Alfredo Lindley is accused of targeting celebrities in a series of heists in December 2019

Alfredo Lindley is accused in a series heists that targeted celebrities in December 2019.

An international manhunt has been launched to find the suspected mastermind behind a multimillion pound burglary at Tamara Ecclestone’s West London mansion. There were also raids on homes belonging Frank Lampard, Patrick Vieira, and others.

Alfredo Lindley is accused of targeting celebrities in a series of heists in December 2019, including the F1 heiress’ £70million, 55-room mansion near Kensington Palace in what is considered to be the biggest value burglary in English legal history.

In a plot worthy of a movie, the gang managed to evade the tightest of security and plunder jewellery and cash worth £25million before seemingly vanishing into thin air. Most of the loot has been lost and smuggled away.

Lindley is also accused of overseeing a raid that took some £50,000 worth of property from the west London home of Chelsea FC legend Frank Lampard and his television presenter wife Christine. 

They also swiped £1m worth of goods from the home of late Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha.

Italian authorities also linked Lindley to a raid at Patrick Vieira’s home in 2009, Crystal Palace manager.

According to court documents, the BBC found that the 40-year old has a criminal history dating back to 1995 for frauds and burglaries under multiple names.

He has used at most 19 aliases over the past decade, including Ljubomir Romnov, Ljubomir Radovlejic, and Daniel Vukovic.

Tamara Ecclestone with her husband Jay Rutland

Frank and Christine Lampard

Tamara Ecclestone and Jay Rutland (left), and Frank and Christine Lampard 

These identities were linked to a range European cities such as Sarajevo, Milan and Zagreb.

According to the BBC, he appeared before a court in the Serb capital to face extradition to the UK on August 27, but this was denied and he is believed still to be in the city.

The Met stated that Lindley is wanted by the Met for questioning about a series of high value burglaries that were committed in December 2019, in the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea.

Jugoslav Jovanovic (24), Alessandro Maltese (45), and Alessandro Donati (44) are all Italian nationals who have admitted to taking part at the Ecclestone raid. They will be sentenced later in the month.

Jovanovic pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder money in an eleventh hour plea just before his trial was scheduled to begin.

He had pleaded guilty to the earlier charge of attempting to convert criminal properties, namely a quantity money’ at Harrods, on 14 December 2019.

All three were convicted of conspiring to burgle properties earlier this year at Isleworth Crown Court.

Ms. Ecclestone was on a skiing vacation with Jay Rutland, her husband, and her children at time of the raid on 12/12/2019

Italian authorities have also linked Lindley to a raid on the home of Patrick Vieira, now Crystal Palace manager, in 2009

Italian authorities also linked Lindley to a raid at Patrick Vieira’s home in 2009, Crystal Palace manager.

Her Kensington home was so large that security personnel didn’t even notice the thieves entering through the back yard.

The raids left the gang with a lot of money and they spent it all on their success in West End’s exclusive shops and restaurants.

Mr Cray earlier told the court: ‘These crimes were organised: the thieves did not just happen to find their way to the target houses by chance and they did not just steal and launder £26 million worth of property by luck.

“They struck these three houses in just thirteen days – between January and December last year, and by December 18, most of those involved had fled the country, almost certainly with the proceeds from the crimes.

The first raid took place at the home Lampard (43), a former Chelsea and England player who lives with Christine Lampard, TV presenter.

The raiders called the front doorbell on December 1 to verify that the celebrity couple was out.

They broke into the back yard and fled with watches and a clock, as well as a pair of cufflinks, when an alarm went off.

On December 10, the gang reached Mr Srivaddhanaprabha, Walton Place’s Knightsbridge residence.

The raid took place over a year after he died in a helicopter accident following a Leicester City game.

They broke in through patio doors and managed to force open a safe escaping with £1 million in property including watches and 400,000 in euros.

The gang moved to Ms Ecclestone’s home on December 13, 2013.

Mr Cray stated, “Once in a house, it is just so large that guards didn’t realise the burglars had entered and didn’t realize what was happening until the theft was underway.”

‘The men entered through the back yard without the knowledge of the security guards.

“Despite being disturbed by the guards at the end, they made their escape via a series taxis back to Orpington, and left behind two of their burner mobile phones.

Jovanovic, a resident of Italy, was taken into custody by armed officers after they stormed a villa on the coast near Rome last October.

He was extradited almost six months later to the UK on 2 April.

The raid on Ms Ecclestone's Kensington property was the biggest domestic burglary in English legal history

The Kensington property raid on Ms Ecclestone was the largest domestic burglary in English legal histories.  

Jovanovic, who has no fixed address, admitted to conspiring to burgle between 30 novembre 2019 and 30 February 2020 to convert criminal properties and (denied), conspiracy for money laundering between 30 noiembrie and 1 February 2020.

Maltese, Donati, and Donati both admitted to conspiring in burgle.

Maria Mester, 47-year-old Romanian sex worker, and her son Emile Bogdan Savastru (29 year old barman) were all cleared by a jury of conspiracy.

Daniel Vukovic, 40 (another alleged burglar), has never been caught. He is believed to be in Serbian Capital Belgrade.