exploiting COP26 during her Scottish independence campaign. She placed full-page ads boasting about a nation-in–waiting’.

The SNP leader’s ads in newspapers announcing the arrival of world leaders to Glasgow have been criticized as ‘disappointing and predictable’.  

The publicity images quote Ms Sturgeon as saying: “A nation in waiting welcomes all nations of the world.”

They appear amid claims that Glasgow’s reputation is being tarnished by a bin strike continuing and claims that rats are running wild.    

Ms. Sturgeon has been enjoying her role as joint host of summit to have a series high-profile meetings.

Greta Thunberg was the subject of a conversation between Greta and Greta, who heaped praises on Greta for making politicians ‘uncomfortable. 

The SNP leader's adverts in newspapers as world leaders descend on Glasgow have been condemned as 'disappointing but predictable'

The SNP leader’s advertisements in newspapers as world leaders descend upon Glasgow were criticized as ‘disappointing, but predictable’

Speaking at an event hosted by the environmental organisation WWF, she told how she had just met Ms Thunberg and another young climate activist, Vanessa Nakate from Uganda

At an event hosted by WWF, she spoke about how she just met Ms Thunberg as well as Vanessa Nakate from Uganda. 

Ms Sturgeon heaped praise on the teenage activist for making politicians 'uncomfortable'

Ms. Sturgeon praised the teenager activist for making politicians uncomfortable’

Donald Cameron, Scottish Conservative constitution spokesperson, said that even though world leaders are in Glasgow to discuss the future of the planet’s future, the first instinct for the SNP is to push its divisive independence obsession.

‘No matter how big the issue, the SNP just can’t help themselves – they always focus on trying to break up the United Kingdom.

‘Nations from around the world are coming together at Cop26 in a bid to tackle the climate emergency and yet the SNP – whose failure to meet climate-change targets is dismal – would rather talk about separation.’

Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, was also critical of SNP. He accused the party of being ‘obsessed by independence’ at a moment when ‘the whole world is coming together to solve the greatest problem humanity has ever faced.

He added that the eyes of billions are focused on Scotland. The future is at stake and Nicola Sturgeon cannot ignore it. This advertisement is distracting and divisive. It should be removed.

SNP spokesperson said: “The SNP is proud of being delivering global leadership in dealing with the climate emergency.

“We’ll let others snipe from our sidelines, but we’re 100per cent focused on creating an environmentally-friendly and fairer Scotland and a more sustainable world.

At an event hosted by WWF, she spoke about how she had just met Ms Thunberg as well as Vanessa Nakate, a young climate activist.

Ms. Sturgeon said, “Those voices often, including mine, are really uncomfortable at time, because they force us face the hard realities of our lack in delivery.”

“But my goodness, they are so important for shaking the gatherings here over the next couple of days out of the sense complacency that surrounds ’em too often.”

She added: “If we are only willing to face the easy, relatively easy things, we will not get anywhere.” This must be a moment where leaders, regardless of whether they are at the negotiating tables, are held accountable for the truth of what they have promised, and not for the rhetoric.

Ms Sturgeon has been enjoying her status as joint host of the summit to have a series of high-profile meetings

Ms. Sturgeon has been enjoying the status of joint host of the summit to host a series of high-profile events