Police tell homeowners to ‘tone down their charity Halloween display’ in case of mannequin decapitation.

  • The Flower family is well-known in Rothley, Leicestershire, for their large house displays
  • Jo, 37-year-old, and Rob (48 year old) put on a truly frightening scene for Halloween 
  • Police told them to “tone it down” after they said they had received a tip-off
  • The couple has a long tradition of marking holidays or other events with their displays. They also said that they get great feedback from other families in the region.
  • Jo’s mom died in 2018 from cancer. Jo underwent a hysterectomy only two weeks ago. The family is now raising funds to support Cancer Research.

A couple from Leicestershire had their Halloween display so scary that the police requested that they remove any decorations that could cause ‘offence.

Jo Flower, 37, and Rob, 48, are well-known in Rothley for their bold decorations at events.

They transform their front yard into amazing scenes for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. But the Leicestershire police felt that this year’s efforts were too much. 

The couple are raising money to support charity. However, police officers asked them to tone it down despite the decorations in their home.   

Jo stated that ‘we do it every year except for last year and we never have any issues’.

“We’ve had amazing feedback this past year – children come to visit us to buy sweets, and nurseries have come along for pictures. 

“We have nephews and nieces that love it too.” 

They regularly transform the front of their house into incredible scenes for occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween, and this year introduced several blow-up scary figures along with various mannequins arranged in a series of spooky positions

They often transform the front of their home into spectacular scenes for special occasions like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and this year they added several blow-up scary figures to the mix with various mannequins that were arranged in a variety of spooky positions.

The decorations went too far this year in the eyes of Leicestershire police who told Jo to 'tone down' the display. Jo meanwhile objected to the police's request, pointing out that her decorations were standing on her property and had received great feedback from the community

The decorations were too extravagant for Leicestershire police this year, who ordered Jo to tone down the display. Jo, however, refused to comply with the police’s request. Jo pointed out that her decorations had been placed on her property. The community had given her great feedback.

Jo objected against the police’s request by pointing out that her decorations were on her property and had received great feedback in the community.  

Jo said that officers claimed they received an anonymous tip-off from someone and asked them to take it down. However, it was in their front yard. 

Jo stated that Jo was wrong and that the police believed some of the decorations could offend people in the community. 

She said, “I don’t understand why it would be a problem, but police did mention that one of the headless Mannequins could cause offence.” 

Jo even stated that her neighbours had been asking about when the next display would go up. This was because Jo and her husband’s commitment to remembering important events had been broken by the pandemic.  

This display in the Flower family's front garden attracted the disapproval of the police who said that the mannequin with the severed head 'could cause offence'. The Flowers had arranged several mannequins in spooky positions, and even hanged one from a wooden beam with fairy lights

The police disapproved of the display in the Flower family’s front yard and said that the mannequin’s severed head ‘could be offensive’. The Flowers had placed several mannequins into spooky positions and even suspended one from a wooden beam lit with fairy lights.

Flowers have been decorating their homes to celebrate holidays and special occasions for years.

After two bouts with cancer in the family, Jo and Rob decided this year to raise money in conjunction with the display. 

Jo was told by her doctor that he had precancerous tumors in her uterus. He underwent a hysterectomy just two weeks prior. 

The mother-of-2 said that despite recent surgery, she was doing well and was given the all-clear just two days before Halloween. 

After her mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, she died.

Jo said, “We decided this year that we would raise funds for Cancer Research and raise awareness.” 

A fundraising page created by Jo and Rob has raised over £320 so far. 

It was a horrible hangover! After braving the cold, Halloween revellers wake up dreadfully and head for the pubs and clubs across the UK. 

Halloween party-goers dressed up in their spookiest outfits on Saturday night as they braved the cold weather to hit their favourite hit pubs, bars and clubs up and down Britain.

Leeds Revellers were especially in the mood for fancy dresses last night. Pictures taken overnight show a variety extravagant costumes including angels, devils, playboy bunnies and superheroes as well brides and other fantastic characters.

Not to be outdone: The streets of London and Newcastle upon Tyne, Wigan, Wigan, and Birmingham were filled with people dressed up in spooky costumes to match the scenes in northeast.

LEEDS: Two friends walk down the streets of Leeds on Saturday night as people up and down the country celebrate Halloween, despite the threat of rain and dropping temperatures

LEEDS: Two of our friends walk down the streets in Leeds on Saturday night while people across the country celebrate Halloween, despite the risk of rain and falling temperatures

A group of friends are pictured wearing bright coloured corsets paired with shorts and tights, paired with bloody cleavers. One of the girls hilariously brought out a plastic hoover to go with her costume (Pictured)

A group of friends were photographed wearing brightly colored corsets paired alongside shorts and tights. They were paired with bloody, cleaver-wielding cleavers. One of the girls hilariously brought a plastic hoover with her costume.

As daylight savings time ended, party-goers were able enjoy an additional hour of Halloween fun over the night. The clocks also reset an hour at 2am.

Revellers braved the 44F last night in Leeds and dressed to impress whilst attending their favourite pubs and clubs.

It’s been more than a year since the Covid-19 pandemic where social interactions with other people were restricted, and many took to the streets to celebrate Halloween eve with a night on the town. 

Many revellers across the UK were likely tamed by windy and wet journeys home. The Met Office warned that strong gusts from the west would cause a ‘wild start to Sunday’ with winds of 70mph during the first week in November.