His sister said that a former friend of his was a peacemaker and that he had stabbed him through his heart as a pupil at public schools.

Joshua Molnar was 17, at the time, stabbed Yousef Maki (17) during a brawl in the upmarket Hale Barns. Cheshire on the evening of March 2.

Molnar (from a wealthy Cheshire household) was acquitted by a jury after a four week trial at Manchester Crown Court. After Yousef pulled out a knife against him, he claimed self-defence.

Molnar was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment after he admitted that he had a knife in his possession and that he perverted the course of justice. He initially lied about it to police.

The family of Yousef claims that certain matters were made to the jury on a false basis and not the whole truth.

Molnar, who was not involved with the mugging of Yousef in Wilmslow’s violent robbery weeks prior to Yoursef’s murder was later charged in criminal court.

Over the Wilmslow case, the Cheshire Police referred itself to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

Jade Akoum (Yousef’s sibling) was asked by Pete Weatherby QC her family lawyer if her brother ever had an interest in knives.

Yousef Makki

Joshua Molnar (left), a 19-year-old former schoolboy, stabbed Yousef Malikki (right), in the heart in a brawl at Hale Barns in Cheshire in March 2019. 

Jade Akoum, sister of murdered schoolboy Yousef Makki, arrives at Stockport Coroner's Court for his inquest holding a picture of him, alongside husband Mazen Akoum

Jade Akoum (sister of the murdered schoolboy Yousef Makki) arrives at Stockport Coroner’s Court to answer his questions holding a photo of him and Mazen Akoum.

According to Mrs Akoum, the Stockport Coroner’s Court inquest revealed that ‘he was a peacemaker. You could not ask for more from a son or brother.

“Everyday we miss him. We will never be able to fill that huge hole.

Debbie Makki (55), the mother to Yousef Akoum and Mrs Akoum gave an account about her son just before she died in May 2013.

The message read, “I don’t believe people realize how such an event affects their whole lives.”

Inquiries revealed that Yousef came from humble beginnings and was from an Anglo-Lebanese single-parent family. However, he had brilliant minds. His mother ‘scrimped and saved’ to buy his £1,000 school uniform after he won a scholarship to the £12,000-a-year Manchester Grammar School.

Joshua Molnar

Joshua Molnar (left), a 19-year-old former schoolboy, stabbed Yousef Malikki (right), in the heart in a fight at Hale Barns in Cheshire in March 2019. 

Molnar said that Yousef and Adam Chowdhary had previously been friends when Yousef was attacked. Molnar stated that Yousef reached for a knife to cut himself and pulled his. Yousef was then fatally wounded, with a wound measuring 12cm.

The panicking defendants placed the knives down in the bushes, called 999, and tried desperately to stop the bleeding from Yousef’s chest wound. Chowdhary was cleared of perverting course of justice. He told police he had not seen what happened.

Following his admission to having a flick blade, he received a 4-month sentence.

The post-mortem was performed by Dr Charles Wilson of the Home Office Pathology Department. He found that the knife went through Yousef’s ribs and through the cartilage, inflicting severe injuries.

He stated that such an injury would only occur if there is a moderate amount of force involved. “It is impossible to inflict such an injury without holding the knife tightly.”

According to him, there might be some force in a person’s movement towards the gun, however, most people don’t move toward pointed objects, even if they have seen them.

The inquest will be continued on Tuesday morning.