Police are investigating the death of a retired pharmacist (79), who was killed in an accident at her home.

  • Anne Peterson, 79 years old, was born in Old Street Newton Flotman.
  • After tackling the blaze at their house, fire crews discovered her body around 3.50 AM.
  • Police were alerted to her death and began investigating.

A retired pharmacist was found in her village house burning to the ground after she died. Police have launched an investigation. 

Anne Peterson, 79 years old, was alone in Old Street Newton Flotman near Norwich, Norfolk.

The widow lived on a quiet road where house prices average £280,000.  

The police are considering her death ‘unexplained.’ Forensic officers started an investigation at the crime scene to find out how she died.  

Investigators from Norfolk Fire Service are currently investigating the causes of the fire. 

Five fire crews arrived at the home to tackle the inferno. They are located near the A140 highway between Norwich and Ipswich. 

After her body had been found inside the home, Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service alerted authorities at 3.50 AM.  

Police are investigating (pictured) after a retired pharmacist called Anne Peterson, 79, was found dead at her detached home following a fire in the early hours of his morning

Police are currently investigating the murder of Anne Peterson (79-year-old retired pharmacist) at her house. The fire started in the wee hours of morning. 

A neighbor said that she was very kind and generous. It’s a shock to me that I had only seen her yesterday, but she seemed fine.

Peter Hale (85), who is next to Mrs Peterson said that she didn’t remember seeing her after her husband’s death because she had never left her home.

“I recall her as friendly and welcoming when I first met her.” It’s a mystery as to how this fire began.

“She lived in the home with her husband for about 40 years.” Her role as stand-in pharmacist lasted many years.

Mrs Peterson's death is being treated as 'unexplained' by police and forensic officers have begun a crime scene investigation to try and establish how she died. Pictured: Her detached Norfolk home where the fire occurred

Police are treating Mrs Peterson’s death as “unexplained” and forensic investigators have started a crime scene investigation in an effort to determine how she died. Pictured is her detached Norfolk house where the fire took place.

Others reported seeing fire engines and police cars on the streets as firefighters battled the flames.

Mother-of-two Mrs Peterson had three grandsons with mobility issues and she used a walking frame. 

John Peterson, Husband of the deceased, died of cancer on December 19, 2019, at the age of 77. He was an ex-computer science lecturer from University of East Anglia. 

Mr Peterson served as a South Norfolk Council Liberal Democrat Councillor for approximately 20 years, before he was elected in 2007.

According to villagers, he was an avid local historian and was also interested in Roman archaeology. 

The Norfolk Police stated that they were investigating a Newton Flotman house fire.

“Officers received reports that there was a fire at Old Street and that a person had been killed in the incident.

“The cause of fire and death are currently under investigation.

“A police cordon is still in place, while Crime Scene Investigators (or fire investigators) conduct enquiries to determine the cause. 

Pictured: Forensics and police at the scene of the inferno which happened in Norfolk this morning

Pictured: Police and forensics at the scene in Norfolk’s inferno this morning