Terrifying moment: A father runs over his son, aged one, with his pick up truck. He is just inches away from running him over by the time drivers sound their horns.

  • One-year old narrowly avoids being hit by pick-up truck driver father
  • Silvio Araujo (35), drove out of his garage, not realizing that his son had followed him.
  • Footage shows Mr Araujo bringing his car to a sudden halt just inches from son

This is the moment that a toddler narrowly avoids being hit by his father.

Silvio Araujo, 35, from Arapiraca in Brazil, was reversing his white pick-up truck out of his garage when his one-year-old son, Arthur, came running out in front of him. 

CCTV footage from October 23 shows a child running in front and being dwarfed by the vehicle’s high bonnet.

Mr Araujo, who can’t see the little boy, steps forward and knocks his child over onto the street.

A one-year-old boy, named Arthur (Pictured Right) narrowly avoids being knocked over by his father Silvio Araujo, 35, driving a pick-up truck in Arapiraca, Brazil. Pictured left is Arthur with his mother

One-year old Arthur (Pictured Left) narrowly avoids being hit by Silvio Araujo (35), while driving a pick-up truck through Arapiraca in Brazil. Pictured left is Arthur and his mother

The heart-wrenching CCTV, caught on October 23, has now gone viral, and shows the one-year-old being struck by the pick-up truck

The heartbreaking CCTV captured on October 23 has now gone viral. It shows the one-year old being struck by the pick up truck.

Mr Araujo is alerted by other drivers who get out of their car's and beep their horns to not pull forward, and thankfully he comes to an emergency stop. Luckily, Arthur only suffered a mere scratch to the knee and did not need medical attention

Other drivers alert Mr Araujo by getting out of their cars and beeping their horns to stop them from pulling forward. Fortunately, he comes to a complete halt. Arthur was able to walk away with only minor injuries to his knees.

The footage shows Mr Araujo braking suddenly as another car pulls in front. The driver jumps out. 

The pick-up stops inches from Arthur, who scrambles up and down the road. After that, Mr Araujo thanked the other drivers who alerted his by sounding their horns.

The father was relieved to say that he didn’t notice his son because of the height of his truck.  

After the child fell on the roadway, his mother picked him up and ran out of the house with his seven-year-old sister. 

Mr Araujo (Left) is pictured with his beloved one-year-old son and says 'the people who honked their horns are the true heroes'

Mr Araujo (Left), is seen with his beloved son, aged one. He said that the true heroes are those who honk their horns.

and his wife Mr Araujo

As Mr Araujo holds hands with his wife, he says that the frightening ordeal was a wake up call that you must always take the utmost care

Miraculously, he only had a scratched knee. He did not require medical attention.

Mr Araujo told news portal G1: ‘Gratitude to God and to the people who honked their horns. They are angels disguised in men, true heroes. 

The footage was shared by the family as a warning to other parents and went viral in a matter of days. 

Mr Araujo added: ‘It was an alert for other people who have children at home, pets too, that you take utmost care.’