After Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted, four Jeffrey Epstein aides now face questioning. US prosecutors are under increasing pressure to prosecute other suspects of sex trading for the paedophile

  • Ghislaine Maxwell has convicted four Jeffrey Epstein aides. Four of them will be questioned
  • US Prosecutors are under immense pressure to prosecute women accused of sex trading
  • The authorities paid more attention to Epstein’s death than the victims named.
  • The fate of four women who have been granted immunity are now in doubt
  • The women are Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross, Nadia Marcinkova and Lesley Groff

Prosecutors in the US are under pressure to put other women suspected of sex trafficking for Jeffrey Epstein on trial after Maxwell’s conviction.

He committed suicide at his prison cell in 2019 and authorities began to investigate other victims. Maxwell was the first.

The future of four former women granted immunity are uncertain. These women are:

Sarah Kellen

Sarah Kellen was the only person who was mentioned nearly as often as Maxwell or Epstein in the trial. She was their personal assistant and has been dubbed Epstein’s ‘lieutenant’ for allegedly recruiting and booking girls for ‘massages’.

Carolyn was one of the victims. She said Maxwell called her the first few years to set up massages for Epstein. This began at the age she was 14. Then, Miss Kellen called.

Sarah Ransome, another victim, told The New York Times that ‘it was Ghislaine and Sarah Kellen that showed me how to please Jeffrey’. At 42 years old, Sarah Kensington is married to a driver in racing and an interior designer. Last year, she said: ‘I’ve been made out to be such a monster, but it’s not true. I was raped and abused weekly.’

Ghislaine Minwell (left), and Sarah Kellen. Ms Kellen was Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell’s their personal assistant and has been dubbed Epstein’s ‘lieutenant’ for allegedly recruiting and booking girls for ‘massages’

Adriana Ross

A Polish former model for the Elite agency, Miss Ross allegedly helped to organise Epstein’s massages.

After moving to the USA in 2002, she worked in his Palm Beach mansion. He flew her frequently with Bill Clinton on his private jet.

Epstein employed her until the time of his arrest in 2007. During a civil deposition in 2010 she was asked: ‘Has Prince Andrew ever been involved with underage minor females to your knowledge? Are you familiar with (him?)? Have you flown on (Epstein’s) plane with Andrew?’ She declined to answer.

Now 38, she is an accountant and lives with her second husband in a run-down £217,000 home.

Pictured: Jeffrey Epstein and Adriana Ross in new York in 2005. Miss Ross allegedly helped to organise Epstein¿s massages

Pictured in New York, 2005: Adriana Ross and Jeffrey Epstein. Miss Ross allegedly helped to organise Epstein’s massages

Nadia Marcinkova

According to police documents from the 2005 inquiry in Palm Beach, Epstein once bragged she was his ‘sex slave’ he had bought from her family in the former Yugoslavia when she was 15.

According to some reports, Miss Marcinkova was involved in sexual encounters between underage girls. She was 13 months behind bars for having sex and met him in prison 67 times.

She is now 36 and is a pilot who goes by the name ‘Global Girl’, offering flying lessons. According to her lawyers, she was not an abuser nor a recruiter but she was simply a victim.

Nadia Marcinkova (pictured) is alleged to have taken part in sexual encounters with underage girls

Nadia Marcinkova (pictured) is said to have had sexual encounters in the past with girls underage

Lesley Groff  (pictured) is a former trusted assistant to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Lesley Groff  (pictured) is a former trusted assistant to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Lesley Groff

She is said to have been Epstein’s executive assistant for 20 years and boasted in an interview in 2005 that she had such a tight bond with him that ‘I know what he is thinking’. Epstein’s victims have described her as one of his schedulers based at his £55million New York home. 

One, Jennifer Araoz, claims she was 14 when Epstein began abusing and raping her, and that Miss Groff was the chief scheduler of her ‘massages’.

Miss Groff, now 55, lives in a £2million house in Connecticut with her husband and children. According to her attorneys, she has been subject of an investigation from prosecutors over the past two years. However, they did not intend on charging her.