A hairdresser has shared a skin-crawling video of a teenager with ‘more lice than hair’ as the parasites crawl through her long locks and onto her face and neck.

Rachel Maroun, 21, a Sydney-based head lice technician, was visited by a 13 year-old girl with long brunette hair who had been suffering from millions.

Ms Maroun was shocked by the severity of her case when she arrived. She showed Ms Maroun her hair, which had ‘hundreds’ of eggs buried and lice crawling all over it.   

Rachel Maroun, 21, from Sydney, Australia, works at a lice clinic and was left shocked when she had a 13-year-old girl come in who had 'more lice than hair strands'. As she was combing them, the lice were coming out in 'wads'

Rachel Maroun, 21, a Sydney, Australia native, works in a lice clinic. She was shocked to see a 13-year old girl with more lice than hair strands when she brought her. While she was combing them, the lice started to come out in ‘wads.

In the video, which she shared with her 1.7 million followers on TikTok, the large parasites can be seen crawling over her head, face and neck

The large parasites can be seen crawling all over her neck, head, and face in the video she shared with her TikTok followers of 1.7 million. 

Before starting the treatment, Ms Maroun, queries whether she'll have to shave the girl's hair because the infestation is so bad

Before starting the treatment, Ms Maroun, queries whether she’ll have to shave the girl’s hair because the infestation is so bad 

One shocked commenter on TikTok says about the girl's hair being 'alive' with parasites

One TikTok user shocked by the comment about the girl’s hair being ‘alive’ with parasites commented on TikTok 

The video was shared by her 1.7 million TikTok followers. In it, the hairdresser films the client’s hair, and asks if she will have to shave her long hair because of the infestation.

She wrote: “We have a huge treatment today so grab your hair nets, and let’s get in it.

So my first thought when a client calls me like this is “Oh my God.” This is a lot. 

“My other thought is, can we shave our hair?”

Giving viewers a closer look at the eggs and the lice, which are seen crawling around next to one another, Ms Maroun adds: ‘Sometimes we do shave hair but I didn’t want to do that to a 13-year-old girl with long hair.’  

The post, which has since racked up 74 million views, has shocked viewers to their core, with one commenter saying: ‘Her entire head is alive with them!’ 

Ms Maroun continued the treatment by stating that lice were having an absolute blast in her hair.

“I believe there were more lice than strands on her hair.

Ms Maroun, (Pictured Left) works at a lice clinic in Australia

The 13-year-old client (Pictured Right) was 'lice-free' after three appointments

Ms. Maroun (Pictured Left), who works in a lice clinic, was shocked to see a 13-year old client (Pictured Right), who had’more lice then hair strands’. However, after three appointments that took eight hours each, the child was cured.

“There was no space in her hair so they were crawling on her face and sucking blood out of her eyes.

You can also see the lice dropping onto the teen’s clothing and crawling all over her body.

The client remains calm and plays on her phone while Ms Maroun gets to work, combing through the hair and scooping out ‘massive wads’ of lice – which she proceeds to pop to kill, using a glass tumbler. 

The lice can also be found on the floor covering the shoes of the hairdresser while she works on her hair.

Finally, the child was free from lice after three appointments which took eight hours.

The hairdresser clarified that it was not a case of neglect – but that the child had special needs and ‘wasn’t able to communicate that she had lice until much later’.

The post became viral and was liked 8.8 million times. It was also viewed 74,000,000 times.

Hundreds of parasites were crawling onto the face of the teenager and 'drinking blood'

Hundreds upon hundreds of parasites crawled onto the teenage’s face, ‘drinking’ blood. 

Ms Maroun rolled a glass tumbler over the large parasites, once they were extracted from the client's hair, and 'popped' them to show the blood they were filled with from the girl's scalp

Ms Maroun rolled the large parasites in a glass tumbler once they were removed from the client’s hair. She then ‘popped’ them to show how much blood they had been contaminated with from the girl. 

One person commented, “Omg how can it get this bad tho. [sic]

Another user wrote, “My head hurts,”

Another person said: “Please, the fact that she’s just sitting here feeling them all crawl of him is beyond me.”

Another user wrote, “Oh nah, we gotta gobald,” [sic]

One person stated that ‘Whatever you get paid is not enough.

“How calm!” She has lice running all over her head! Another viewer was added. 

Another commentator said: “Christ this poor girl, her whole head is alive with them.” Glad that you were able help her. [sic]

Ms. Maroun admitted that the situation was ‘overwhelming’, but that she finds the satisfaction in seeing the final results is what makes her job worthwhile. 

Jam Press: “It’s really overwhelming because obviously, I am sympathetic towards poor child that’s in that situation,” she said.

“But it is the primary thing that motivates my to do a good work because I know it means that I can make a real difference.

Ms Maroun used a creamy solution in the girl's hair so the lice would lose grip from the hair strands and fall out into the comb

Ms. Maroun used cream in the girl’s hair to remove the lice from the hair strands. 

“I felt a lot of pressure to win that case. I understand that the lockdown severely limited the family’s ability to seek professional assistance.

“They were dealing to a case super lice and the client wouldn’t let her parents do it because she was suffering from over-stimulation. They left it all up for me.

It’s very rare to have such severe cases, but it’s still shocking when it happens. I was shocked that someone could have them for so many years and still be able to accept it.

Ms Maroun stated that the treatment was so effective that the young girl couldn’t stop smiling and touching her head. She described it as an “indescribable relief”.

She stated, “Seeing her scalp was a landmark moment, but seeing her long locks completely clear was what made it so worthwhile.”

Seven facts about head lice 

1. Head lice cannot fly, jump, or swim.

2. Head lice infestations are caused by direct head-to–head contact. Head lice can only be contracted by direct head-to-head contact. The environment accounts for less than 2 percent of head lice cases.

3. An adult female louse can lay more than 100 eggs in her lifetime, which is on average 30 days.

4. Head lice live only on the human head. They do not live on pets, bodies or stuffed toys.

5. Head lice infestations are not a sign of poor hygiene. Having clean hair or dirty hair doesn’t influence if you get lice, it’s just bad luck!

6. If lice is infected in one person, it is likely that others will be infected.

7. Head lice are not dangerous. They are not dangerous and they don’t spread any diseases.

Source: Lice Clinics of Australia