Huey Haha, a popular TikTok comedian and rising comedian, has died at 22. A friend shared the news via his Instagram page.   

Huey Ha was a comedian whose sketches had been viewed more than 4.5 Million times on TikTok. His YouTube channel had almost 450,000 subscribers.

Cody Jdn, his friend, posted the news of his death on Instagram Wednesday. A GoFundMe page was also set up. 

The Stockton comic, California-based Heather Saizon, has left behind Princess Ha, a two-year old daughter he shared with her. 

His cause of death wasn’t revealed, and his TikTok page was shut down.

Rising TikTok star and comedian Huey Haha passed away at the age of 22 on Monday

Huey Haha, Rising TikTok comedian and star, died Monday at the age 22

His death had been announced on Wednesday through Instagram with the cause still unknown

His death was announced on Wednesday via Instagram, although the cause is still unknown

Haha’s Instagram tribute was posted to his personal page, along with a picture from the GoFundMe page that Jdn had organized. 

The post said, “Rest in Peace to Huey Ha.” “Huey Ha died October 25, 2021.”

“He loved and valued every one of his fans.

‘This is his official gofundme, all proceeds will go to his funeral costs and for his daughter.

As of Thursday morning the page had raised $32,880 more than its $15,000 goal. 

“Used too say RIP, but this hurts us the most, because comedy is what people see, not what they hadda do or experience,” Haha’s friend Jdn wrote on Instagram. 

“They took the fun out of comedy, but it’s not the same without them.” We love you brother. See you in the future.

Haha was paid in tribute by his friend Cody Jdn (left) who had organized a GoFundMe page for the late comedian

Cody Jdn (left), his friend, paid tribute to Haha. He had set up a GoFundMe page in memory of the comedian.

The Go Fund Me page was organized to raise funds for Haha's funeral and two-year-old daughter Princess

The Go Fund Me page was set up to raise funds to pay for Haha’s funeral and Princess’s two-year old daughter.

His tribute to comedy, and representations of the Asian American community, were praised by his friends as well as his fans.

He had posted his content to social media platforms like TikTok, which was taken down, as well as YouTube.

He had more than 100,000,000 views on YouTube and 4.5 Million on his TikTok account for his short situational comedy skits. 

Haha posted photos with Heather, his mother, and Princess Ha, which he said was a comedy routine. 

Haha had even talked about being a dad, which was featured on Jdn’s tribute post.

Haha was survived by his daughter princess who he shared with former girlfriend Heather Saizon

Haha was survived his daughter princess, who he shared in the death with his ex-girlfriend Heather Saizon

Haha, he said, “It’s just great dude. Like, I just love that so much.”

“I love it when my daughter comes home and then I come home and she just runs to the front door and she screams, “ahhh!” She then runs around in circles and comes back to me and hugs me.

“It’s the best feeling, bro. You can’t really understand fatherhood until you are there. It’s true.

In the Instagram tribute, a few celebrities and social media users paid tribute to Haha. 

Hamilton Daveed Diggs and other celebrities had expressed their regrets by saying, “So sorry bro,” while Mozzy, a California-based rapper, announced that he wanted funds for Haha’s funeral.         

Haha’s Instagram page was also visited by other fans and users.

‘Damn bro. Wish I could have got back to you, yo videos gone on #GOAT,’ @babyyungin commented.

‘Omg Huey I am so, so sad you’re gone. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to film and meet before you died. Your legacy will continue to live on,’ @mitchellnikole stated.

“Nooooooooooooo!” Rest in Peace, my little homie. @berner415 commented, “Sending love to my lil homie. 

Social media users paid tribute to the comic in the comments section of his Instagram page

In the comments section of his Instagram account, social media users paid tribute.