Peter Foster, serial fraudster and con artist is as popular for his interactions with women as his spectacular arrests which usually follow each fraudulent scheme.

Rarely does a story about an Australian conman not include his affair with Samantha Fox, a British singer and page three model. 

Foster managed to fool Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York) into selling the fraudulent weight-loss drink that initially made him famous in his home country. 

After embarrassing royalty, he was able to embarrass a British prime Minister in the scandal that became Cheriegate. He helped Tony Blair buy his property.

Conman Peter Foster is almost as well-known for his relationships with women as the spectacular arrests that generally follow his latest rip-off scheme. He dated British page three model turned singer Samantha Fox in the 1980s when she promoted his bogus weight loss tea

Conman Peter Foster’s relationships with women are almost as popular as his spectacular arrests which usually follow his latest scam. When he promoted his fake weight loss tea, he dated Samantha Fox, a British Page Three model who became a singer.

Foster duped Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, into promoting the weight-loss tea that first made him infamous. He later embroiled a British prime minister in the controversy which became known as Cheriegate when he helped buy property for Tony Blair's wife Cherie

Foster tricked Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess Of York, into supporting the weight loss tea that made him famous. Foster later became embroiled in a British Prime Minister’s scandal, known as Cheriegate. He helped Tony Blair’s wife Cherie buy real estate.

Notorious Australian conman Peter Foster (pictured) was captured by an elite team of 'fugitive hunters' on Tuesday, six months after he allegedly skipped court charged with a million-dollar cryptocurrency scam

On Tuesday, a team of elite fugitive hunters captured Peter Foster, a prominent Australian conman. This was six months after Foster was allegedly charged in a multi-million dollar cryptocurrency fraud.

Foster was first introduced to Mrs Blair by his former girlfriend Carole Caplin. Carole Caplin was Blairs’ personal trainer and style advisor during their time on Downing Street. 

Michelle Deakin, a teenage victim of Foster’s tricks, claims Foster made her pregnant while she was on one of his frequent runs from authorities.

Foster was captured on Tuesday by an elite team of ‘fugitive hunters’ six months after he allegedly skipped court charged with a million-dollar cryptocurrency scam.

Australian Federal Police officers broke down the front door of the 58 years old’s house near Gisborne in Victoria to discover him wearing track pants, a T-shirt and no shoes.

Foster was not present in court in Sydney on May fraud-related charges. An electronic tracker also stopped transmitting signals. 

In the case, he is charged with conniving $1.7million of Bitcoin to a Hong Kong retiree as part a fraud in sport betting.

Fosgter's latest arrest is an all too familiar story for anyone who has followed his criminal career. He was tracked down to far north Queensland where he was dramatically arrested in August last year (pictured)

Fosgter is a familiar name to anyone who knows his criminal history. In August 2013, he was captured in far north Queensland.

Footage of Foster's arrest in August last year, taken by IFW Global, showed two officers dressed as joggers running towards the conman on the beach before tackling him to the ground

IFW Global took footage in August of Foster’s arrest. The video showed two officers wearing joggers, running to Foster before confronting him on the shore. 

Foster calls himself an 'international man of mischief' and has been locked up in Australia, Great Britain, Vanuatu and the United States. He is pictured being arrested again in Queensland

Foster describes himself as an “international man of mischief” and has been held in Australia, Great Britain and Vanuatu. Pictured being taken again in Queensland

Foster – using the alias Bill Dawson – allegedly promised a series of investors ‘guaranteed returns’ on their money by having a mathematician predict the outcome of sports matches.

After investing in Sports Predictions they claim that their money “evaporated”. Prosecutors also allege that there were no wagers and instead the money went to Foster.

For those that have been following Foster’s fraudulent career, it will be a familiar story. 

Foster was tracked to Far North Queensland, where he was arrested and held in dramatic circumstances last August.

IFW Global captured video footage showing Foster being tackled to the ground by two police officers wearing joggers. 

He was put on house arrest, released under bail and did not appear at court. 

As a teenager in the late 1970s, Foster began promoting nightclubs and boxing matches on the Gold Coast. He has been causing trouble across three continents in the decades since

 As a teenager in the late 1970s, Foster began promoting nightclubs and boxing matches on the Gold Coast. In the decades that followed, Foster has caused havoc on all three continents.

Foster describes himself as an “international man of mischief” and is currently in prison in Australia, Great Britain and Vanuatu.  

He said, “I go from one tragedy to another,” after being released from Vanuatu Prison in 2007. He said, “I don’t know how it happens.” I think I will eventually have to master it.

Foster was first noticed by the Australian public in 1980s, when he promoted Bai Lin tea to aid weight loss.

Foster promoted his fraudulent schemes from the United States, even though the product was nothing more than regular black tea. 

He conned several women along the way, falling for his charms.

His late mother Louise FosterPoletti is the only one that seems to be regretting having brought so much pain. 

Foster convinced topless model turned singer Samantha Fox to spruik his 'weight loss' tea in the UK in the 1980s and the pair commenced a relationship. The couple is pictured in 1986

Foster persuaded Samantha Fox, a topless singer and model, to promote his weight loss tea in Britain in the 1980s. The pair began a relationship. This photo was taken in 1986.


Foster persuaded Samantha Fox, a topless singer and model to promote his weight loss tea in Britain in the 1980s. The pair began a relationship. 

Fox also dates Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley, Spanish bullfighter Raficomino and has said Foster offered to marry her but she declined.

Foster cheat on the model and sold Foster’s story about their sex lives to a tabloid newspaper. 

Fox once stated, “My parents split, and here was someone who was clever and manipulative and domineering.” Fox once said, “I thought I would marry him. He was so vulnerable.” 

Foster had suggested to Fox that they make a film about their relationship years after the split, but Fox declined. 

Fox stated to The Guardian that he was old enough to understand that Peter Foster would never take me in again. Fox said, “But that was when I was 22. And impressionable.”

In March 2020, Fox announced she was engaged to Norwegian mother-of-two Linda Olsen, four years after long-term girlfriend Myra Stratton died of cancer.

Private school girl Michele Deakin was was just 19 when she first came to Foster's attention as Britain's 1988 Young Slimmer of the Year. Deakin is pictured that year

Michele Deakin, a private school girl, was only 19 years old when Foster first noticed her as Britain’s Young Slimmer. Deakin in the year 2000


Michele Deakin, a private school girl, was only 19 years old when Foster first noticed her as Britain’s Young Slimmer. 

Foster sought a successful weight-loss story for his fraudulent product, and Foster quickly became friends with Deakin’s family. 

Deakin’s parents and Deakin were whisked to their London home in a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. He greeted her with a ‘G’day and a kiss each cheek.  

Deakin stated to the Daily Mail that he was virgin at the time he met me. He groomed, seduced, and then proposed to me.

“I loved him because he seemed so charismatic and amazing. He promised me the Earth, but he never delivered.

Foster had proposed marriage to Deakin. She was caught in Foster’s frauds. Deakin became pregnant and presented herself at Liverpool Crown Court.

He left town and denied paternity. Deakin said to The Daily Mail that “that man has more faces then a town clock.” 

“Do I believe he is reformed?” No, it’s baloney. It’s all a lie.

Foster met fitness guru Carole Caplin through a friend in 2002 and later described her as 'one of the great loves of my life'. They are pictured outside the London Woman's Clinic

Foster was introduced to Carole Caplin by a friend. In 2002, Foster described Caplin as “one of the great love of my life”. Photographed outside London Woman’s Clinic


Carole Caplin, a fitness expert and mentor to Foster through a friend was introduced by Foster in 2002. Foster later called her ‘one my great loves’.

Caplin and Tony Blair were close friends. Foster also claimed that he attended 10 Downing Street with Foster during their relationship. 

Foster said that Carole was so obsessed with Blairs in 2020 to the Daily Mail. They felt like family. I was surprised at how much power she had over Tony and Cherie.

Foster claims that Caplin was pregnant with Foster’s child by the Blairs, and she gave birth to a miscarriage.

Andrew Denton, a later interviewer with him said he thought it was Blair that had made Caplin pregnant. This story The Times found out to be another elaborate hoax.

Foster claimed that his breakup with Caplin was due to an affair with an Italian model, who ended up being a Romanian stripper.

His role in Cheriegate was attributed to his desire to please Caplin. He told The Daily Mail that she was a sensual, sexy woman two years back. “Men do stupid things with women,” he said.

Cherie Blair has said she met Foster once and for less than five minutes but it was long enough to cause her problems for life. She is pictured with husband Tony in 2013

Cherie Blair claimed that Foster was her only encounter, but she did not meet for more than five minutes. However, it caused problems in her life. In 2013, she is seen with Tony, her husband.


Cherie Blair claimed she only met Foster for five minutes once, but that it was enough time to make her unhappy for the rest of her life. 

Foster’s relationship with Carole Caplin allowed him to offer advice to Mrs Blair, which helped her purchase two properties in Bristol at a discounted price.  

Blair initially denied the association, but Mail on Sunday published emails that showed Foster was involved in the sales. 

One email from Mrs Blair described Blair as “a star” and stated that they were on the same wave length.

After a public tearful apology, Mrs Blair finally accepted Foster’s help in the property deal. She blamed her “mistake” on motherhood pressures and her role as prime minister’s spouse. 

Foster stated to the Daily Mail that he was not the one responsible for Cheriegate.

“I just helped with a property transaction, and then when the whole thing exploded in front of their eyes, they cut me off.” 

“It sounds so rich, but it feels like I was tricked.” 

The most significant woman in Foster's world and by far his greatest supporter was his real estate mother Louise Foster-Poletti. She is pictured with him after an arrest in Fiji

Louise Foster-Poletti was Foster’s mother, and his most prominent woman. He is shown with her after an arrest at Fiji.


Louise Foster-Poletti, his mother and real estate agent died in May 2020. She was Foster’s most important woman friend.

Foster spent 18 months caring for his mom on the Gold Coast, as her mother died of cancer. 

After her passing, he stated that it was the most life-changing event of his life. It’s the most worthwhile thing that I have done in my entire life.

“If I have any goodness in my life, it is because of her.” Her honesty was my moral compass, and I may not have looked at it as often as she did.

No matter the scam he ran, Ms Foster-Poletti was her biggest supporter.

Foster, a self-described “mummy’s boy” – and proud of it – said that he’d struggle to overcome his mother’s death for the rest of their lives. 

Foster said that Mum was her best friend and most loyal ally. She defended me until the end,’ Foster stated to Daily Mail Australia. “One of the things I regret most is what shame she has suffered.”


The Early Years

Foster, a teenage promoter of nightclubs and boxing matches along the Gold Coast in the 1970s, was declared bankrupt. After trying to sell tickets in Australia for an Ali-Muhammad Ali fight, Foster was made bankrupt by the Australian government in early 1980s. In Britain, he was fined $A100,000.

Drink Slimming Teas

Foster was determined to continue his promotion of the’slimming Bai Lin Tea’. Foster met a few high-profile British ladies who were not deterred. After he fled Britain, Foster fraudulently marketed his product in the USA as Chow Low Tea. In the UK, he was also imprisoned when he came back to Britain in 1995.


Foster caused two weeks’ of trouble for Tony Blair as the British Prime Minster. In 2002, he was appointed financial adviser to Blair’s wife Cherie. Carole Caplin, his girlfriend and confidante, was a’middle man’ for Mrs Blair in purchasing two flats in Bristol.

Fijian Follies

Foster was questioned by the local police for forged documents regarding his criminal past. He stripped down to his bottoms and dived from a bridge into a stream, but he hit his head against a boat. Foster is eventually captured.

Then, he goes on hunger strike and prevents hospital staff from turning him in to the police. He then eludes Vanuatu by boat while he is being held on bail.

Slim Pickings

After refusing to pay costs related to SensaSlim (a fraud weight-loss company), Foster was declared bankrupt by Federal Court on January 2018. 

In 2014, he was sentenced to jail for contempt of Court over SensaSlim. Prior to that, he spent about a year hiding on a bush property in Byron Bay.

Sport Rorts

Foster arrived six hours late for his October 2018 sentencing in Sydney after he was sentenced to possessing an Irish passport to obtain an offshore gambling license to trade in sports. 

The lawyer for his client stated to the court that his delay was due to food poisoning. 

Cryptocurrency Caper 

Foster did not appear before a Sydney court to face charges in relation to the multi-million-dollar cryptocurrency fraud in May 2021. 

In the case, he is charged with concocting Bitcoin worth $1.7 Million from an elderly pilot in Hong Kong to fund a scam in sport betting. 

Foster was arrested six months later after AFP officers smashed through the front door of Foster’s Macedon Ranges residence.