The violent boyfriend of a young woman held her hostage for 3 weeks. She slapped her repeatedly with a meat knife and choked her to death.

Chloe Fewster, 20, from Hull, was subject to a large police hunt at the start of the year after her controlling boyfriend took her from her family home on Christmas Day last year.

For three weeks, he kept her prisoner until she was freed.

Chloe spoke out about her abuser ex this week, which she believes will lead to her death.

Chloe said, “I endured three weeks’ of daily abuse.” “At times, he thought he was about to kill me.”

Chloe Fewster (pictured), 20, from Hull, who was held against her will for three weeks by her violent partner has spoken of her horror after he hit her with a meat cleaver and choked her until she lost consciousness

Chloe Fewster (pictured), 20, from Hull, who was held against her will for three weeks by her violent partner has spoken of her horror after he hit her with a meat cleaver and choked her until she lost consciousness

As her ex-partner was jailed this week for assaulting her, Chloe has spoken out to warn other women about her abusive ex, who she thought would end up killing her. Pictured, injuries to her eye

Chloe spoke out about her abuser ex this week, which she believes will lead to her death. Photo: Her eye injuries

Last week MacGilvray (pictured), 25, was jailed for three years at Bradford Crown Court, after admitting actual bodily harm and criminal damage against Chloe.

MacGilvray, 25, (pictured), was sentenced to three years in prison at Bradford Crown Court after admitting that he had done actual bodily harm as well as criminal damage to Chloe.

After meeting Allan MacGilvray through friends, Chloe met MacGilvray and they got together in October 2020. MacGilvray was being investigated for assault and rape at that time, however Chloe didn’t know. 

“I was able to get along with Allan through Facebook messaging and he even took me out to drinks,” she stated. He didn’t have any job, though I was in retail.

“He broke up with me for a brief time and I assumed there were other girls involved, but looking back I see that he was in prison at the time.

Although the couple reunited for the second occasion, their relationship became less stable.

Allan kept Chloe (pictured) locked away for three weeks, until she managed to escape him

Allan held Chloe (pictured below) in prison for three weeks before allowing her to free him.

Chloe went through three weeks of constant daily physical abuse

At times, Chloe thought Allan was going to kill her

Three weeks of daily abuse, which was constant and continuous for Chloe, meant that she thought Allan would kill her. Photograph of her injuries to her ear

Chloe got together with Allan MacGilvray in October 2020, after meeting him through friends. Pictured, injuries to her eye

After meeting Allan MacGilvray through friends, Chloe reunited with Allan MacGilvray on October 2020. Photo: Chloe’s eye injuries

MacGilvray (25 years old) arrived at MacGilvray’s home to drag her off. 

Chloe said that he was angry because I didn’t answer his calls because I was in the bathroom. He demanded that I leave the house so he could speak with me.

“He was kind with me up until he made me go outside by myself and then he pulled me against my will.”

MacGilvray drove Chloe from Scunthorpe to an address, leaving her family without any idea of where she was. 

Chloe said that ‘He kept a knife in his hand and threatened me every time I attempted to flee, and he would hold the knife to mine throat’. He beat me up black and blue. With a meat knife, he slit my ears and head. It was so horrible.

On Christmas Day 2020, MacGilvray, 25, turned up at Chloe's (pictured) family home and dragged her away

MacGilvray (25 years old) arrived at Chloe’s family home on Christmas Day 2020 and took her with him.

MacGilvray took Chloe to an address in Scunthorpe, leaving her family with no idea where she was. Pictured, Chloe wrote a diary of what she had suffered

MacGilvray brought Chloe with him to Scunthorpe. Her family was unaware of her whereabouts. Photo: Chloe kept a journal of her experiences.

Chloe wrote a diary of what she had suffered

It was then passed to the police

Chloe kept a journal of her experiences over three weeks in hell. This was later passed on to police (pictured).

He placed a pillow in my face, and he strangled me like a chokehold.

“He said that if I attempted to flee, he would murder me. The door was locked, and he wouldn’t let me use the bathroom on my own. He had destroyed my phone so that I didn’t have any communication with the rest of the world.

Chloe was reported missing by her family, which sparked a massive police hunt. But MacGilvray continued to move her about so that she could not be tracked. Also, he claimed to be her on her social media and insisted that she was alright. 

Although the search was temporarily halted, it was re-initiated after her family realized she was under control.

Chloe was beaten 'black and blue'

The 20-year-old said the cuts were 'so painful'

Chloe stated that Allan beat her black and blue – and added that he was armed with a meat cutter and had his hands on her face, ears and head.

Chloe (pictured) was eventually able to escape three weeks later when MacGilvray fell asleep, and she ran to the city centre in Lincoln

Three weeks later, Chloe (pictured), was able to flee when MacGilvray became asleep. She ran into Lincoln’s city center.

She said that he once went to a homeless shelter when he was unable to find somewhere to sleep. But when the volunteers started to ask questions, he became anxious and left the hostel.

Her desperate family began to make social media appeals about her, fearing that she would die. Kerry, Chloe’s mother, was reached out by several women who said they had also been victims of violence at MacGilvray’s hands.

After three weeks, Chloe managed to flee MacGilvray’s bedtime, which was at 3:00 am. She ran into Lincoln city center.

Chloe stated that police officers found her and realized I was missing from my home. Chloe explained that she had gained a lot of weight. She was also covered in cuts and bruises.

Chloe was too scared to go home until MacGilvray (pictured) was arrested two days later, after her escape

Chloe was afraid to return home, so MacGilvray was taken into custody (pictured), two days after she escaped.

Chloe now feels angry that MacGilvray has got off so lightly

Chloe pictured with a bruised eye

Chloe, (pictured left and right with bruises), now claims she is angry at MacGilvray for getting away so easily

Chloe was scared enough to stay home when MacGilvray arrived and arrested her. The police received a journal that she kept detailing her experiences over the three weeks in hell.

MacGilvray (25), was last week sentenced at Bradford Crown Court to three-year imprisonment after admitting to actual bodily harm, and criminal damage towards Chloe.

Also, he was convicted for assaulting another woman on November 15-17 last year. However, he was cleared of the rape. He had a history of violence towards women, according to the court.

Chloe claims that MacGilvray is a slut she has gotten off with.

She added: “I’ll carry my scars all my life. Yet, he’ll serve only one year because of what he did me.