The victims, aged between 14 and 27, were killed in the shooting at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival on Friday. One brother condemned the poor management of the event, which was run by ‘horrible people’.

Danish Baig (27) was one of the people who succumbed to an explosion at the concert. University of Dayton student Franco Patino, 21, a senior, also died at day one of the Astroworld festival at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, the school said. 

Basil Baig confirms that Baig was murdered while trying to help a relative in the stampede during the concert. 

Basil shared the following Facebook post: “My brother was murdered in an awful Astroworld event, which was managed poorly by such terrible people,” 

He was kind enough to praise his late brother’s courage, and called him a “beautiful person.”  

Others whose deaths have been confirmed to various news outlets are 14-year-old John Hilgert, 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez and Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23.

Danish Baig, 27, pictured, was killed at Travis Scott's Astroworld after saving a relative during the stampede on Friday, his brother said

Franco Patino, 21, attended the event with his best friend for his friend's birthday. He was also killed, University of Dayton said

Danish Baig (27), died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld. He had saved a relative in the Friday stampede, according to his brother. Franco Patino, 21 (right), also died, the University of Dayton said

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, was a dancer and junior in high school

Rodolfo 'Rudy' Pena, 23, was an aspiring model and dreamed of one day being a US Border Patrol agent. He died of cardiac arrest

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, (left) was a dancer and junior in high school. Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Pena, 23,(right)  was an aspiring model and dreamed of one day being a US Border Patrol agent. He was struck with cardiac arrest and died.

Basil wrote that Basil had saved his brother from the horrible acts being committed to my sister-in-law. 

“My brother Danish Baig” [is]Beautiful souls are the best![e]He would smile and lighten up the room, putting everyone first. My sister in law was saved by him last night through his bravery. 

“I was there, but I couldn’t save my brother.” 

Basil said that people were hitting, pushing, and shooting at each other and didn’t care about anyone’s lives. 

He claimed also that Stormi, the baby daddy of Kylie Jenner and superstar rapper Stormi, “provoked” these people and made them do what they wanted to. [stampede]He called the people up to the stage and asked them to join the audience. This did not interrupt the show. 

Basil said that this wasn’t the end for my family, and that I would go to any length to ensure he was brought to justice. 

His brother Basil (second left) confirmed his brother's (left) death on Facebook and called what he did a 'courageous act'

Basil, his brother (second from left), confirmed the death of his brother (left) on Facebook. He called it a “courageous act” 

21-year-old Patino was a student at the University of Dayton in southern Ohio, where he studied engineering

Patino is 21 years old and was studying engineering at University of Dayton, Ohio. 

Brianna, pictured with her mother, was killed at the event

Brianna is pictured below with her mother. 

Pena died of cardiac arrest after being injured at the show

Pena, who was injured during the show, suffered from cardiac arrest. 

On Saturday, the family of 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez confirmed that she was one of the eight victims who died

Brianna Rodriguez (16 years old) confirmed on Saturday that she was one the eight victims of the tragedy.

Franco Patino (21-year-old student at University of Dayton) also passed away during the event. 

According to WGN9, Patino was an avid fan of the rapper. He traveled from Southern Ohio to Houston with his best friend in order to celebrate the birthday of his friend. 

The college senior was studying engineering and was a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Alpha Psi Lambda.  

Patino was a participant in the special interest house of the society, which he created with Andy Prieto.

Patino wrote in an article on the society’s existence that Andy and I had worked day and night together to fulfill this dream.    

John Hilgret, 14, of Hunters Creek Village, was the youngest person to die at the concert. Officials at Memorial High School confirmed his death on Saturday, when he was still a freshman student.

Scott shared a message on his Instagram on Saturday, where he told fans he was 'devastated' and was 'working closely with authorities'

Scott wrote a post on Instagram Saturday in which he stated that he was devastated and is ‘working closely to authorities’ 

Hilgret attended Friday’s concert with his long-time friend, Robby Hendrix, 15.

Hendrix’s mother, Tracy Faulkner, bought her son’s ticket it for his birthday and ‘ultimately regrets the decision.’

Faulkner said to Houston Chronicle, “Everything that happened on that night was a tragedy.” “They were at the same location at the same times, and one went home while the other will be with us forever.”

According to her, Hilgret was a friend of Hendrix for many years. They played together football.

John was polite, a great student, an athlete, and a very good friend. She shared that he was the smartest, sweetest, and most intelligent young man she knew. 

Eight people were killed at the event after a crowd surge happened

Following a large crowd surge, the event saw eight deaths. 

One witness described it as a 'floor of bodies' and fans were screaming at to 'stop the show'

It was described by one witness as “a floor of bodies” and the fans shouted at each other to stop it.

The chaos began after Scott took the stage. The star completed his set

Scott was on the podium and chaos started. He was done with his set. 

Families identified the deaths of two others at this tragic incident.  

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, People confirmed, and Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23, confirmed by the Laredo Morning Times, were among the eight. 

Rodriguez was an accomplished dancer, and she graduated from high school as a junior. 

On Facebook, she wrote, “Gone from our websites, but not from our hearts,” to her family. 

The GoFundMe was set up by her family to pay for funeral expenses. The GoFundMe has already raised $8,910 of the $30,000 it set out to raise.  

According to USA Today, Pena had aspirations of being a model.  

Pena traveled five hours to Houston from Laredo with friends in order to go to the show. Pena died after suffering cardiac arrest.  

Pena’s sister shared the following to Laredo Morning Time: “My brother, who was friendly and outgoing, was very sweet. He loved Travis’ music, and he was an avid fan.

About 50,000 people were present at the Astroworld Festival held at NRG Park Friday. Witnesses claimed chaos broke out when Scott performed. 

The surge took place at 9:15 PM. At that point, the’mass causalty incident’ was officially declared. A little over an hour later at 10:10 pm, Live Nation, the concert producer, stopped the show. 

On Friday morning, hundreds of people were caught ramming through an entryway at Live Nation, sparking concerns of crowd control problems and excessive crowd size. 

Scott, 29 years old, continued performing after eight victims were killed, including two children aged 14 and 16. Scott was part of a “floor” that witnesses described as an “infinite number of bodies.” 

Video circulating on Twitter shows fans chanting ‘stop the show’ as concertgoers were being knocked down and crushed by other attendees.  

Scott called for assistance at one point, even though he had completed the 75 minute performance. Another video shows him standing on a platform while chaos was unfolding below.   

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner revealed during a press conference Saturday that the dead ranged in age from 14 to 27. The victims’ families are being notified and police are working hard to find them. They are still unknown as to the cause of their death. 

The chaos continued and the rapper finished his performance. He even glanced in the direction passed out fans while the show was going on. Scott stopped the show at least once and called for security assistance to those in distress. 

Scott’s girlfriend Kylie Jenner (pregnant with their second child) was also present at the event. However, she was criticised online after posting footage of an ambulance caring for the wounded and the dead during the chaos.  

Other videos of the evening showed disillusioned fans asking concert staff for help to stop the show and get them out of the surge.

‘People are f***ing dying, I want to save somebody’s life,’ a man said as he climbed on a platform where a cameraman was filming the performance.

Around 2pm hundreds of fans stormed the festival's VIP entrance. About seven hours later the surge in front of the main stage killed eight people but the two events appear to be unrelated

Around 2pm, thousands of people stormed through the VIP entry to the festival. Eight people were killed in a stampede to the festival’s main stage seven hours later. However, the events seem unrelated

“That’s somebody’s kid!” They need my help! He shouted, “I want to save them!” Astroworld Fest organizers expressed condolences to families who were killed during a Saturday statement and asked for information from anyone with any leads to Houston Police.  

TMZ also reported that a key person’ from Astroworld stated that Friday night’s incident was actually the result a?targeted assault’. He said that someone in the crowd had gone insane and begun injecting people with some drug. It caused panic and then a spike. 

Cops say they will remain open-minded, though Houston’s fire chief claims that the tragedy may have been caused by a crush. 

According to the Houston Chronicle Friday’s deadly incident was not the first time the concert’s producer Live Nation Worldwide and Live Nation Entertainment has come under scrutiny for OSHA safety and antitrust violations. 

Live-entertainment firm, which hosts 40,000 performances per year according to Billboard’s website, was charged in relation to 16 violations. The company has already paid $83million penalties.

Scott shared his thoughts on the incident on Saturday via Instagram, saying that he was devastated and working with authorities. 

Scott, 29, shared his thoughts on Saturday’s Instagram Stories: “My fans mean the most to me. I want them to have a good experience.”

“Whenever I am able to see the situation, I will stop it and help the person in need. It was beyond my comprehension.

Houston-based music festival attendees rushed to Scott’s show, pushing other concertgoers onto the platform and forcing them into tight spaces.

The rapper said, “To those who lost their loved ones last night,” and that he was working to identify the families in order to help them get through this difficult time.

‘I’m honestly just devastated… I could never imagine anything like this just happening.’ 

Scott stated that he was working with the local authorities to investigate the crowd surge. He also encouraged any person with information regarding the incident. 

He told his followers he’d keep them up to date about the investigation.