A mother accused of murdering her 16-month-old daughter with her girlfriend was warned that her volatile relationship could ‘ruin’ her life, a court heard.

Star Hobson, Toddler was killed by ‘catastrophic injuries’ to her abdomen. Frankie Smith’s relatives raised concerns about Star’s death and contacted police and social services.

Smith and Savannah Brockhill, her girlfriend, are currently on trial for murder and causing/allowing the death the baby in their Keighley, West Yorkshire flat on September 22nd, 2013.  

Brockhill stated that ‘we’re going to down for murder’ on the day Star died. Jurors were told by the jury that blood had been leaking from the veins to her heart, which was carried back from her legs, and other organs in her abdomen, causing severe blood loss. 

Smith’s grandparents David Fawcett and Smith were concerned that the toddler was being abused. Smith also noticed bruises on his granddaughter’s neck and legs.

Toddler Star Hobson (above) died from 'catastrophic' injuries to her abdomen after concerned relatives of Frankie Smith, 20, alerted police and social services to bruising to her body

Star Hobson, Toddler (above), died from ‘catastrophic” injuries to her abdomen. Concerned relatives of Frankie Smith (20) alerted the police and social service to her body bruising 

According to Mr Fawcett, the bruises looked like those you would get if strangled and not the kind you would get if your fall.

The jury heard that the neck injuries were misunderstood as ‘love bites’.

The toddler died just days after his mother had given birth. Smith’s grandmother Anita Smith referred Smith in May 2020. Smith was then dismissed as’malicious. Star was closed by Star case workers. 

Prosecutors claim that her injuries were caused by a forceful blow or blows to the abdomen, either punching, stamping, or kicking.

Star was found lifeless, pale, and wearing only one disposable diaper when paramedics arrived at her flat.

Brockhill (pictured with Smith) stated 'we're going down for murder'

Brockhill (pictured with Smith), stated that ‘we’re going to down for murder’

Star was in cardiac arrest. Star vomited ‘large quantities’ of brown material while they attempted CPR.

She was then rushed to Airedale hospital – just six minutes away – where clinicians did everything they could to save her but she was pronounced dead that afternoon.

The court heard that Smith had met Brockhill at The Sun, a Bradford gay bar, where she was working on the doors, in November 2019, and that they began an ‘on off’ relationship.

Mr Fawcett said that they were surprised because she’d always had boyfriends.

Smith developed an unhealthy obsession with Savanah Brockhill (28), her new girlfriend. This was at the expense of Star Hobson, her daughter. 

Mr Fawcett stated that it was a volatile relationship and his granddaughter began changing how she spoke, using’mams’ instead’mums’ and yous’ instead ‘you’.

“She’d never spoken like that in 18 years. Now she does, and I find it strange that she’s changed. It worried me. 

Frankie told Frankie that Savannah was going ruin her life. He told the court that she had marks on her neck.

Smith (left) and Savannah Brockhill are currently standing trial charged with murder and causing or allowing the death of the baby in Keighley, West Yorkshire, on September 22 last year

Savannah Brockhill and Smith (left) are currently being tried for murder and causing or permitting the death of the baby in Keighley West Yorkshire on September 22nd last year

A short time before Star's (pictured) death Smith's aunt Melissa Dalby took Smith shopping and whilst in the car Brockhill phoned to say Star was 'really ill' and was being sick

Shortly before Star’s (pictured), death Smith’s aunt Melissa Dalby took Smith shopping. While in the car Brockhill called to inform Star that Star was’really sick’ and was being sick

Brockhill was also challenged during a telephone conversation about Star’s bruises.

“I said, what’s the deal with Star? Star always gets covered in bruises when you give her a kiss?”

Brockhill replied, “All children get bruises.”

He answered, “Well, Frankie’s covered in bruises then?”

The line was then dead.

He said, “It didn’t sit well with my, I was concerned there were some abuse regarding Frankie, Star,’ he added.

‘I noticed bruising in Frankie’s arms and legs. It was so bad that her sister suggested that she borrow some pants for outings because her legs were all bruised.

The last time Star was alive for Mr Fawcett was on 14th August 2020 at a family BBQ.

She looked distant. She looked as if she had lost her sparkle.

Brockhill, of Hawthorn Close in Keighley and Smith, from Wesley Place on Halifax Road in Keighley both deny murdering Star and also causing or allowing Star’s death.

The trial continues.