Wetherspoon is slashing the price of its curry club to £5.99 and steak club to £6.99 in another inflation-busting promotion after reducing the cost of some pints to 99p.

Price reductions on your choice of breakfast, pub favorites, or deli meals will be in effect from tomorrow through Wednesday, and then continue to Monday, February 28.

Currently, punters are able to grab a pint or Greene King IPA, Bell’s whisky with a mixer, and a Beck’s bottle for as low as a pound from the discount chain.

A slew of promotions are now available to lower the price of your most popular meals. 

Curry club currently costs around £7.95 and £8.95 with booze or between £6.65 and £7.65 with a soft drink. This will now reduce to £7.29 and £5.99

Curry club currently costs around £7.95 and £8.95 with booze or between £6.65 and £7.65 with a soft drink. This will now reduce to £7.29 and £5.99

A breakfast muffin with egg, sausage, bacon and cheese with a hot drink for £2.49, or porridge and a drink for £1.99

A breakfast muffin with egg, sausage, bacon and cheese with a hot drink for £2.49, or porridge and a drink for £1.99

At the moment a standard 8oz sirloin steak costs around £9.15 and £10.15 with an alcoholic drink or between £7.85 and £8.85 for a soft one. On Tuesdays – as part of steak club – this will now go down to £8.29 and £6.99.

Curry club currently costs around for £7.95 and £8.95 with booze or between £6.65 and £7.65 with a soft drink. This will now dip to £7.29 and £5.99.

Chips are gone! The viral sensation of a Wetherspoons Facebook page that records a small number of fries is spawned by countless people 

By Bridie Pearson-Jones 

Today’s offerings will not dissuade the fearless army ruler-wielding punters, who have dedicated their nights to counting how many chips are being served in Spoons pubs. 

Wetherspoons has more than 40k members. People from all over the country use the group to share photos of their dinners, including measurements for chip lengths as well as the number of chips they received with each meal.

The group has received feedback from diners all over the country about their experiences with 10 chips served alongside paninis and steaks.

Some diners were as fortunate as to receive as many as 62 chips. However, many comments revolve around the size of the side dishes. One of our group administrators does a weekly count of how many chips each person has received.

 Posting the latest round up, Thomas William wrote: ’76 meals with a chip count and 16 extra portions of chips were posted this week. They represent a staggering 2550 chips, which was served to your lovely contributors.

“The average number of chips served with a meal was 25.28 chip, while an extra serving had 39.31 chips. The average chip count is 27.72.

The smallest number of chips you could have with your meal was 13 chips. And the most was staggeringly 40 chips. There are 27 different chips.

FEMAIL spoke with Eddie Gershon from Wetherspoon, who said that Wetherspoon’s carpets were popular on Facebook a few years back. It’s therefore not surprising that someone now has a chip account.

All pubs must serve equal amounts of chips. The number of chips served may differ depending on how large the chips are.

Pub classics and deli meals, including Wiltshire cured ham, eggs and chips, small freshly battered fish and chips, Five-bean chilli, paninis, wraps, will be £5.29 with an alcoholic drink and £3.99 with a soft drink.

A breakfast muffin with egg, sausage, bacon and cheese with a hot drink will go down to £2.49, and porridge and a drink will cost £1.99.

While breakfast deals are only available between 8am and 11.30am on weekdays, there will be many options for lunch or dinner. From 11.30am till 11pm, lunch and dinner are available.

Reduced prices will be available at 660 Wetherspoon pubs 

They will go up slightly, but they’ll still be cheaper than current prices. Prices vary depending on where you live.

As pubs face rising inflation, pressures in supply chains, and staff shortages, this is a good time to be able to speak out.

While they were given a boost by Rishi Sunak’s reduction in beer duty of five percent last month, MailOnline received warnings from landlords that pints could still become more costly in large numbers of cases.

MailOnline spoke to Tim Martin, Wetherspoon’s chairman. He said that any savings would be passed on to the drinkers when duty is reduced in 2023. The smaller pubs, however, claimed that it would be very similar to their previous experience.

Dawn Hopkins, the Rose Inn owner in Norwich and Vice Chair of Campaign for Pubs stated: “There is no way that this will result in a change of prices across the bar.

“Prices are rising and changes will not come in until 2023.” The law also exempts small kegs, which discriminates against craft beer producers.

Peter Tiley of the Salutation Inn is in Ham, Gloucestershire.

He said, “It’s wishful thinking for the price of an alcoholic drink to drop given the immense pressure on pubs at the moment.”

Rishi sunak stated in his Budget that an increase to duty on spirits lower than wine, cider, beer, and other beverages will not be implemented. However, the 28% duty on sparkling wines such as prosecco and fruit ciders will remain.

Bailey’s, Gordon’s gin (41p per bottle), Canti prosecco (9p each can) will all see their taxes decrease. In shops, the tax on Stella and Carling beers will not change but it will drop by 3p in pubs.

But other beverages will see increases, including Cockburn’s port (£1.09 per bottle), Hardy’s merlot (35p per bottle) and Scottish favourite Buckfast (81p per bottle). The retailers may pass savings along, but it remains to be determined.

MailOnline understood that the Treasury was open to changing the policy and that there were kegs 40l or larger.

Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin (seen with Boris Johnson in 2019) said he thought the deals were 'fantastic'

Boris Johnson and Tim Martin, Wetherspoon’s boss, said they were fantastic deals. 

The Bank of England warned that inflation could reach 5% next year. 

Tim Martin (chairman of Wetherspoon) stated that today’s offer offers great value and a variety of dishes, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It follows our November decision to reduce prices for a variety of beverages.

‘Wetherspoon is known for giving its customers value-for-money-prices on food and drink at all times and our new pricing means that they will be able to enjoy even better value meals through to the end of February 2022.’