Paris officials RELEASE EU flag Arc de Triomphe. Furious allegations were made that this stunt was meant to erase French identity

  • This flag replaced the temporary tricolore by being raised at New Year’s Eve.
  • It was placed to commemorate France’s turn in the rotation presidency of the EU Council 
  • He was reprimanded today by Macron’s political adversaries for allegedly erasing French identity 
  • French president said that EU flag had to go down within two days.

After Macron’s political rivals accused Macron of “erasing” French identity, officials removed the EU flag from Paris’ Arc de Triomphe.  

Temporarily, the European Union flag was used to replace the tricolore at the monument on New Year’s Eve.

France will now be the rotating president of the EU Council for six months. 

For the remainder of the week, blue lights will be used to illuminate the arch and other monuments like the Eiffel Tower.

However, the right-wing political opponents of President Emmanuel Macron in spring elections reacted violently to the removal the Tricolore Flag at the Arc de Triomphe. They wanted to move for the EU Flag.

It was a ‘front’ to France’s veterans and heritage, they said.   

Officials at France’s presidency said today that the EU Flag was only meant to be on the Arc for two day and that it was being removed in accordance with their planned schedule.

The European Union flag was raised in place of the Tricolore temporarily on New Year's Eve at the monument (pictured)

Temporarily, the Tricolore flag was replaced at the monument by the European Union Flag (pictured).

Valerie Pecresse, conservative candidate, who could be Macron’s main challenger in the upcoming election, tweeted in opposition to the EU flag: ‘Preside over Europe yes, erase French identity no!’ 

Macron was urged to restore the French flag at the Arc by the candidate, who said:  ‘We owe it to our soldiers who spilled their blood for it.’

Marine Le Pen, a far-right candidate, called the removal the EU flag was a victory for patriotism.

An official at the French presidency today said that the EU flag (pictured) was meant to only be at the Arc for two days and the removal was 'in line with the planned schedule'

Today, a French official claimed that the EU flag (pictured), was only meant to be on the Arc for 2 days, and that its removal was in line with their planned schedule.

She had promised to file a formal complaint at the State Council, France’s highest administrative court, when the EU flag was installed first at the Arc.  

On Twitter, she claimed that Macron was forced to reverse course because of a massive mobilization. 

Clement Beaune was Europe Minister and stated that on Saturday the right was ‘desperately seeking after the sterilecontroversies of far right’ 

Blue lights will also illuminate the arch (pictured), a war monument and other landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower for the rest of this week

The arch will also be illuminated by blue lights (pictured), as well as other landmarks, such the Eiffel Tower and war monuments for the duration of this week