Scaredy cats! Moment owner freaks her pets by putting on a kitten mask

  • After their owner calls them in to get their treats, the two cats race into the room.
  • Oklahoma owner puts on a kitten mask, and crouches down on the floor at his Oklahoma home.
  • Fearful felines run out of the room when they see the huge mask on the owner’s face.

After their owner put on a huge kitten mask, a pair of cats got the scare of their lives. 

Two felines were captured in Ponca City (OK) laughing as their owner adjusted their masks and crouched behind a couch to scare them.

The giant kitten mask is seen by both cats and they run away in terror as their owner laughs at the reaction.

The pet owner attaches a giant kitten mask to her face at her home in Ponca City, Oklahoma

The pet owner attaches an enormous kitten mask to her head at her Ponca City home, Oklahoma.

The owner crouches on the floor and hides behind a sofa as she waits for her cats to enter

The owner sits down on the floor and hides behind her sofa while she waits for her cats. 

The clip shows the owner attaching the mask to her face, and then placing her hands on a floor surface. A third person is heard saying: “You guys want your treats?”

The cat owners are greeted by a flurry of excited cats who run into the room to search for their sweets. 

The second cat follows the lead and they make a mad dash for the doors – much to their owner’s amusement. 

ViralVideoUK later heard from the owner that they had decided to prank their cats using a big cat mask.

“We lured them in with sweets and they agreed to the call. They ran away in fear. 

“Don’t worry. They are fine and they got their treats.”

The cats enter the room

The first cat spots the mask

The two felines run excitedly in the room looking for their treats. They then notice the huge mask.

The cats immediately run away from their owner after spotting the large cat mask on her face

After spotting the large cat mask, the cats ran away from their owners immediately 

The owner laughs at the cats reaction as the pair run out of the room in fear

The owner laughs as the cats run out of their room in fear.