After 300,000.000 people sign the Killjoy petition, parliament will consider limiting fireworks sales. demanded a clampdown on noisy bangers that can cause ‘distress’ to vulnerable people

  • The signatories claimed that loud bangers can cause distress to the most vulnerable. 
  • For the future, they want displays that have been licensed by their local authorities to continue. 
  • Today, however No10 stated that they did not plan on changing the sales rules 

After more than 300,000. people signing a petition against fireworks, MPs are now weighing whether or not to limit their sale.

The signatories claimed that loud bangers can cause distress to people who are vulnerable and should limit sales.

The group wants only licensed displays to be allowed by their local authorities. They also claim that the move has support from human- and animal welfare organizations.   

These limits would be a ban on family bonfire night and new year’s Eve displays from the domestic back yard.

Today, however No10 stated that they did not intend to change the sales rules. 

Signatories argued that noisy bangers cause 'distress' to vulnerable people and sales should be limited.

The signatories claimed that loud bangers can cause distress to people who are vulnerable and should limit sales.

They want only displays licensed by local councils to go ahead and say the move is backed by human and animal welfare charities.

They demand that only local councils license displays and they say they are supported by animal and human welfare charities.

Such limits, if introduced, would put an end to domestic back garden family firework displays for Bonfire Night and New Year's Eve, religious event like Diwali, which is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs, and Chinese New Year (2020 celebration pictured).

These limits would be in place if domestic family firework displays are stopped for Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve and other religious events like Diwali (pictured 2020 celebration).

Last year’s petition stated that the current law “allows the public to use fireworks for up to 16 hours each day making it hard for vulnerable groups and individuals to protect themselves from the harm they could cause.”

“Limiting the sale of fireworks to display only and introducing licensing through local authorities will help to protect vulnerable individuals and animals from anxiety and distress caused by unanticipated firework noises and pollution. 

‘Legislation that balances people’s desires for firework displays, and individual rights to not be distressed throughout the year, is needed now.’

The rules that govern petitions to Government allow for those with more than 1,000,000 signatures to be considered for debate. The debate will take place at Westminster Hall, Parliament. 

Current law states that only over-age persons may sell fireworks. They can usually only be set off between 7am and 11pm, with a midnight cut-off permitted on November 5 and 1am on New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

They are already prohibited from being set off on streets, or other public places.

Already, the Government stated that it doesn’t intend to limit further sales. Responding to the petition, the spokesperson highlighted the report of the Petitions Committee that concluded tightened rules would be detrimental for local community groups as well as the firework business.

A ban on marijuana could also be considered effective but they warned it might have unintended consequences that are counterproductive to public safety.

The spokesman added: ‘A ban could have the unintended consequence of pushing the market underground, driving individuals to source fireworks from illegitimate or unsafe suppliers. A ban can also be detrimental for communities, whether they are culturally or financially.

A Downing Street spokesperson said today that the company has no plans to modify existing rules.