Family in Peru discover their ‘Siberian Husky pup’ is a FOX they’ve been tricked into buying after it starts killing ducks and chickens

  • Peruvian families discovered that the Siberian Husky dog they named “Siberian Husky” was actually a fox.
  • The puppy was purchased in Lima by a boy looking for a dog.
  • The family was deceived by a conman and now the eight-month-old fox is terrorized 

The family that bought the Siberian Husky as a pet for their son was stunned to discover it was actually a Fox.

The animal was bred by a conman in Lima (Peru) and has terrorized their peaceful neighborhood ever since. 

The deception took place when the boy’s mother told him he could buy a puppy in Sol Naciente, Comas, in the Peruvian capital of Lima.

According to Infobae news website, the boy was sold by an animal breeder as a fox cub and passed off as a Siberian Husky dog.

The boy began to raise the fluffy cub as a pet until it started to grow and became increasingly aggressive to family members, with his father soon realising it was a fox they were bringing up.

This fox was supposed to be a Siberian Husky bought by a young boy in Lima, Peru, who was desperate for a puppy

It was a Siberian Husky, which was believed to have been purchased by a Peruvian young man in Lima.

He said that he also noticed that the animal’s urine and faeces smelled stronger than other dogs excrement.

The storm that swept through the region on the evening of May 24, caused the Fox to escape from its home. Since then, it has been freed and is now free to wander the streets where it can often be spotted perched on rooftops.

The family’s neighbours have been unable to catch the fox, who is now eight months old, since it escaped.

A conman tricked the boy into buying a fox instead

The youngster had hoped the pet would grow up to look like a typical Siberian Husky (file image)

Left: A conman scammed the boy into buying an animal instead. He hoped that the youngster’s pet would look more like Siberian Husky. (right, image).

For survival, the predator has been feeding on chickens, ducks, guinea and other guinea birds in the area to feed himself. This was at the expense of his parents.

Maribel, Maribel’s mother said that the son sometimes consumes 4 or 5 guineapigs. I must pay for these.

Maribel lives with a neighbor who kept her guinea-pigs outside in a wooden cage. She said that the fox chews through the metal mesh and picks at her pets’ heads, skins and ears.

Neighbours have said they are being terrorised by the fox, which is now eight months old

Nearby residents claim that the Fox, now eight months of age, is terrorizing them.

During a severe storm on the night of May 24 the fox escaped from the family's home and has since been left to roam the neighbourhood where it is often spotted on rooftops (pictured)

The family lost their home in a strong storm, and the fox ran off to the streets. It can still be seen frequently on rooftops.

Residents complain that the fox’s faeces are strong and obnoxious near their houses, where they live with children and the elderly.

Local media was told by one resident that she had spoken to the owner, and she seemed desperate. 

“We need to get help. It needs to be taken into the wild.

His parents called for the intervention of local authorities and to return the fox to its natural environment.

The authorities were unable to catch the fox because of crowds, but they planned to release it at Huachipa Zoo where it can live its entire life.