Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, blasted climate leaders in a speech on Monday. Trump was also criticised for withdrawing from Paris. 

Obama addressed the COP26 climate summit at Glasgow in Scotland. At the same time, he criticized Republican politicians home. 

While expressing anger over the impact of political partisanship on climate change mitigation, he called for arms and issued an appeal to the public. 

He stated that he had spoken with President Joe Biden about the “relationship” they shared.This is in large part due to the fact that one our major parties decided not just to be on the sidelines, but also express active hostility towards climate science and make it a political issue.

‘For Americans listening in back in the U.S. let me tell you this: It doesn’t matter if your Florida home is flooded by rising waters, your crops fail in Dakotas, or if the California fires down.

Obama’s first foray into politics was unusual, as was his appearance at the global summit. 

Biden had spoken last week and Trump was explicitly sorry for his exit from Paris.   

Obama did not name his successor, but he made it clear his thoughts. 

He stated that “some of our progress was stalled after my successor unilaterally pulled out of the Paris Agreement during his first year of office.”

“I wasn’t really happy about this.”

Former President Barack Obama blasted people playing politics to avoid acting on climate change, calling out Russia and China in the same breath as Republican politicians back home

Barack Obama was a former president and he slammed people for playing politics to delay climate action, criticizing Russia and China at the same time as Republican politicians back in America.

Obama avoided naming former President Trump, but said progress on climate change stalled when his 'successor successor decided to unilaterally pull out of the Paris Agreement'

Obama didn’t name Trump’s predecessor, but said that climate change progress was stopped when Trump’s’successor’ unilaterally withdrew from the Paris Agreement.

Obama arrives for his COP26 speech on Monday. World leaders left last week, after announcing plans to tackle methane emissions and deforestation

Obama arrived Monday for the COP26 speech. Last week’s announcement of plans to combat methane emissions, and deforestation by world leaders had led them all to leave.

US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry takes selfies with audience members ahead of Obama's speech at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow

John Kerry, the US’s Special Presidential Envoy on Climate Change, takes photos with members of the audience before Obama’s speech at The Scottish Event Campus (SEC), in Glasgow

He also linked Trump’s current position with a lackluster global progress. 

According to him, “I realize that international cooperation has diminished in this moment – due in part to the pandemic, in partly because the rise of nationalism in the world and the tribal instincts in the rest of the world, and in part due in large part to America’s failure of leadership over the last four years regarding a number of multilateral problems.”

For two weeks, thousands of politicians and leaders have met in Glasgow to discuss climate change.

The organizers hope to secure agreement that helps them meet their goal of keeping global temperatures rising below 1.5C.  

Obama addressed young men to take up the fight and pointed out nations that he felt had not done enough. 

He said, “I must confess that it was very discouraging to watch the leaders from China and Russia decline to attend the proceedings.” His 44-minute speech

“Their national plans thus far indicate what seems to be a dangerously low level of urgency and willingness to preserve the status quo by those governments, which is a shame.”

However, he had some words of wisdom for protesters. He suggested that people should listen more to others who resist taking action.

He stated that it wasn’t enough to block traffic and inconvenience people – an apparent reference to divisive tactics such as Insulate Britain or Extinction Rebellion. 

He stated that while protests are important to increase awareness, campaigns using hashtags can help spread awareness.

“But, to create broad-based coalitions that can take bold action,” he said.

Obama was greeted by a rockstar welcome, with cheers and whoops. 

Obama also critiicized Russia and China and their 'dangerous lack of urgency or willingness to maintain the status quo on the part of those governments and that's a shame'

Obama also criticised Russia and China for their “dangerous lacks of urgency and willingness to preserve the status quo” and said that it was a shame.

Several vehicles blocked off the two suspects before more than half a dozen officers threw the men to the ground face down before handcuffing them where they lay

Two suspects were blocked by several vehicles, before over half a dozen officers dropped the men on their faces before handcuffing the rest of them.

Earlier, it emerged that police swooped on two men just 500 yards from where he  was giving a speech at COP26.

A number of vehicles blocked the suspects, before over half a dozen police officers dropped the men face-down on the ground. Then they handcuffed the victims where they were. 

MailOnline received a witness who witnessed the scene on St Vincent Street around 11.15am. He said: “There was the sound cars screeching, and lots of shouting from ‘armed police.

“Two men were pulled from a blue automobile and forced down the street by police. Others were dressed in disguise to conceal their faces. The one arrested man was covered in a check shirt and was bald.

At 11.17am, the dramatic arrests took place at Corner of St Vincent St. and Breadalbane St. The former president was due to reach the summit at 11.30am. 

John Kerry, US climate ambassador, was with Obama as he traveled to deliver a speech at 11.30am. Eyewitnesses described how the police told them to leave the area as they performed the operation.

Eileen Gordon is a 29-year-old shop worker. It happened quickly. It was fast. There was no shortage of cars.

The Volkswagen was surrounded by several cars and one man tried to get away with it. But they got hold of him and put him on the ground.

“The driver of the vehicle was pulled from his car, and assault rifles were pointed at him.

Construction worker relates how coworkers were ordered to stay clear.

He stated that the noise was quite deafening. Two men were disoriented by their shouting. This is evident by the amount of weapons and undercover officers that were present. Fair play to police. They succeeded.

“They opened the trunk and found a large orange bag that they were very interested in. Before a truck arrived to seize it, the car was abandoned on the street.

“The police performed their duties. They want to see that Cop26 is carried out without any problems.

One other witness said that it was a very busy street, particularly this week. There is a lot of police around.

A witness to the drama this morning on St Vincent Street at around 11.15am told MailOnline: 'There was the sound of cars screeching and lots of shouting of ''armed police'''

MailOnline received a witness who witnessed the scene on St Vincent Street around 11.15am. He said: “There was the sound cars screeching, and lots of shouting from ”armed cops”.”

“It was too exciting for Monday morning, but the police were extremely efficient and no one was injured.

“There are some workmen who were in this area. They tried to look around but they were told by the police to go back. It was a trick to confuse them.

They seemed to be very interested in the contents of the vehicle and carried out an extensive search. If it’s something very serious, you don’t want to call the police.

“They opened the boot, and they seemed shocked by what was inside.”

James Grant (24 years old) said that James Grant was a scaffolder and saw the cars coming in fast. The two men must have followed the cars to the intersection, and there was a second change of gear before they got into action.

“Fortunately, they did not need their guns but it was frightening to see half a dozen people shouting at me with assault rifles.

“The police were on alert for several weeks. They were all armed, and they looked serious. The men arrested weren’t scared at all.

“I would hate to see a terrorist attack in this area.” Glaswegians want Cop26 to succeed without any incident.

This former US president has called for genuine change to combat the climate crisis.

He told delegates how he had a ‘hard time’ staying away from Cop26 in Glasgow.

He said, “Even though it’s not necessary for me to attend summits such as this anymore, old habits are hard to break.” 

“And when the problem at hand is the well-being of our planet, as well as the world our children will inherit, then I will be hard to keep away. That’s why today I’m here.

He added: “When it is climate, there really is no time.”

“You heard that same message last week, world leaders.” We can now report that meaningful progress was made in Paris since they left.

Thank you to John Kerry and all of you for making these agreements possible in Glasgow. With your tireless efforts, we can see further development.

“What’s more, collectively as well as individually we still fall short,” says a spokesperson.

“We have not done enough to deal with this crisis. It is up to us to do more. This will be dependent on all of you. Not just me in this room but everyone who has listened to or read a transcript.

Earlier today, he spoke at an event with leaders of island states threatened by rising oceans. 

Former president, who was born in Hawaii, told the event that he’s a ‘canary on the coal mine’ and described islands as an opportunity to take action for climate change.

He spoke to attendees about how “our islands face greater danger than ever before” and thanked Joe Biden, who highlighted their dire condition. 

He stated that rich nations have a ‘complicated burden’ to ensure they assist and help those with less responsibility and ability, but who are more susceptible to this crisis.

He concluded his remarks by citing a Hawaiian proverb, “Unite to Move Forward”.

The meaning of the phrase was explained by he as: “It’s an encouragement that all paddlers should be rowing the same way and simultaneously, so that the canoe moves forward. 

At COP26, Joe Biden as well as Boris Johnson gave addresses about climate change. 

The couple attended dinner at Glasgow Art Galleries which was just a short walk from the scene of the arrests.

It is possible that there will be increased security surrounding the event, even though recent protests were peaceful.

Police praised the behavior of 100,000 protestors marching to Glasgow Green on Saturday.

Obama flew in a Bombardier private plane, a Bombardier 6600 from Washington to Glasgow Airport.

In a dark face mask, he was taken to the station in an eight-wheeler convoy with armed guards. 

He had tweeted earlier about his trip, informing followers that he was joining the international effort to combat climate change.

He tweeted that he was going to do all he could for the Paris Agreement, saying: “Five years ago, it went into effect.

Paris provided a framework for the fight against climate changes, but it was not enough.

“That’s why, on Monday in Glasgow, I will be talking about the future and how young people can help.

MailOnline reached out for comments to Police Scotland 

The former president - who was born in Hawaii - told the event he is 'an island kid', describing islands as the 'canary in the coal mine' for action on the climate

Former president, who was born in Hawaii, told the event that he’s a ‘canary on the coal mine’ and described islands as an opportunity to take action for climate change.