After being filmed holding an assault victim in headlock, a West Yorkshire officer was caught shouting ‘chillout or I’ll choke out’.

  • West Yorkshire officer PC Graham Kanes to face misconduct trial  this month 
  • A viral social media video showed an officer taking down a Halifax man. 
  • PC Kanes shouted “chill out, or I’ll choke out” while arresting a male suspect
  • He is expected to answer the charges of using force ‘not reasonable’ or necessary. 

An officer of the police who shouted “chillout or I’ll choke your out” when arresting a suspect was named in advance of a hearing.

The PC Graham Kanes bosses are set to confront him later in the month. They will address allegations that the force he used last summer to restrain a Halifax, West Yorkshire man was “not reasonable, necessary and proportionate”. 

In addition to misconduct allegations, the police officer will answer for comments that were made under unprofessional or unreasonable circumstances. 

PC Kanes has also been accused of lying about his incident. He claimed that the victim had punched Kanes on August 16, 2020.  

In footage that was widely circulated across social media at the time, the officer pushes the man up against a car in Halifax, West Yorkshire, before pulling him to the ground while arresting him on suspicion of assault. 

Films showed him waving his right hand over his throat while being arrested. PC Kanes, however, appeared to be trying to hit the man during the incident shouting: “Chill Out or I’ll choke out!” Or you will go to sleep, chill out. Chill out, chill out.’

PC Graham Kanes is set to face a bosses later this month and will answer allegations that the force he used to restrain a man in Halifax, West Yorkshire last summer was 'not reasonable, necessary or proportionate'.

Later this month, PC Graham Kanes will face his bosses. He will respond to allegations that the force used last summer to hold a Halifax man captive was not reasonable, necessary, or proportionate. 

This footage was taken just months after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. The officer pulled up his marked police vehicle to arrest Floyd for suspected assault.

As he demanded, “Look!” he was captured throwing the man in black cycling shorts into the back seat of the van. Was that what I did?

PC Kanes then appeared, grabbed the man’s neck and wrestled it to the ground using a zebra crossing. After that, they placed him in an arm lock.

As a colleague moved in to help with the arrest, the officer could be heard saying to the man: “Child out, or I’ll choke you out.” The officer reported that the man shouted, “I can’t breathe.” I give up, I give up’.

Two officers wearing yellow high vis vests could be seen kneeling down on the victim before one of them shouted: “Turn around.” You must turn. Turn over. 

After that, the officer flipped him over on his stomach. While radioing back for assistance, both officers pinned the man’s arms behind their backs and placed his hands on his shoulders. 

After the video was posted on social media, detectives stated that they were urgently investigating the matter and that the officer had been relieved of his operational duties. They also voluntary referred the incident the Independent Office of Police Conduct.

The West Yorkshire Police may consider dismissing PC Kanes because of the seriousness of the misconduct allegations.

One of the officers shouted: 'Chill out or I'll choke you out. Chill out, or you're going to sleep'

One of the officers shouted “Chill Out or I’ll Choke You Out!” You’re going into sleep if you don’t chill out.

The force stated that PC Kanes faces three misconduct allegations.

Two, telling the male officer that he would choke him was unprofessional.

Three, your statement that the male “punched you” was inaccurate and not truthful.  

“The following is an allegation: Gross misconduct. It is serious enough to warrant dismissal. 

PC Kanes is scheduled to face his misconduct hearing over four days that begins November 15.