Jen Psaki, WH press secretary, has been double vaccinated and revealed that she was positive for COVID. She is the highest ranking White House official to have contracted the virus.

  • Jen Psaki didn’t travel with President Biden to the G20 in Rome.
  • On Sunday, she explained that it was because her family members had tested positive
  • She reported that she had passed her positive test after four days of negative testing
  • She is now the most prominent member of Biden’s COVID-19 team. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed on Sunday evening she had tested positive for COVID-19 after deciding not to travel with President Biden to the G20 summit in Rome because members of her family had already received positive tests.

42-year old Psaki has received two doses vaccine. According to Psaki, the president was last in contact on Tuesday. The two sat over 6 feet apart wearing masks.

This makes her the most visible member the Biden administration who has tested positive.

‘While I have not had close contact in person with the president or senior members of the White House staff since Wednesday – and tested negative for four days after that last contact – I am disclosing today’s positive test out of an abundance of transparency,’ she said in a statement. 

“I last saw President Obama on Tuesday, when he sat outside for more than six feet and we wore masks.

Biden’s Rome debut on the summit stage was her first. She was later replaced on the trip with Karine Jean Pierre, principal deputy press secretary. 

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Sunday announced she had tested positive for COVID-19 after opting to travel with President Biden to the G20 summit in Rome.

Jen Psaki, White House Press secretary, declared on Sunday that she had tested positive in COVID-19 following her decision to travel with President Biden for the G20 summit.

President Biden's press secretary would have expected to make the trip to Rome and Glasgow for such an important series of meetings

President Biden’s press secretary would have expected that President Biden would travel to Rome and Glasgow to attend such an important series.

Officials cited a family emergency at the time.

Psaki stated that he had made the decision to not travel with the President to the foreign trip due to a family emergency. This was due to members of my household being positive for COVID-19.

She stated that she was working at home. 

“Thanks to the vaccine I have only experienced mild symptoms, which has allowed me to continue working at home. 

“I will plan to return in person to work at the end the ten-day quarantine after a negative rapid test. This is an additional White House requirement that goes beyond CDC guidance. It is meant to be an extra precaution.

Biden arrived in Rome Thursday. 

After a Friday audience with the pope and two days of G20 summitry, he flew to Scotland Monday for a major U.N. Climate summit.

His press secretary would be expected to attend this important trip, and Biden’s first chance at making an impact at global summits under his presidency.  

Since before departing Washington, White House staff members and others who travel with the president have been subject to daily COVID-19 testing and have all been fully vaccinated. 

Many officials have also received booster shot due to the close-quarters environment, frequent travel and work environment.

Biden received his COVID-19 booster shortly after federal regulators approved it for many Americans on September 27.

Kamala Harris, Vice President, received hers on Saturday.