Cardiff’s nightclub claims it was wrong to charge drink cover fees for people who want to avoid getting spiked.

Pryzm, located on Greyfriars Road, Cardiff, South Wales, caused anger when they charged 20p for drink covers. However, there have been numerous reports of spikes in pubs and clubs across the UK in recent months.  

This was an error by the venue, and they are now providing free covers.

The Big Night In Cardiff protested against spiking by holding a one-night club boycott.   

Pryzm Cardiff, on Greyfriars Road, sparked anger by charging 20p for their drink covers, which student Peter Thomas, 21, pictured, drew attention to on social media

Pryzm in Cardiff was located on Greyfriars Road. They charged 20p for drink covers. Student Peter Thomas (21) noticed this on social media. 

Spiking can be defined as the act of injecting drugs into a person’s body without their consent. However, recent news reports have highlighted instances where spiking has been done via injection.

South Wales Police received 18 reports about needle-spiking incidents in September and Oct. 

These are offered free of charge at Cardiff’s Nightclubs Popworld (Walkabout), Be At One, Story Metros, Mary’s, Revolution and Story.

Pulse has not yet decided to charge for them, but is currently testing the devices.

Moonbar stated that there were supply problems, but they will provide free cover.

Peter Thomas (a Cardiff University student) posted about his visit to the club on social media last week and attracted attention.

Peter Thomas (21-year-old Cardiff University student) raised awareness about the charges of the nightclub when he posted his experiences on social media.

WalesOnline spoke to the psychology student, saying: “I went with a bunch of girls from my class on Monday.” [November 1]

‘I believed we should do some thing to ensure that we aren’t spiked. However, when we arrived at Pryzm, it was a lot harder than I had imagined.

‘I didn’t receive a cover, which made me feel a little selective. However, they offered them to the girls for 20p and requested that I pay 20p.

“Who is going to remind them to request that every time they have a drink?”

Who wants to have to fork over that amount every time they drink?

“It was almost as though they were using the opportunity to start a company.”

It was seen as an attempt to make a quick buck on spikes when the potential for saving a life is real.

Pryzm says the charge was an attempt to encourage people to reuse the plastic covers, but Mr Thomas believes this could be problematic: 'If you're dancing and the lid gets squashed a bit, it's difficult to reuse from a safety perspective.'

Pryzm states that the charges were intended to encourage people not to throw away their plastic covers. But Mr Thomas says this may be problematic. ‘If someone is dancing, and the lid gets squashed slightly, it might make it unsafe to reuse.

“The girls that I was in a relationship with were absolutely amazing.”

Pryzm claims that the charges were intended to encourage the reuse of plastic covers. However, Thomas thinks this might be problematic.

Cathays student said that if you dance and your lid is squashed, it can be difficult to reuse the lid from safety.

They also ran out of supplies during the evening, so I was stunned to see that a club network this large should have been able source some.

It’s not the fault or frontline staff.

“Charging staff has likely led to more abuse when they don’t really want to be charged.”

Thomas was so angry at Pryzm’s policies that he wrote a Facebook post about it the next day. It received more than 500 Likes.

He stated, “I’m aware that many people are not going out anymore and feel unsafe in Cardiff.”

“I have been here for four years and this is the first time I’ve felt it like that.”

For at least three consecutive weeks, the Cardiff Students’ Union provided free covers in its bar.

The lab stocks urine and drink testing kits that students may use to confirm that they have not been spiked.

Debbie Beadle, Cardiff Women’s Aid stated: “It’s the responsibility of nightclubs to ensure that they create an environment in which it’s not acceptable to display this behavior.”

“Women fear going out.” Women are staying home more often than ever. Do we really want this society?

“It is more than just covering up drinks.

“That doesn’t stop injections from happening. This is about teaching staff to be vigilant and making sure that they cover areas that could become victims.

“Whether it means that they have to staff more clubs, this is what they should do.

It’s becoming a concern. It is a growing concern for young women, particularly after Covid. This has an effect on their lives and makes it difficult to get out.

She stated that the accusation was “not acceptable” and said she welcomed the change. 

According to the National Police Chiefs Council, there were approximately 140 reported cases of spiking in October and September. There have also been 24 other reports of’some kind of injection’.

South Wales Police received 18 reports of potential needle spiking in September and October. Pictured, Pryzm nightclub in Cardiff

South Wales Police received 18 reports in October and September of possible needle-spiking. Pictured: Pryzm Nightclub, Cardiff

Although there were male and female victims of the attack, most were young women.

Pryzm spokesperson said that safety is the number one priority. Our guests have been listened to and we are now not charging extra for drinks spiking devices.

Club chain claims its members are well-trained in the art of spiking, and know what to watch out for.

With ID scanners, metal detector arches and ID scanners, it is currently searching for all entry points. The security personnel wear bodycams, and there are medics at its locations.

According to a spokesperson for the Cardiff Students Union, “We occasionally run out of supply problems.” [with lids]I see a resurgence of the cyclone, which I forecast towards November’s end for another week.

“We offer to pour the bottles in the cups with lids when this happens.

“We employ private medical staff on club nights, with no less than one paramedic. The drug dogs have been used on entry the last two week and we will use them for one more.

South Wales Police state that they have a ‘public concern about spiking reports’ and’some concern about the possibility of people being’spiked by needles or other drugs-containing syringes’.

Jenny Gilmer, Assistant Chief Constable: “We received reports from people that believe.” [needle spiking]They may have been victims of an accident, and they are being investigated.

The 18 Reports [in September and October]The symptoms can range from a person feeling pin-pricked or having soreness to the arms, all the way up to someone reporting feeling it.

“Our officers work with licensed establishments to alert them about spiking methods, and ask them to be more vigilant during this time.

“We are open to all information and welcome any victim of spiking.

“South Wales Police is a great partner in partnership work. We provide training for staff working at licensed city centres to identify vulnerable persons and to safeguard them. This training pays off and we often see proof of it.

On Wednesday, a Senedd discussion was held to discuss possible measures that could be taken to stop spiking.

These ideas included drug testing strips free of charge at every Welsh venue, improved staff training in spiking and harsher sentences for anyone found guilty.