Arizona’s Capitol was occupied by pro-abortion demonstrators Friday night. Riot cops had to use tear gas to expel the crowd following Roe v. Wade. 

According to lawmakers, they had to finish their session in 2022.  

KPHO-TV reports that officers opened fire after several protestors against abortion banged on the glass doors.

After Friday’s decision, Arizona was one of eight states in which abortion clinics have stopped offering procedures.

This is because Friday’s Supreme Court decision automatically reinstated a pre-Roe law that prohibited all terminations.

Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey says that a bill which he passed previously, prohibiting abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, is still in effect.

Ducey’s claim can only be resolved in the state courts. Some hardline Republicans have already suggested that all terminations remain prohibited.

According to authorities, there weren’t any injuries or arrests. 

According to Democratic Senator Martin Quezada, the incident drove the Senate legislators into the basement for approximately 20 minutes. 

Tear gas coming from officers firing out of the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix is visible as pro choice protesters march outside

Pro-choice protesters marche outside to see the tear gas from Arizona State Capitol officers.

Arizona is one of eight states where abortion clinics stopped performing procedures after the decision was released Friday

Arizona is among eight states that abortion clinics in Arizona have shut down after Friday’s announcement.

Arizona's Capitol building was besieged by pro-abortion protesters Friday night, forcing riot cops to fire tear gas to disperse the angry crowd in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned

Arizona’s Capitol was occupied by pro-abortion demonstrators Friday night. Riot cops had to use tear gas to disperse them.

Lawmakers working to complete their 2022 session said they were effectively held-hostage inside, and eventually huddled to a safe location, as SWAT team operatives worked to disperse the gathered crowds

The 2022 session was completed by lawmakers who claimed they were held hostage in their offices. They eventually moved to safe locations while SWAT team members dispersed the crowds.

Officers opened fire when several anti-abortion protesters started banging on glass doors of the building

Officers responded to several pro-abortion demonstrators banging glass doors in the building and opened fire.

Arizona protesters start to move away as the state police begins tear gassing people

Arizona protestors begin to flee as state police teargas people

Riot police surround the Arizona Capitol after protesters reached the front of the Arizona Sentate building

After protesters were able to reach the Arizona Sentate Building, riot police formed a line around the Arizona Capitol

With tear gas in the air, a large number of police surround the Arizona Capitol after protesters reached the front of the AZ Senate building after the Supreme Court overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion decision Friday

A large police force surrounds the Arizona Capitol, with tear gas in their air. This is after demonstrators reached the front of Senate building following Friday’s Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

KPHO-TV reported the officers opened fire when several anti-abortion protesters started banging on glass doors of the building

KPHO-TV reported that the officers opened fire on several pro-abortion demonstrators who began banging glass doors in the building.

Abortion rights protesters banged on the walls of the capitol building in Arizona while holding signs

Arizona’s capitol building was occupied by protesters for abortion rights. They also held signs and banged on it.

Afterward, the Capitol was suffused with stinging teargas. This forced the Senate to relocate its proceedings into a hearing room.

Thousands marched in protest of Roe v Wade’s overturning Friday. 

Many carried signs and shouted slogans, while others listened to speeches.

According to the New York Post, 25 New Yorkers were arrested following demonstrations in the City on Friday. An officer from the police said that around 17,000 people attended a Washington Square Park march in Lower Manhattan.

According to KTLA Los Angeles saw similar arrests, and protests took place in Chicago, Washington, and other large cities.

According to NBC5 Chicago, thousands marched through Grant Park in Chicago. JB Pritzker, the billionaire governor of Illinois was present.

Marchers were also arrested after clashes with police turned violent

After violent clashes between police and marchers, they were also taken into custody

One activist sets off a smoke flare amid abortion rights protest on the 110 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles

One protester sets off smoke bomb amid an abortion rights demonstration on Downtown Los Angeles’ 110 Freeway

People in Washington, Chicago and other cities also marched Friday evening

Washington and Chicago were among the other places that marched on Friday evening.

This comes amid tens upon thousands of people descending on US streets in protest at Roe v Wade being repealed and states receiving abortion rights after almost 50 years.


In cities like Washington DC and Phoenix, New York City, New York City, Los Angeles, angry pro-choice demonstrators called on the Biden administration for a way of overturning the decision.

A group of Americans was seen carrying the flag outside Washington’s capital, and others assembled in front of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ home.

Arizona cops had to resort to tear gas on protestors following an apparent breach of the State Senate building. The staff was evacuated and no injuries were reported.

And at least 25 were arrested in New York City after around 17,000 descended on Washington Square Park before marching through the streets to Grand Central Station, Times Square, and Bryant Park.

They also stopped outside News Corp headquarters – home to Fox News and The New York Post – and yelled ‘It must be burned! Burn it down! F–k Tucker Carlson!’ Vandals also sprayed ‘F*** Fox’ on the side of the building.

Thousands marched through Manhattan in New York City on Friday, even ending up at News Corp headquarters, home of the New York Post and Fox News

On Friday, thousands marched through Manhattan, New York City, and even reached News Corp Headquarters, the home of Fox News and New York Post.

In New York, at least 25 people have been arrested after demonstrations across the city Friday

After demonstrations that took place in New York City on Friday, 25 people were detained.

Abortion rights activists march from Washington Square Park to Bryant Park in Lower Manhattan in protest

Protest march by abortion rights activists from Washington Square Park towards Bryant Park, Lower Manhattan.


According to the LAPD, protesters were throwing rocks and bottles at police officers in demonstrations.

ABC7 reports that protesters were throwing fireworks at officers. A man was also briefly taken from the protests by ABC7. 

The LA Times reports that authorities at one point declared an unlawful assembly shortly after 9 pm. Protesters were then forced to leave the area or taken into police custody. 

An earlier afternoon, the crowd marched onto northbound 110 Freeway and temporarily stopped traffic. 

Protests in Los Angeles made it all the way out to the city's freeway, momentarily shutting down traffic

Los Angeles Protests reached all the way to Los Angeles’ Freeway. Traffic was temporarily stopped by them.


As Iowa demonstrations escalated violently, a pickup truck crashed into protestors for pro-choice in Iowa.

Despite Cedar Rapids activists screaming for it to stop, the black car drove past them and hit the window and hood.

One of the drivers appeared to be caught up in front of the other and was narrowly able to avoid being run over by the driver during Friday’s shocking exchange.

One woman had her foot crushed and she was left howling from pain. As he was driving away, a third one fell to the ground and suffered bruises.

The black pickup truck was captured on social media in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Friday evening shunting the crowd

Cedar Rapids’ black pickup truck captured the attention of the public via social media on Friday evening, shunting people.

Two people appeared to be in front of the black pickup as it continued driving through the crowd, despite screams. One of the women, in the white t-shirt and jeans, told about wrestling with the driver and yelling at him to stop

Two persons appeared to be standing in front the pickup’s black truck as it drove through the crowd despite shouts. received a report from one of the women wearing a white tee-shirt and jeans that she was arguing with the driver while yelling at the driver to stop.

As the two protesters were pushed by the vehicle, others screamed at the driver to stop

One woman, in a white t-shirt, screamed at the driver through the window to stop

Alexis Russell shouted from the window, asking the driver to come to a halt, as two protesters were being pushed around by the vehicle.

The driver continued accelerating, despite the protesters all around him and in front

The protesters were all around the driver and ahead of him as he continued to accelerate,

The driver then sped off. Cedar Rapids police say they are investigating

He then drove away. Cedar Rapids police state they are conducting an investigation

Russell, in the white t-shirt and jeans, can be seen tussling with the driver of the pickup truck

Russell can be seen in the white shirt and jeans tussling alongside the driver of the pickup truck

The driver pushed two people along the road at the front of his vehicle, while Russell yelled at him to stop by his window

Russell demanded that the driver stop pushing two passengers along the roadway in front of the vehicle.

Russell is seen marching through Cedar Rapids on Friday with her fellow protesters, shortly before the crowd was rammed by the pickup truck

Russell was seen walking through Cedar Rapids Friday along with other protestors, just before being rammed by a pickup truck.

Alexis Russell (aged 30) noticed the man driving the pickup through the crowd. She ran up to the driver to ask him to slow down. – “I was standing on an sidewalk facing the road,” she said. She said, “So I was standing on a sidewalk facing the road. I didn’t hesitate when I saw it.”

Russell is seen wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and long black hair as she tries to persuade the driver to pull over. Meanwhile, two other people ride on his car’s hoods, causing them to be thrown along the roads. 

She said, “I ran there and tried to grab it.” “I was confused. They are suffering.

“They don’t do anything. He grabbed my sign from the window and tore it. He reached for my steering wheel and grabbed it. I didn’t manage to grab the sign so I had both.

Russell claimed that 300 to 400 people marched peacefully up to this point. However, many motorists from Iowa’s staunchly Republican state had passed them and ‘flipped’ us off as we drove by.

A protester lights a cigarette on a burning American Flag while marching with abortion-rights activists

While marching alongside abortion-rights activists, a protester light a cigarette while lighting a match on an American Flag.

Abortion rights activists wear tape on their mouth with the words "Second Class Citizen" while protesting

Protesters wearing tape with words “Second class Citizen” written on it while they protest against abortion rights activists

Abortion rights activists rally outside of the US Supreme Court in Washington

Washington: Abortion rights advocates rally in front of the US Supreme Court

Stacey Walker, 34, a local politician who sits on the board of Linn County Board of Supervisors, told that the march had been ‘pretty uneventful’ as it wound through the city past main landmarks, and drew to a close.

He stated that there were some hecklers but nothing unusual. The pickup truck was then able to push an aide of his office along the roadway.

Walker ran to the car and can be heard shouting at the driver in the social media videos. Walker explained that Walker was quite certain the driver wasn’t going to stop. “I think this gentleman didn’t agree with our actions.

Friday’s Supreme Court ruling invalidated the right of abortion. This seismic decision dissolved five decades-old constitutional safeguards.

The conservative-dominated court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade decision enshrining a woman’s right to an abortion, saying individual states can restrict or ban the procedure themselves.