MailOnline has learned that the glamorous Scandinavian heiress, named Jeffrey Epstein’s love while she was with Ghislaine Maxill, has reacted to claims she had a sexual relationship.

Maxwell’s high-profile trial in New York heard sensational claims that the Epstein was seeing stunning Celina Midelfart in the mid 1990s around the same time he was dating Maxwell and other women.

The claims were made by Maxwell’s former personal assistant during the trial in which she was found guilty of recruiting and trafficking young girls to be sexually abused by the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Ms Midelfart, 48 has been hiding since she was named in court as Maxwell’s love rival.

MailOnline received a statement from her lawyer in which she insists her brief relationship with Epstein ended in 1997.

The statement said: ‘Celina Midelfart has never dated, nor had any romantic relationship, with Epstein.

‘The true facts are as follows: Around 25 years ago Celina Midelfart had plans to invest some funds in the US markets.

‘In that respect a Norwegian financial adviser, who had a business relationship with Epstein, advised Celina Midelfart to talk with Epstein.

‘At that point in time Epstein was a financial adviser at the renowned American brokerage house, Bear Sterns.’ 

Celina Midelfart (pictured) was named as Jeffrey Epstein's lover while he was dating Ghislaine Maxwell

Celina Midelfart (pictured) was named as Jeffrey Epstein’s lover while he was dating Ghislaine Maxwell

But Ms Midelfart, now 48, has denied the claims, insisting that they only shared business interests

But Ms Midelfart, now 48, has denied the claims, insisting that they only shared business interests

The statement continued: ‘For a short period of time Celina Midelfart had some funds placed in the US markets by Bear Stearns, represented by Epstein.

‘Celina Midelfart have not had anything to do with Jeffrey Epstein after 1997.

‘It is very hard to understand how this short business-relation from around 25 years ago, has any relevance whatsoever to the very serious criminal charges against Maxwell.’

Midelfart AS was founded by Ms Midelfart in 1995 at 22 years old. She later married Tor Olav Troim and settled in Belgravia.

Epstein appears with his arm around Ghislaine as he takes a phone call in this evidence photo

Epstein is seen with Ghislaine wrapped around his arm as he makes a call to this evidence photo. 

Although she prefers to be low-profile, she was close to royalties in recent years. She attended the Princess Madeline’s marriage to Christopher O’Neill.

Celina Midelfart is a descendant of the Midelfart families and the great-granddaughter of Ole Midelfart. In 1923, he founded the company.

Finn-Erik Midelfart was her father, and Kristin Hermine Muhle is her mother.

Also, she has romantically been linked with Robbie Williams of Britain and Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, who are the inheritors to the Norwegian crown.

Previous reports also suggested that Ms. Midelfart was in a relationship before Donald Trump dropped her to make way for Melania.

However, these claims were not denied in MailOnline’s statement.

It said: ‘Celina Midelfart has never dated, nor had any romantic relationship, with Donald Trump.

‘The correct facts are that Celina Midelfart rented an apartment in the Trump Tower during her studies in New York in 1996 to 1998.

‘In this period of time she got to know Trump as a friend and she accompanied Trump to many, mostly work related, events.’

The statement added: ‘Celina Midelfart have [sic] no other relation to Robbie Williams than having seen him perform once, at a concert in Oslo, Valhall, in 2003.’

While she tends to keep a low-profile, she is known to be a keen tennis player and even attended Princess Madeline's wedding to Christopher O'Neill in 2013

While she prefers to remain low profile, she is well-known for being a skilled tennis player. In fact she was at Princess Madeline’s 2012 wedding to Christopher O’Neill

Epstein and Celina posed together at a reception at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida, March 19, 1995

Epstein and Celina were pictured together during a Mar-a-Lago reception in Palm Beach on March 19, 1995.