Nottingham’s pub has announced that it will ban men for one evening a week after receiving reports of women getting injections while clubbing in the area.

The Playwright is located near Nottingham Trent University’s campus. On November 3, it will host its first girls-only night.

All of the staff that night will be made up of women.

Nottinghamshire Live was told by Josh Wheelhouse that the pub’s manager said they were just excited to do it.

The Playwright pub in Nottingham (pictured) will only admit girls for one night of the week from November 3. The weekly ban on men comes after multiple reports of women being spiked by injection across the city as well as the rest of the UK

The Playwright pub, Nottingham (pictured), will only allow girls one night per week starting November 3. After multiple reports of women being injected in the city, as well as elsewhere in the UK, the weekly ban on men was put in place.

“I have spoken to a few societies at Nottingham Trent University and we will actually organize workshops to educate women about what to do when they are in danger.”

Mr Wheelhouse stated that at first he was unsure whether to ban men from doing this because he was afraid people might see him as the man who is trying make money out of the ‘terrible thing that happens to females’.

He said, however, that he needed to do something.

“I don’t think it is fair that women should stay at home.

“We should be the ones doing that.”

The pub manager stated that he was in discussions to discuss similar bans with other pubs.  

A number of women have recently shared their experiences with being spiked. 

Kirsty, who is from Swansea, was out enjoying a drink earlier this month when she was spiked with an unknown substance that left her unconscious

She said she was 'very shaken' and now 'anxious' to go out drinking again any time soon

Kirsty, a Swansea resident, was enjoying a drink when she was accidentally given an unknown substance. She was unconscious. She stated that she was’very shaken and anxious’ to get out again.

Kirsty Howells, 25, shared a picture from her hospital bed after she was spiked - when victims are drugged without their knowledge - in Swansea one evening

Kirsty Howells (25), shared a picture taken from her hospital bed after she was spiked. This is when victims are drugged unknowingly – in Swansea, one evening

Kirsty, 25, was pictured unconscious in hospital after she was ‘injected with Ketamine’. She was one of many women who had reported being’spiked’ in nightclubs.

Miss Howells posted a picture taken in hospital after a night out in Swansea.

It was shared on Facebook by her aunt, who said Ms Howells is thought to have been ‘injected with ketamine’, before being rushed to A&E by her boyfriend.      

AZara Owen, a university student aged 19, said that she was also spiked while out at Nottingham’s Pryzm nightclub, October 11. She woke up the next day with a limp and a pinprick’ on one leg.

Zara Owen said she woke up 'with a limp' before finding a 'pinprick' on her leg the morning after attending Nottingham's Pryzm nightclub

Zara Owen said she woke up ‘with a limp’ before finding a ‘pinprick’ on her leg the morning after attending Nottingham’s Pryzm nightclub

The entrance to Nottingham's Pryzm nightclub, where Ms Owen claims to have been spiked by a needle amid similar reports elsewhere in the UK

The entrance to Nottingham’s Pryzm nightclub, where Ms Owen claims to have been spiked by a needle amid similar reports elsewhere in the UK

She said she remembered entering the bar with friends, and that she made it to the bar. However, that was all she could recall before she woke up in her bed the next morning.

Ms Owen tweeted, “I woke up fine, with no hangover or any other symptoms except a sharp pain in my leg.

“I told my mum that it might have been a pulled muscles, but then I realized that I didn’t remember anything.

“I had no choice but to go to college and realized I had a massive limp. I wouldn’t have missed it if my memory was right, but this is a strange thing that never happens to me and it really puzzled me.

“I decided to go to hospital for a check-up, but after eight hours spent only receiving a triage report and background information, it was time to decide to go home.

Zara Owen said she found a pinprick on her leg the next day (pictured above). She said she had no hangover, but was suffering a sharp agonising pain in her leg

Zara Owen stated that she noticed a pinprick on her leg one day later (pictured above). She said she was not suffering from a hangover, but was experiencing sharp pains in her leg.

“The next day, I felt my leg again and examined it more closely as I wasn’t getting any medical help. I felt the most pain, so I touched it. I found a pinprick. I had been spiked.

‘I was wearing jeans. A needle went straight through thick denim and got into my leg.

Stealth in Nottingham, another nightclub, reported that it also received reports about two women feeling unwell during the last fortnight because of being spiked. 

One 19-year old woman claimed that she was the victim of a mysterious liquid as she left the venue at October 12.

Ellie Simpson claimed that her sister felt a pinch on her back, before she blacked out and was taken to hospital. Blood samples were taken.

The entrance to Stealth, another Nottingham nightclub, which says it also received reports of two women feeling unwell as a result of being spiked with needles

Stealth is another Nottingham nightclub. It also reported that two women felt unwell after being spiked. 

Ms Simpson, 21, said that she was ‘in shock” and that her sister hadn’t been out clubbing since the incident.

According to her, “Normally, she’s the type person that would stand up for herself. So I think if it can happen to her, it could happen also to somebody more vulnerable.  

“I don’t believe it’s yet sink in what’s been done to her.

“It’s really scary because I don’t know how to prevent it.

Nottinghamshire Police has said a local male has been arrested, but did not state which incident this is in connection with

Nottinghamshire Police said that a male suspect had been arrested but didn’t say what the incident was.

“Obviously, you can put your hands over your drink but how are you going to stop someone stabbing you with an ice pick?”  

Stealth released the following statement: “We, like our customers, are concerned about the national news reports regarding spiking in bars, nightclubs, and around the UK. We believe it is absolutely unacceptable that women have to live in fear of being spiked at nightclubs and bars.

“Here at Stealth in recent weeks, two of our customers reported feeling unwell and suspect they were spiked. Both were treated by our on-site doctor who ensured they were well taken care of and were able leave the venue. We are also liaising closely with police to assist them in their ongoing investigations.

“Customer safety is our top priority. Our goal is to create a safe environment that allows people to enjoy a night out and come together.

Nottinghamshire Police confirmed that a local male was bailed after a report about an incident in Lower Parliament Street last October 16.

The man was arrested on suspicion of possession of class A and class B and cause administer poison or noxious thing with intent to injure, aggrieve and annoy.

A spokesperson for police stated that they are currently investigating reports that people suspect their drinks may have been spiked.

“Linked to this, a few victims have reported feeling a scratching sensation similar to someone having spiked them. All reports are being investigated. 

“We have a dedicated group currently carrying out CCTV enquires in various locations where we’ve received such reports.

“Our investigations into these incidents are ongoing, but we understand that people may be concerned by incidents like this. We want to reassure them that we are working extremely hard to investigate.  

The statement continued, “What we need is for any person who experiences such an incident while on a night out to contact us immediately so that we can investigate as soon as possible and obtain evidence quickly.”   

In the past two months, almost 200 cases of drink spiking were reported 

Over the past two-months, nearly 200 incidents of drink spiking have been reported to police forces in the UK.

According to the National Police Chiefs’ Conference (NPCC), there were 198 reports of drink spiking across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in September and October. There have also been 24 reports of some type of injection.

The NPCC reported that there were approximately 140 reports of drink spiking on Friday afternoon. However, this number was revised after receiving more data.

It stated that the number was both male and female, although most cases involved young women.

Allegations of criminal activity have been committed in licensed premises and private parties.

The 198 figure is based upon data from 40 police forces. The NPCC stated that it still needs data from five other forces and expects to receive them over the weekend.

According to the NPCC, 58 of the 198 reports about drink spiking were reported to the Metropolitan Police.

Jason Harwin, Deputy Chief Constable of the NPCC, stated that these reports were very concerning.

“We are working at a pace with forces, law enforcement agency such the NCA and other partners including universities to understand and establish the scale of the offending and any links between them and bring any identified offenders in justice.”

Two men were arrested for conspiring to give poison in connection with a number of reported Nottingham-based drink-spiking cases.

Nottinghamshire Police reported that the men aged 18 and 19 were arrested after receiving information about them from a member. The information was received on Wednesday from a member, following a general appeal from a senior officer.

According to the force, both were taken into custody on suspicion of conspiring to administer poison with intent injure, annoy, or aggrieve.

The arrests are not related to any specific allegation regarding spiking by needles or contamination of drinks.

The force stated in an update that both men were released after an investigation.

Nottinghamshire Police stated that it will send more officers to ensure that people have a safe night out.

Ilana El-baz (above), 20, said she was left semi-paralysed on the stairs after returning home from a Bristol nightclub and shared a recording showing her struggling to get up the stairs with her eyes rolling as her head falls into the railingsen and

Ilana Elbaz (20), said that she was semi-paralysed on stairs after returning from a Bristol club. She shared a video of her struggling up the stairs, her eyes rolling and her head falling into the railings.

Meanwhile, Ilana El-baz, 20, recalled how she was ‘left semi-paralysed’ on a staircase after returning home from a Bristol nightclub three weeks ago. 

Two teenagers aged 18 and 19 were arrested in Nottingham ‘on suspicion’ of conspiring to administer poison. A 35-year-old man was arrested last night on suspicion of possessing drugs with intent to distribute them at a Lincoln nightclub.

Students will also boycott nightclubs as part of nationwide protests. More than 30 universities are participating in the campaign to make venues more safe.

Over 130,000 people have signed a petition calling on nightclubs to “thoroughly” search all customers upon arrival, following reports of needle spiking in Nottingham.

Over the next fortnight, the Girls’ Night in campaign will be spread across 43 universities towns and cities. It is in response to a rise in drinks being “spiked” and a disturbing trend of girls being unknowingly injected with drugs.

Victims often become violently ill when out and only realize they have been injected after they find ‘pin-prick’ marks on the bodies.

Participants in the boycott will remain at home on a designated night to raise awareness about the attacks and encourage security venues to improve security.  

According to the US National Center for Biotechnology Information Rohypnol and GHB are two of the most prominent ‘date rape’ drugs used by criminals.  

According to the NCBI with GHB, as little as 2g (which is often a powder that can mixed in an alcoholic beverage) can cause deep sleep within minutes. 

The half-life is 27 minutes. The drug is almost impossible after 96 hours.  

What are the opinions of experts on reports of injection-spiking? 

Is it possible to do this?

Yes, indeed. There are credible reports of people waking up with needle marks from having been spiked.

One medical consultant said that the possibility of it becoming a widespread phenomenon is “deeply unlikely”. 

VICE News spoke with David Caldicott who is an emergency medicine consultant and the founder of WEDINOS drug testing project WEDINOS: ‘The technical knowledge and medical knowledge required for this would make it deeply improbable. 

“It’s hard to stick a needle into someone without them being aware, especially if the needle has to be in there for a long enough time, maybe 20 seconds, in order to inject enough drugs to cause this.

Could the injection not be given quickly?

Yes, but thExperts say they would need to conceal the fact that they are using a very powerful drug.

GHB is a well-known ‘date-rape’ drug. It can also be self-administered in small amounts by people for recreational purposes.

Guy Jones, a senior scientist at the Loop drug charity, said that it would be a poor candidate for injection due to the large amount of fluid required. 

“It would require a thick and painful needle. He explained that the substance involved would have to be highly detectable for several consecutive days in a toxicology screening.

Adam Winstock (Director of the Global Drug Survey) stated that there are not many drugs or medicines that can easily be administered intramuscularly in sufficient quantities that people would not notice the effects. 

“What you see in movies is not real” People should keep their drinks close to their bodies, avoid taking them from strangers, and look out for their friends.

Can drugs be given to any part?

Yes, but there are parts that are more effective than others.

VICE spoke with Mr Jones to say that while drugs can be injected intravenously, there is a set of injection sites that are not safe.

“The back is one such unsuitable site due to the low fat content and high pain receptors.

What about drink spiking

Injection spiking is still possible but drink spiking seems to be more common.

Drink spiking incidents in the UK rose by 108 percent between 2015 and 2018, with 179 incidents occurring in 2017. 

This is just the official number. It is likely that it is much higher because it is common for people to not report it to police.

Charity Drinkaware advises that you do not accept a drink from anyone you don’t know. If they aren’t available, buy drink stoppers online to top off your bottle. 

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate and Rohypnol, also known as Roofie, are the most well-known ‘date rape’ drugs.

Sometimes, recreational drugs such as Ecstasy and Lysergic Acid Derthylamide (LSD), Ketamine, and other ‘party-drugs’ are used to spike alcoholic beverages. 

Experts warn Rohypnol can also be used as a powerful sedative, with legitimate uses such as a pre-anaesthetic and a sleeping pill. 

It can be used as a rape drug for dates. It can affect a victim in ten minutes, and peak eight hours later. 

It is tasteless, colourless, and odourless. It causes sedation or euphoria in 20-30 minutes.  

According to The Alcohol Education Trust’s snap poll, figures have emerged that show 15% of females, 7% of males, and 17% of those identifying themselves as other have had their drinks spiked. 

Helena Conibear was the CEO of The Alcohol Education Trust.

“This snap poll of young people confirms all the trends. One in eight young ladies has experienced spiking. It is happening as often at private events as it is at nighttime. Most people don’t report spiking as they fear they will not believe them, are unsure about what happened or feel it was too late.

She stated that despite the fact that 50% of cases of drink-spiking were reported, they weren’t investigated further. This is perhaps not surprising. If we are going to tackle drink spiking we ask everyone to please report it to the venue, police or go to A&E.

“Try to keep the drink as evidence, and ask for a urine or blood test. If anyone thinks it is a joke that someone spikes their drink, we can remind them that it’s a serious criminal offence and can result in a 10 year sentence.