Police are called to save a dying seal at the beach. People throw STONES and parents ask their children to pose alongside the dying mammal for photos.

  • Crowds of people threw stones at a sick seal at beach in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
  • Parents even took pictures with their children standing by the dying mammal. 
  • Police ‘were constantly needing to tell people to move back’ from the scene

As stones were hurled at the seal, police had to step in and save it.

The seal died on a beach in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk just hours after officers attended the scene to guard it on Tuesday.

Some people were seen throwing stones at grey seals, while parents were seen taking photos of their children alongside the dying mammal.  

Chairman of Marine and Wildlife Rescue Dan Goldsmith stated that the situation is “absolutely exacerbating”.

‘People were throwing stones at seals by picking up rocks. I don’t know if it was to get the seal to move.

‘Police were constantly having to tell people to go back – they were getting within one foot of the seal.

“People don’t appreciate that it should remain alone.

They just want to get photos, and then they can take their children with them.

The seal died on a beach in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk just hours after officers attended the scene to guard it on Tuesday

After officers arrived at the scene on Tuesday to guard it, the seal died on a Norfolk shore.

“At 4.30pm the seal moved back to the water’s edge, and was taken by tide – it may have died.”

A spokesperson for the RSPCA stated that the charity was shocked to hear about people throwing stones at seals.

They said that it was important for the public to keep away from the seals as they can be very distressed if they get too close.

“Seals in their natural habitat are an amazing sight. But, people must remember that they are wild animals.

“We share our beaches alongside seals and have learned to respect nature and enjoy the scenery from a distance. We must also learn to not interfere with them.