After testing positive for coronavirus, Brandon Lewis (Northern Ireland Secretary) goes into self-isolation

  • Brandon Lewis, Northern Ireland Secretary, has confirmed positive for coronavirus
  • According to Mr Lewis, he has only mild symptoms due to the vaccination.
  • Keir starmer has been recently isolated, while minister George Freeman was under ‘bad attack.

Brandon Lewis from Northern Ireland, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has declared that he is currently self-isolating since he tested positive for Covid-19.

This morning, the Cabinet Minister tweeted that he had a confirmed case and is now ‘thanks for the vaccine’ only having mild symptoms.

The latest victim of coronavirus is Keir Starmer, who joins a long list of politicians recently to have been infected. Keir Starmer was only able to emerge from isolation this weekend. Science minister George Freeman will not be attending the COP26 Summit due to a bad attack’.

On Friday, Mr Lewis visited a Women’s Aid and Victim Support Centre in Belfast. However, he said that he had been staying away since the symptoms began over the weekend.

Brandon Lewis tweeted this morning disclosing he has a confirmed case but 'thanks to the vaccine' is 'so far only experiencing mild symptoms'

Brandon Lewis posted this tweet informing us that he is now a confirmed patient, but that he was’so far experiencing only mild symptoms due to the vaccine.

Mr Lewis was in Belfast visiting a Women's Aid and Victim Support centre on Friday, but said he has been staying away from others since symptoms appeared over the weekend

While Mr Lewis was visiting Belfast’s Women’s Aid and Victim Support center on Friday, he stated that he’s been away from other people since his symptoms started over the weekend.

Twitter user ‘I’ve been confirmed positive for coronavirus’ “Thanks to the vaccine, I have only experienced mild symptoms.

“I’ve been self-isolating ever since the first symptoms appeared. I’m going to continue doing so as per Government regulations.

Great Yarmouth MP expects to be out from isolation next Tuesday. 

Since July, more than 1000 cases of the virus were reported in Northern Ireland.

Michelle O’Neill, deputy first minister, contracted Covid-19 earlier in the year.

She revealed that she was suffering from a severe case of the virus in September and had even considered going to hospital.

Yesterday Mr. Freeman shared his struggle with the illness. 

He said: ‘Sorry to report I’ve had a bad attack of Covid over last 3 days w difficulty breathing on Fri/Sat (thanks to @EastEnglandAmb team for your help). 

‘Confined on DR’s orders to bed for another few days & then quarantine til next Monday, when I hope to be back fighting fit.’

Science minister George Freeman is missing the COP26 summit this week due to a 'bad attack'

Because of a ‘bad assault’, George Freeman the Science Minister will not be able to make it to the COP26 summit.