After delivering an emotional speech to his sister’s wedding ceremony, a nine-year old boy captured the hearts of millions across the internet. He cried while thanking her and for giving him a brother in law.

Gus Bower’s touching speech became a worldwide sensation thanks to the viral sharing of the video by the wedding videographer. The clip shows Gus Bower shedding tears while paying respects to Catie (27), who is his older sister. 

Video shows a youngster in Denver, Colorado standing with his phone in one hand and addressing Catie.  

Emotional: A nine-year-old boy has practically stolen everyone's hearts after he got up to give a speech at his older sister's wedding and broke down in tears

Emotional: Nine-year-old boy who gave a speech at the wedding of his older sister and then broke down in tears, has almost stolen all hearts

Catie and Troy Hudson, from Denver, Colorado, got married in August. And when Catie's little brother, Gus, gave a toast to the newlyweds, he started crying, but insisted it was 'tears of joy'

Troy Hudson from Denver, Colorado married Catie Hudson in August. When Catie’s younger brother Gus gave a toast, he began to cry, insisting that it was tears of joy.

So sweet! In the adorable video, which has recently gone viral on TikTok, he said he was 'so happy' that his sister 'gave him a brother-in-law'

This is so adorable! It was just too sweet!

The nine-year old said, “I know it might sound a bit sad up there but these are tears that joy,” as his sister was seen crying. 

He added: “Catie! I love you so very and I am so happy you gave me brother-in law,” as he started to cry. 

This sweet message became viral over the internet. People flooded the comment section with comments such as, “I’m sorry”, “My heart,” and “Now I’m hurting.”

One person said, “Not to be dramatic but I would die in love with him,”

‘Unreal! This is by far the cutest thing that I’ve ever witnessed! An additional person has been added.

Another user said, “OMG! I don’t cry when people post on social media and this is what got me. His speech is amazing and he’s such a sweet person.

Luckily for us, the videographer from the wedding shared a clip of the adorable moment to TikTok, and it quickly garnered an array of positive responses

The videographer of the wedding uploaded a video clip to TikTok and quickly gained a lot of positive feedback. 

Supportive: People flooding the comment section of the video with messages like this one, which read, 'Not to be dramatic, but I would die for him'

Suppliant: There were many people flooding the comment section with support messages, such as the one below, that reads “Not to sound dramatic, but I would live for him.”

Another person wrote: 'OMG! I do not cry at social media videos and damn, this got me. He is such an amazing speaker and sweet soul'

A third person commented: “OMG! I don’t cry when people post on social media and this is what got me. He’s an incredible speaker, and such a kind soul. 

Catie and her little brother clearly have a close relationship, with the new bride sharing tons of adorable pics of him to her Instagram account over the year

Catie and her younger brother are clearly close friends. The new bride has shared many adorable photos of him to Instagram over the past year.

Catie clearly has a strong relationship with her brother, and the bride shared many adorable photos of him on her Instagram over the years.

In 2015, to celebrate his third birthday she called him “sweetest, smartest and most adorable” child she had ever known.

“Happy 3rd Birthday to the smartest, sweetest and most adorable child I know!” She exclaimed, “You are my best little brother!”

She captioned an earlier photo of her brother, saying “If this isn’t the cutest thing that you have ever seen”, 

Gus also enjoyed many times with his brother-in law over the years. 

Troy and Catie have been married for over a decade according to their wedding website. They met as children, before Gus was born. 

They were close friends for many years before they began a relationship while both were studying at University of Denver. 

After the couple had’signed a contract for their first house’, Troy proposed to Catie.  

The happy couple: Catie and Troy (pictured in September) began dating in February 2014, after forming a friendship as young children

After forming friendships as small children, Catie and Troy began to date in February 2014. 

Close siblings: Back in 2015, in honor of his third birthday, she called him the 'sweetest, smartest, and cutest' kid she knew

'If this isn't the cutest thing you have ever seen then you're lying,' she previously captioned another pic of her brother. It's clear that their bond is strong

Near siblings: She called her third-born son the “sweetest, smartest, most beautiful” kid that she knew in 2015.