Pervert, 41, is jailed for six months after using a spy camera hidden in his shoelaces to film up women’s skirts in supermarkets

  • Adam George-Wood (41), was taken into custody by a Tesco security officer in a Tesco store
  • Wood was spotted by a customer who was acting suspiciously at a branch of Nottingham
  • He was detained by the store security guard and later arrested by police
  • Later, police discovered more than 100 similar videos on his electronic device. 

A pervert used a hidden spy camera in his shoelaces for filming women’s skirts in supermarkets to catch him being a pervert. He was sentenced.

After being suspiciously spotted at a Tesco branch in Beeston by a customer, Adam George-Wood (41), was taken into custody by a Tesco security officer.

The shopper noticed George-Wood carrying a shopping cart containing a phone that was upside down and placed it below the victim’s skirt.

He immediately alerted George-Wood to his concerns and challenged George-Wood. George-Wood was eventually detained and taken into custody by the store security officer.

Adam George-Wood, 41, was detained by a Tesco security guard after being spotted by a customer acting suspiciously at a branch in Beeston, Nottingham

After being spotted by a suspicious customer at a Tesco branch, Adam George-Wood, 41 was taken into custody

George-Wood initially refused to talk to police but later made a prepared statement.

He also admitted to other similar offenses, including one involving a hidden spy camera in his shoelaces.

Police found more than 100 similar videos on his devices, which were filmed in a variety locations, including on public transport.

George-Wood of Beeston pleaded guilty to three counts for recording an image under clothing to see another person without consent.

Multiple charges were levelled against different women between July 2019-September 21, 2019, which was the day he escaped.

George-Wood, of Beeston, went on to plead guilty to three counts of recording an image under clothing to observe another without consent. Nottingham Crown Court is pictured above

George-Wood, from Beeston, pleaded guilty in three counts to recording an image underneath clothing to observe another person without consent. Above is the Nottingham Crown Court

He was jailed for six months at Nottingham Crown Court on Tuesday and made subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

He was also added to the sex offenders’ registry for a period of ten years.

Detective Constable Laura Gray from Nottinghamshire Police said that “Upskirting” is a disgusting invasion on someone’s privacy that can be extremely distressing for the victim.

“George-Wood displayed a brazen disregard of his victims as he collected large amounts of invasive videos without the consent or knowledge his victims.

“Had he not been challenged while he was I have no doubt his offending would continue.

“For that reason, I would like praise the actions taken by the staff and security personnel who helped to detain George Woodward and bring his offending under control.

“I would encourage any other women who believe they might have been victims of up skirting, to come forward and inform the police.

“We will investigate, and we will take very firm actions against perpetrators if possible.”