After he described his role as Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence to being Princess Anne’s substitute, he left the crowd stunned.

The 67-year-old attended the Founder’s Day Parade at Royal Hospital Chelsea yesterday while the Princess Royal carried out two other engagements – a reception at Kensington Palace for Save The Children in the afternoon and a Royal Society Club Dinner in the evening. 

In rare public speeches, he joked that asking him to be his wife for an event such as this was akin to asking Mrs Harry Kane to take the England soccer team to victory.

“Or to possibly take a punishment for England, as her husband did the evening before.” 

Sir Tim Laurence left a crowd in stitches yesterday after he compared standing in for his wife Princess Anne to 'Mrs Harry Kane leading the England football team out'

After comparing his role as Princess Anne’s substitute to that of ‘Mrs Harry Kane taking the England football team out,’ Sir Tim Laurence made a huge impression yesterday. 

The 67-year-old, pictured with his wife at Trooping the Colour, made a series of jokes as he made the rare public speech

Pictured with his wife, the 67 year-old made several jokes during the rare public speech.

“I don’t even know Mrs Kane and she might have a strong right foot. But in any event, I’m certain she would do her best and so will you.” 

Then he admitted that he loves Tottenham Hotspur. He added, “I know it’s quite dangerous for me to mention that down in Chelsea. So I might need an escort when leaving.”

The words of Sir Tim left both royal watchers and those who attended the event stunned.

Victoria Arbiter (royal expert) tweeted that he received a dry, very witty opening from Mrs Princess Anne AKA Vice Admiral Si Timothy Laurence… He has a tremendous sense of humor.

Sir Timothy's words left royal watchers online and attendees at the event in stitches

Royal watchers on the internet and event attendees were moved by Sir Timothy’s words.

Harry Kane is married to Katie. 

Behind every good man is a great woman, Harry Kane's wife Katie Kane (nee Goodland) perhaps knows him better than anyone, for the pair first met at school and got engaged in 2017

Harry Kane’s wife Katie Kane (nee Goodland), may know him better than anybody. The couple first met in school, and they got married in 2017.

Harry Kane’s spouse Katie Kane (nee Goodland), knows Harry Kane better than anyone. They first met at school in 2017 and were engaged in 2017.

Katie was also the mother to Ivy, the first child of the couple. She has welcomed Louis and Vivienne since then.

Katie has avoided the limelight as the wife and captain.


Other people were just as amused and wrote: “He seems very nice, very funny,” while another said: “So cute.”

One Twitter user added: “This what we need!” Additional air time for other members. They’re genuine, funny & sincere in their love of supporting HMTQ whilst highlighting brilliant charities that otherwise might not get traction. You did Mrs Royal proud, Mr Royal.

Another commenter was also very impressed and said, “How adorable! And how humourous!” 

An annual Founder’s Day celebrates King Charles II’s founding of Royal Hospital in 1681. 

This famous London hospital houses 300 former military personnel who have served their country during some of the most deadly conflicts around the globe.

Many spectators line the streets and watch. It has been a regular event since 1692 when the Royal Hospital was established. 

It is regularly attended by members of the Royal Family- one person usually goes to the ceremony every year.

Oak Apple Day is another name for the day. It commemorates future King Charles II’s escape from Parliamentary forces in 1651 at the Battle of Worcester.

Chelsea Pensioners have oak leaves on their scarlet unis to remember Charles II. Charles II’s statue is draped in the same decoration.

Anne is known for her support from Sir Tim and she often goes with him to his royal duties. 

The 67-year old went with her to Australia and Papua New Guinea recently.

The Queen rewarded his dedication to the work of her by allowing him to sit on the Platinum Jubilee balcony alongside his wife and other royals, even though he’s not working.

Founder's Day is an event attended by all of the Chelsea Pensioners and a highlight of its calendar, it celebrates the founding of the Royal Hospital by King Charles II and is regularly attended by members of the Royal Family- one person usually goes to the ceremony every year. This year it was Sir Timothy who is pictured here speaking to the Chelsea Pensioners

Founder’s Day is a Chelsea Pensioner event that is always attended. This celebration celebrates the foundation of King Charles II’s Royal Hospital. Members of the Royal Family usually attend the ceremony each year. The Chelsea Pensioners were greeted by Sir Timothy this year. 

General attendance of the day, also called Oak Apple Day, is not possible and strictly by invitation only. Pictured is Sir Timothy Laurence speaking to members of the Chelsea Pensioners

Oak Apple Day is not open to the general public and can be only attended by members of the Chelsea Pensioners. Pictured Sir Timothy Laurence talking to Chelsea Pensioners 

Chelsea Pensioners, here saluting Sir Timothy, wear oak leaves on their scarlet uniforms to commemorate him and the statue of Charles II in the centre of figure court is also draped with the same decoration for the occasion

Chelsea Pensioners saluting Sir Timothy wear oak leaves on scarlet uniforms in memory of him. The statue of Charles II at the centre of the figure court is also decorated with this decoration.

He joined Princess Anne to lead the Epsom race royals last weekend, on the third and final day of the Platinum Jubilee. 

In her comfortable clothes, Zara Tindall showed this afternoon that the Queen was at home watching the Epsom Derby Day from her sofa. Princess Anne was there to support the monarch and her family.

While the Princess Royal was enjoying the Derby Day racing, Epsom Racecourse was full of smiles as she joined her family to cheer on Her Majesty Queen.

From the stands, Princess Anne was accompanied by her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence. Zara Tindall was with Mike and Zara was with Mike. Peter Phillips was also there, together with Lindsay Wallace (the daughter of an oil tycoon).

Every year the visitors book is prepared with the Royal Coat of Arms ready for the member of the Royal Family attending to sign as the Chelsea Pensioners celebrate the day

The visitors book, which is kept up to date with all the Royal Coat of Arms details for any member of the Royal Family who attends the Chelsea Pensioners celebrations of the day, is always prepared.

Speaking at the major sporting event, Zara Tindall, the Queen’s granddaughter, spoke of Her Majesty: ‘She will be watching on the TV – she has a few runners today dotted around the country, so she knows exactly what’s going on.

She’ll be watching TV on her sofa. She will wear her most comfortable clothing.

Zara replied to Zara when she was asked about the procession of royals through the guard of honour made up of 40 past and current jockeys. It was great to see all the faces. They tried to blend back in with the colors, even the old ones. It was hilarious!

Tim Laurence, from left, Princess Anne, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Louis, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince William on the balcony of Buckingham Palace

Tim Laurence from left: Princess Anne and Camilla, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Louis, Prince Louis, Kate Duchess, Prince Louis, Prince Louis. Prince George, Prince William, Prince George, Prince George, Prince George, Prince George, Prince Charles.

Meanwhile Tim joined Princess Anne the Cazoo Derby Festival 2022 at Epsom Racecourse, Surrey last weekend

Meanwhile Tim joined Princess Anne the Cazoo Derby Festival 2022 at Epsom Racecourse, Surrey last weekend 

The Princess Royal, pictured centre next to her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, right, watches the Cazoo Derby race at Epsom

The couple stood in the Royal Box with other members of the family including Zara Phillips, in blue behind Princess Anne, cenre

Pictured right is the Princess Royal with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence.

Princess Anne stands beside winning horse owner Saeed Suhail, right, after jockey Richard Kingscote and horse Desert Crown won the Cazoo Derby race at Epsom

After jockey Richard Kingscote’s win with Desert Crown at Epsom, Princess Anne stood beside Saeed, the winner horse owner, to show her support.

“Obviously we love her!” [The Queen]To be here. It’s nice to have you here. Epsom has never felt like home to me before. It’s exciting. It’s exciting.

According to reports, the monarch is reportedly ‘fine’ after Friday’s announcement that she would be withdrawing from one of her favorite events. She watched this afternoon’s Epsom Derby Day live on TV at Windsor Castle.

To follow the action at home, Her Majesty was sent a souvenir card.

Anne, Princess Royal (representing Queen Elizabeth in her absence) arrived shortly before 1pm at Epsom along with her husband, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence.