Prince Harry and Meghan markle have made it clear that Archewell will net zero by 2030. This comes hours after the Queen did not mention her grandson in her Cop26 speech.

The Duke and Duchess are currently living in a $14 million California mansion. They shared a mission statement today on the Archewell foundation website. 

According to the website, the couple will work together with an “independent consultant to track every Archewell-related activity” from inception to a “understand our collective footprint”. 

It comes just hours after the Queen neglected to mention Prince Harry, as she used her powerful pleas to world leaders about the climate crisis to praise Prince Philip. She also gush over Prince Charles (and Prince William) for carrying on her late husband’s work to save ‘our fragile planet. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have pledged to go net zero by 2030, hours after the Queen didn't mention her grandson the Duke in her intensely personal Cop26 speech

Hours after the Queen did not mention her grandson, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle pledged to net zero by 2030.

The Queen praised William and Charles - but not Harry - as she urged world leaders to 'earn a place in history' and 'to rise above the politics of the moment in her address to leaders at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow last night

The Queen praised Charles, but not Harry, as she encouraged world leaders to earn a spot in history’ and to ‘rise above the politics of this moment’ in her address last night to leaders at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Today, the Duke & Duchess commented on Archewell. ‘As global leaders meet for COP26, to commit to solutions for climate crisis, Archewell, led By The Duke & Duchess, shares our pledge towards a better future by becoming Net Zero by 2030.

“Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess and of Sussex, are co-founders. They have a long-standing commitment for the planet, both before and after their union. There are many global projects and partnerships that date back more than a decade.

‘Nearly every activity in daily life results in the release of carbon into the atmosphere, and the sum total of those emissions is considered our ‘carbon footprint.’ Here are some examples of what is part of that footprint:

“While we have taken active steps to offset and balance the carbon footprint, now with the support of partner organizations, we all know that we can do better. We can achieve net zero, and we are pledging to do so.

The monarch, who was speaking via video, also paid tribute to Prince Philip and described how ' the impact of the environment on human progress' was a subject close to the heart of her 'dear late husband' as Charles, Camilla, William and Kate poignantly watched on the screen (top right of picture)

The monarch spoke via video and also paid tribute to Prince Philip. She described how ‘the impact of the environment upon human progress’ was a topic close to her heart as Charles, Camilla and William watched with poignant interest on the screen (top left of picture).

Charles also recently spoke of his pride for William's work on the environment but made no mention of Harry who quit royal duties and Britain in 2020 to move to California with Megha

Charles also spoke recently of his pride in William’s environmental work, but did not mention Harry, who resigned from royal duties and Britain in 2020 to make the move to California with Megha

Archewell, a young company, joins our co-founders today in committing to net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

“To achieve net zero carbon emission, one must make a number of choices over time to minimize that footprint while compensating for any remaining carbon emissions with high-quality carbon reduction projects.

“As an organization, I will work with an independent consultant in order to track all Archewell activities starting at our inception (internet usage, commutes, electricity in home offices, etc.) to understand our collective footprint. They will use 2022 as the baseline year to develop a plan for Archewell, which aligns with leading organizations like the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Science-Based Targets initiative. The plan will offset remaining emissions until we reach net zero in 2030.

“As we start this endeavor, we will leverage Travalyst’s expertise and Ethic’s sustainable investing platform Ethic to focus our investments in support for a low-carbon economy.

‘We hope that you’ll join us. ‘

The statement was made hours after the Queen refused mention of her grandson in a deeply personal speech to the Cop26 conference. 

Royal watchers say that the decision not to namecheck her environmentalist grandson while addressing the COP26 conference last night was a glaring error because the Duke of Sussex (and his wife Meghan) are so vocal about green issues.

In a pre-recorded message for delegates in Glasgow last night, Her Majesty spoke with unusual candour of her pride in her family and their stance on the environment – from ‘my dear late husband’, the Duke of Edinburgh, to her son the Prince of Wales and grandson the Duke of Cambridge.

The Queen said that Charles, his eldest and William were the most important people in my husband’s efforts to help protect the fragile planet. They are my pride and joy.

She included a poignant nod to her advancing years, saying many involved in the Glasgow summit – including herself – would not see the fruits of their actions, adding: ‘None of us will live for ever.’ She stressed that she was doing this not for herself, but for her children and their children’s children as well as those who will follow their footsteps.

She spoke highly of her grandson and son just days after Prince Charles spoke affectionately about William. He also failed to mention Harry.

His relationship with his British family is still strained by repeated US potshots. Prince Harry and Meghan have been vocal about the need to take action on climate change, but they have yet to make a statement when politicians and business leaders gather together in Glasgow to strike a deal. 

The couple were also criticized for using private jets and for supporting Wall Street funds that invest in oil and natural gas.  

Harry declared that it was ‘pretty sad’ that children were growing-up in a world where their country was ‘either on flame or underwater’. He emphasized that climate change must be addressed ‘at the source. 

Oprah Winfrey interviewed the Duke about his AppleTV show. He stated that ‘I know lots people out there are trying to fix these issues – but that whole analogy is of walking into a bathroom with a mop if the bath is too full, rather than turning the tap off’.