The parents of an identical set of triplets in one-in-20 million are doing everything they can to make their Christmas special this year.  

Megan Smyth (32) from Nottinghamshire gave birth to her medical miracles 32 weeks and six day in March. After meeting Clayton Whittaker (42), on Bumble dating app, Megan met Clayton Whittaker during the Covid lockdown.  

Nine-month-old brothers Colby, Odyn, and Rico have visited Santa Claus and the Christmas market and will be treated ‘absolutely spoilt’ by their family and friends.

There was little chance that they would share the same embryo. It only occurs in one out of 200 million natural-born pregnancies.

Three-legged triplets can be non-identical. They are formed when two eggs become fertilized and the other one becomes twins. 

After conception, the fertilized egg is split into three eggs.  

Megan stated, “It was quite shocking to learn that we were going to have triplets.”

Colby, Odyn and Rico, now nine months old, have already visited Santa and Christmas markets and are set to be 'absolutely spoiled' by family and friends (Pictured with mother and father Megan Smyth, 32 and Clayton Whittaker, 42)

Colby, Odyn, and Rico are now nine months of age and have visited Santa Claus and the Christmas market. They will be “absolutely spoilt” by their family (pictured with father Megan Smyth 32, and mother Clayton Whittaker 42).

The chances of the trio being identical was incredibly slim, with the phenomenon occurring in just one in every 200 million naturally-conceived pregnancies (Pictured: Colby, Odyn and Rico pose in Santa hats ahead of their first Christmas)

There was little chance that they would share the same gender. It happened in one of every 200 million natural-conceived pregnancies.

The identical brothers were born in March (Pictured: Trio don matching Mickey Mouse Christmas onesies)

They were identical twins born March. (Pictured, Trio wears matching Mickey Mouse Christmas oneies. 

Megan from Nottinghamshire, gave birth to the medical marvels at 32 weeks and six days in March, having met their father Clayton on dating app Bumble during the Covid lockdown (pictured together)

Megan (nottinghamshire), gave birth to her medical miracles 32 weeks and 6 days after meeting Clayton through dating app Bumble.


Triplets of identical gender are created when the fertilized egg is split three times.

They are unlikely to occur without fertility treatment, which is between 1 in 60 and 1 in 200million.

If they share a single membrane, twins and triplets must be monozygotic (monozygotic).

If so, placentas cannot be distinguished from siblings who are not identical (dizygotic). Only DNA testing can prove this.

Clayton was white like a sheet after the doctor said that Clayton had just burst into tears.

Although twins are common in my family, it was completely unanticipated since we had only tried for six weeks.

All our family and friends will spoil them.

“We won’t have to buy them gifts at all.”

Her comments were further emphasized by her: “All our families are coming because we’ve just shifted house. I really look forward to having big Christmases here.

“We aren’t sure what we can do for the triplets to make this special because they are so young. However, it’s their first Christmas and we want them experience classic Christmas stuff.

“We are not used to putting up trees, so we’re doing something different this year.

«Life is hectic when you have triplets. We’re trying to make time so they can experience all that we have.

Megan states that her greatest joy is being able to see the faces of the triplets as they go through everything.

She said, “For my magic Christmas is children.”

“Last year, we saw all those people waiting in line to see Santa.

“This little boy was just too excited to look at the camera.

‘Now, all that I want is for the boys to light up, as well, so that they can see the magic through my eyes.

Megan said when she found out she was having triplets: 'I just burst into tears, and Clayton went white as a sheet when the doctor told us.' (Pictured with nine-month-old Colby, Odyn and Rico)

Megan stated, “I was in tears after I learned that she was pregnant with triplets.” Clayton also went white when we were told by the doctor. (Pictured with nine-month-old Colby, Odyn and Rico)

When they were facing another lockdown, the couple (pictured) took the plunge and decided to move in together in Megan's two bedroom home in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

The couple, (pictured), decided to live together in Megan’s Kirkby-in-Ashfield home of two bedrooms in Nottinghamshire after another lockdown.

“For me, Christmas is about stuff like this.”

They have already taken the triplets with them to Santa and took them for a photo.

Megan shared that they are constantly trying to be a family.

They don’t understand what is going on so they feel that it’s just for me to take them out to do the stuff.

“We have been trying to make Christmas as fun and memorable as possible.

“We also purchased them little Christmas jumpers and Christmas oneies.”

Now, the couple has created an Instagram page called @me.andourthree for themselves and their triplets.