He did write The Tempest! A stunned mother spots William Shakespeare in a cloud as she photographs lightning.

  • Shaquira Hobbys took the photo of an unusual cloud in Booragul (New South Wales).
  • The clouds had formed into a shape which bore a resemblance to Shakespeare
  • The Aussie said she thought she might have been imagining things at first 
  • Her photographs show that Bill is shaped by the cloud. 

As she gazed up at the dark sky, a woman in New South Wales was stunned to see a cloud formation that resembled William Shakespeare. 

Mother-of-one Shaquira Hobbs managed to photograph the incredible sight outside her home in Booragul in NSW’s Lake Macquarie region on November 21.

Amazing shot of a cloud with his nose, forehead and eyes outlined in grey.

Shaquira Hobbs managed to photograph the shape of a man's face outlined in the clouds above her backyard in Booragul, NSW on Sunday, with social media users commenting that it looked like Shakespeare

Shaquira Hobbys was able to capture the outline of a male face in the clouds high above Booragul in NSW. It was captured by Shaquira Hobbs on Sunday. Many social media users commented it looked like Shakespeare.

Ms. Hobbs was about to take lightning shots from her veranda at home on November 21 when she noticed a greyish cloud and turned around. 

She took the photo with her smartphone of what she believed was a side profile photograph of a man. Excited viewers pointed out that it looked just like Bard.

Daily Mail Australia spoke to Ms Hobbs who said that the phenomenon last for approximately 45 seconds.

She laughed and said, “I found it amazing. But I needed to see my partner because I was also seeing things.” 

According to her, she had been trying to get some photos of lightning with the professional camera when she noticed this unusual cloud formation. The image was sent to her mother who was stunned.

Shaquira stated that Mum was stunned and said, “You need to send this to all news channels.”

“Mum still talks about it.”

A mum was left 'creeped out' when she spotted William Shakespeare peering down from a storm cloud - and the incredibly detailed face even appears to sport his signature goatee

One mum found William Shakespeare looking down through a storm cloud and was left “creeping out” by her son. The incredibly detailed look even has his trademark goatee.

She said, “It happened so fast that I didn’t have time to move about so I grabbed my smartphone quickly instead.”

“It is truly frightening how detailed it is.

Ms Hobbs instantly sent the image to her mother. She then inspected the shot together with her partner.

Since then, the incredible picture has gone viral on social media. Many users commented that the cloud formation reminded them of great playwrights.