Freemason and City of London firearms officers shot their daughter’s boyfriend to death after blasting him with shotgun twice. Police heard that the victim told him he was only trying to fear him. 

David Hucker fired two shots from his legally held 12-bore Beretta into Robert Williamson’s chest on May 11 this year, in an incident recorded on a 999 call. 

Following a dispute between Hucker (who was engaged to Samantha Hucker) and Mr Williamson over plans for selling the Dartford property where they had been living due to financial difficulties, the shooting took place.  

The court heard Mr Williamson had a cocaine habit wracking up costs of £1,000 per week and had lost his construction and demolition job during the pandemic, forcing the couple to sell their nome in nearby Northfleet, Kent. 

The pair had moved into Hucker’s terraced home which was bought for him by his daughter so he could continue living there after he divorced in 2018.

After a heated argument, Mr Williamson had been moving in to the property and he then was gunned down.

Firearms instructor David Hucker (pictured left) fatally shot his daughter's fiancé Robert Williamson (pictured right) after being told his home was to be sold, a murder trial heard

Firearms instructor David Hucker (pictured left) fatally shot his daughter’s fiancé Robert Williamson (pictured right) after being told his home was to be sold, a murder trial heard

Hucker helped Mr Williamson join the Freemasons, giving his blessing and the permission to adopt the family name.  

Williamson, who was calling the emergency service when Hucker shot his 12-bore Beretta legally owned at close range in his chest and into his ribs, fired it from his phone.

The pensioner then shot the 43-year old in the head and neck, causing severe injuries and defenseless. He also damaged his larynx.

Maidstone Crown Court (Kent) was advised that the shots were separated by 16 seconds and that the incident had been recorded by Mr Williamson’s 911 call.

Mr Williamson’s screams and shouts of ‘He just shot me in the f***ing chest’ could be heard by the operator as she tried to connect him.

Hucker, a keen shooting enthusiast for 30 years, could then be heard telling a stricken Mr Williamson ‘I f***ing warned ya’ before the sound of the second shot was captured. 

According to Nicholas Corsellis, QC, Hucker was alleged to have followed Williamson upstairs and loaded his high-performance cartridges with the gun. Then, he took off the safety catch in order to “make sure it was ready for fire”.

A ‘cowering Mr Williamson was then killed by the pensioner in Dartford, Kent just after noon on May 11.

According to some, Mr Williamson was’mortally injured’ by the first shot of the double-barrel, “over and under” double-barrel pistol. The second, however, would have rendered him speechless and causing his death ‘almost instantly’. 

The court heard the pensioner shot a 'cowering' Mr Williamson, who was unarmed, in a bedroom at Hucker's terraced home in Dartford, Kent. Pictured: the scene in May last year

A court was told that the elderly man shot and killed a Mr Williamson (unarmed) in a room at Hucker’s Dartford, Kent, terraced home. This is the May scene last year.

Mr Corsellis said at the start of Hucker’s trial: ‘Standing over Mr Williamson was the defendant and on the phone he can be heard to say after that second shot ‘I f***ing warned ya’, and then finishing off with ‘F*** ya’.

“The Crown indicates that these words speak for themselves. These words reflect that defendant was angry and killed his partner’s daughter, whom he considered his son-in law.

It is alleged Hucker ‘lost the plot’ after Mr Williamson revealed they planned to sell the terraced property and told him to ‘f*** off out the house’.   

Both men described themselves as “Alpha males” and Hucker stated that they have had a difficult relationship. Williamson was then forced to disclose the house sales plans. Miss Hucker then confirmed the information in a telephone call to her father.

According to Mr Corsellis, Hucker was faced with the prospect of losing his house and his shotgun license as a result. He then shot him twice ‘quite intentionally’ 

He described the incident as “dynamic” and told the jury that it was the Crown’s case the defendant intended to murder Mr Williamson.

“He was so upset by Mr Williamson’s telling him to leave his home, that he arm himself with his gun and loaded it.

“He chased Williamson up the stairs and then took off safety. When Mr Williamson called the police, and faced the possibility of not being able to pursue his shooting passion, Williamson shot Williamson two times.

Pictured: Floral tributes left at the terraced property in Dartford Kent in May last year

Pictured is a floral tribute left at Dartford Kent’s terraced home in May 2013.

Later, however, Williamson denied that any intent was to harm or murder him, and claimed that he only wanted to scare Williamson by firing his gun towards the ceiling.

A jury was also informed that Hucker made comments in the past about the murder of his son-in law, which were heard by the jury during the hour leading to the crime.

In an agitated state, he was said to have told his daughter in a phone call ‘I will kill him before he moves in here’, while a neighbour overheard him saying ‘I’m going to shoot the f***ing c**t’.

According to police, Barry Palmer, Hucker’s neighbor next door told them that Hucker told him many times that a shotgun could sort out Mr Williamson if he became too talkative in months before the shooting.

Prosecution claimed that Mr Williamson would be ‘cowering away” from Hucker at the time he was shot.  

Kent Online said that Williamson left the ‘roared-off’ after getting in a knot with a flynet while enjoying a bacon and egg breakfast with Hucker. 

He returned later with hair that was wet and something that looked like talcum powder. A second row followed, according to court hearings.   

David Hucker denies murder and is standing trial at Maidstone Crown Court (pictured)

David Hucker has denied murdering his wife and is on trial at Maidstone Crown Court.

In the 999 call, which was played in court, Hucker could also be heard telling the operator ‘I just shot him, two barrels’, adding ‘He told me to f*** off out of my own house’.

He said that the remark was made by ‘the Red Touch Paper’. When questioned by police, he took out his pen and began to climb stairs.

He admitted that he was a person who “will test to extreme” and said it had gotten out of control.

Hucker stated to police that the situation was “out of control” and that his instinct led him to fire the gun twice.

He claimed that he only had the gun to “put a shot into the ceiling” and that the initial discharge was an accident. 

Hucker denies murder. The trial is continuing.