Trump’s former President stated to the Republican Jewish Coalition, Saturday, that “no president has ever been a more friend to Israel” as he competed with presidential hopefuls for their support. 

Trump outlined the administration’s actions in favor of Israel. This included his controversial, long-anticipated, and highly publicized move to send the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as the signing the Abraham Accords with Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, and America’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal. 

Trump never mentioned his 2024 plans, but he predicted that Republicans would regain the beautiful white house sometimes called the White House.

In his video address, the ex-president stated that “the stakes are never higher,” 

Former President Donald Trump (pictured) enumerated his administrations' actions that favored the country, including the long-anticipated and controversial move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, the signing of the Abraham Accords between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump, former president, recited the list of actions his administrations had taken to favor the country. This included the much-anticipated, controversial U.S. embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as well as the signing the Abraham Accords, between Israel and Bahrain. Also, U.S. withdrawal form the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Mike Pence, former vice president of the United States, said that Joe Biden “turned his back” on Israel at the event.

Biden has reportedly’restored funds for the Palestinian Authority’ and announced that he intends to join the Iran Nuclear Deal. Now, the Biden government is planning to open an office in Jerusalem for Palestinians,’ Pence said to the group.

‘This is an unlawful step and it’s time for Congress to act to deny President Biden from opening a consulate in Jerusalem,’ Pence added.

Although he indicated that the party would “win back this nation in 2024,” the former Vice President didn’t make any announcements about his plans to run for president in the coming election.  

Former Vice President Mike Pence (pictured) said at the event that current President Joe Biden has 'turned his back on Israel'

Mike Pence, former Vice President (pictured), stated at the event that President Joe Biden had ‘turned his back against Israel’

Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey, acknowledged that Trump was a supporter early on. He recalled being a role model for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in preparation sessions. However, he advised members of the coalition to not dwell too much on allegations of fraud by the prior administration. 

Christie declared, prompting applause: “We can’t talk about past elections and the past.” 

It doesn’t matter what your position on the election, it is done. Every minute that we spend talking about 2020, all the wasted time that we’re there, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are laying ruin to this country.’

Former governor of New Jersey spoke out about his successes in running for office despite the Democratic majority. The former governor of New Jersey called on the Republican party not to place too much emphasis on the ‘hardworking and working class’ members who feel abandoned by their party. 

‘People want someone to fight for them, but to do it in a way that doesn’t hurt their ears, and you all know what I mean,’ Christie said. 

‘Demand… a plan for tomorrow, not a grievance about yesterday.’

Although former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (pictured) acknowledged that he was an early supporter of Trump and recalled playing the role of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for the former president in debate prep sessions, he urged members of the coalition not to dwell on the previous administration's accusations of election fraud

Chris Christie, the ex-Governor of New Jersey, acknowledged that Trump had been a supporter early on. He recalled being a role model for Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in preparations sessions. But he advised members of his coalition not to focus too heavily on allegations of fraud by the prior administration.

Christie received a warm reception by the audience, but Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, got standing ovations from the crowd.  

DeSantis claimed Florida was the “freest” state of America. He took credit for this designation by claiming that the low tax rate and relaxed government policy attracted people to Florida. 

Governor praised legislation he signed that banned mass mailings of absentee votes and the practice “ballot harvesting”, a term used to describe people who don’t have a connection with a voter, collecting their ballots. 

While Christie was well-received by the group, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (pictured) got a standing ovation from the crowd. He said his state was the 'freest' in America

Christie received a warm reception from the audience, while Ron DeSantis (pictured), was standing ovation by the crowd. His state is the most ‘free’ in America, he said.

He condemned the Biden Administration’s vaccination mandates as well and said that Florida workers would not be fired if they were unvaccinated.[Biden]He doesn’t possess the legal authority to perform what he is trying to. 

These mandates do not apply to nurses, firefighters or cops.