The disadvantage of working from home for families is that parents have to balance childcare obligations with work commitments.

  • A survey of parents of young children reveals the impact of changes in work patterns
  • 49 percent of respondents woke up worrying about the future of childcare.
  • Another similar group was caught seeking out ad-hoc childcare options more often

Working from home is having an adverse effect on family life as parents struggle to juggle childcare with career commitments, according to new research. 

Parents with children under the age of five years were surveyed about their perceptions of changing work patterns and how it affects their child’s development.

Many parents have switched to remote and hybrid work. However, it’s affecting their mental well-being.

A survey of parents with young children showed the negative impact of continually changing work patterns

Parents with children under the age of 5 showed that changing work habits can have a negative effect on their child’s development.

Around 55% found the stress of planning and juggling childcare obligations more difficult after the pandemic.

Nearly half of respondents (49%), woke up each night to worry about their children’s care, and a comparable number looked for solutions to urgent childcare problems far more often than they did before.

Lance Beare, CEO of flexible-childcare booking platform Pebble, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘The mass transition to remote and hybrid working has been heralded as a great thing for parents, helping them access a new work-life balance.

‘But this isn’t the picture our research paints. Parents are more stressed out than ever, because while ways of working have changed, the support structures they rely on have not.’

Around 55 per cent found planning work and childcare commitments more stressful now than before the pandemic

55 percent found it more stressful to plan work or childcare than prior to the pandemic.