Video footage captured the moment that a drag racing driver lost control of his Mustang and crashed into the crowd. Two young boys were killed, aged six to eight. 

The crash took place at the Kerrville-Kerr County Airport, on Saturday afternoon. Two children were killed in the accident. 

The crash also left eight other witnesses and the driver with injuries.

Facebook posted a video showing two racing cars revving their engines side-by-side before the race began. 

The Mustang, on right, was then seen speeding down track with a dust cloud trailing behind. 

The Mustang was soon seen gliding around the back of the other vehicle before speeding towards the crowd. 

According to the Kerrville Police Department, the vehicle crashed into parked cars, hitting spectators who were watching.       

Police stated that a 6-year-old boy was killed on the spot and an 8-year-old boy died at the hospital. 

Two women, 46 and 27 years old, were among the eight injured. They were both listed as being in critical condition. 26-year-old man was also taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown. 

According to NBC News, the unidentified driver, aged 34, was described as’stable’ by police. 

The race car veered off course and crashed into the spectators and parked cars

The race car crashed into spectators and cars parked nearby.

Amateur racers were competing inside the Kerville-Kerr County Airport on Saturday

Amateur racers participated in Saturday’s competition at Kerville-Kerr County Airport

Organizers had set up water barriers at the races in Kerrville, Texas

Water barriers were set up by organizers at the Kerrville, Texas races

Two more people were treated immediately and released. A 3-month old girl and a 4-year old boy were both admitted to the hospital for ‘precautionary evaluations. 

The victims were taken to Kerrville, Austin, and San Antonio for treatment.  

The crash took place on Saturday afternoon at the Kerrville Kerr County Airport. It was attended by 3,500 people. The ‘Airport Race Wars 2 Event hosted the event. 

Flyin’ diesel Performance, a nearby auto shop, organized the event.   

Louis Amestoy, a freelance journalist, said that there were more than 3,500 people in attendance. 

The race was one eighth of a mile (0.2 km) long and had water-filled plastic barriers.

But Amestoy said they didn’t extend past the finish line, leaving no protection between spectators and cars as they were slowing down at the end of the race.

Spectators could reach within 15 feet (4.6 m) of the track. Many watched the race from lawn chairs, as there were no stands. 

Amestoy said that organizers reminded people not to drive on asphalt and to stay in the grass.

Amestoy explained that the car was just a few meters from the end of the strip, and the driver lost control.

Kerrville Police released a statement on the crash and are currently investigating the incident

Kerrville Police released a statement regarding the crash and are currently investigating it

The event was part of the Race Wars 2 competition, hosted by Flyin' Diesel Performance

The event was part the Race Wars 2 competition hosted by Flyin’ Diesel Performance

Ross Dunagan, race organizer and owner of the auto shop, posted on Facebook, “We ask that you please pray to all involved.”    

Brittany Lehman, one of the spectators, said that the car had “fishtailed” into the eyes of onlookers after crossing the finish line. 

Lehman was at the event cheering on her husband when she saw the crash. Then, there was black smoke and people running. 

According to Lehmann, “They said: “Get your children out from here.”” 

The incident is still under investigation by police.