The family is “distraught” when a loved spaniel, who was terrified of Bonfire Night fireworks runs off into the streets, dies.

  • Garry Hamilton (58), from Cardiff, Wales said his family was now “devastated”. 
  • Cadi, five years old, ran from the garden when she was scared by loud fireworks.
  • After someone took the dog to the veterinarian, the family was informed of the sad news.

Cardiff Family is distraught over their dog’s death. The family was triggered by noises from fireworks. 

Garry Hamilton (58) described the moment a vet informed them that Cadi, five years old, had been brought into their home by someone.

The couple let the Cocker Springer Spaniel cross  out into the garden to relieve herself when a series of loud explosions scared her and caused her to bolt. 

Five-year-old Cadi ran out from the garden, breaking through the wooden fence, after being spooked by fireworks

Cadi, five years old, ran from her garden after she was scared by fireworks. She broke through the wooden fencing.

Garry Hamilton, 58, said that the whole family are devastated, with his daughter Caitlin calling the pet her father's 'reason to get up early each morning'

Garry Hamilton, age 58, stated that his entire family was devastated. Caitlin called her dad’s motivation to wake up at 5 AM each morning.

According to the family, she was seen running panicked through nearby recreation grounds after breaking through the wooden fencing in the garden.

Hamilton explained that the noise suddenly intensified after Hamilton let Hamilton out.

“She must’ve freaked and ran away somehow. However, before I could look for her I heard that she was hit by a car and had been killed.

The family warned that pet owners to 'keep a close eye on their animals' even though Bonfire Night is over

Family members advised that owners of pets should keep an eye out for their pets even after Bonfire Night ends.

The family said they are 'distraught' and 'devastated' over the loss

The family said they are ‘distraught’ and ‘devastated’ over the loss

Mr Hamilton said: 'She must have freaked out and escaped somehow, but before I could go and look for her I got word that she'd been hit by a car and killed'

Hamilton claimed that Hamilton had said, “She must’ve freaked and escaped. However, before I could look for her, she was informed by someone else that she was hit and killed in a car accident.”

“Someone must’ve taken her to the veterinarian who had found Cadi’s details and phoned us with the horrible news.

According to the father-of-2, the family was in total shock. Caitlin called Mr Hamilton her reason for getting up at 5am each morning. 

He stated, “We’re distraught. She’s such a wonderful dog. We loved going on walks together.

I just wanted to advise other pet owners that Bonfire Night may be over but to still keep an eye on their pets. 

‘People will still be setting off fireworks in the run up to Christmas and we don’t want what happened to Cadi happening to anyone else’s dog.’