Today, after a brief break at Sandringham the Queen flew back to Windsor Castle via helicopter.

The monarch, 95, was captured taking off from a Sikorsky S76C known as The Queen’s Helicopter Flight at 11.15 am this morning, five days after she arrived at her Norfolk country estate last Thursday.

Witnesses claimed that the helicopter arrived at Sandringham around 10 a.m., just before Queen Elizabeth II was forced through the estate to get there. Notice to Airmen was issued, so no one was allowed to fly around the area.

The head of state has also been pictured being driven through Sandringham in a Range Rover A-Bio Sdv8 diesel vehicle over the past several days – including yesterday, last Saturday and last Friday.

Last Thursday, she flew by helicopter from Windsor to reach the country estate. She was there for her recovery and rest following an overnight stay at Windsor Hospital last month.

After being advised by doctors to stop all official visits, the Queen went to Wood Farm in Sandringham.

Buckingham Palace stated that the Queen had previously indicated her ‘firm intention to attend’ the Remembrance Sunday wreath-laying ceremony at Whitehall’s Cenotaph to honor Britain’s war veterans. This is one of the most important events on her annual calendar. This would mark her first event in person since October 19, when she attended a reception.

Yesterday Her Majesty decided to cancel her planned visit to the COP26 conference on climate change in Glasgow. She instead recorded a message from Windsor which was broadcast to global leaders Monday last week.

Today’s 105-mile return flight to Windsor comes after sources claimed that the Queen wanted to be able to spend Christmas with her family in Sandringham after last year’s pandemic. 

Buckingham Palace refused to provide any official comment on Queen Elizabeth’s weekend off, but a source close to the royal family confirmed that she had returned from her weekend at Windsor Castle. 

The Queen is photographed leaving Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate this morning to return to Windsor by helicopter

Photograph of the Queen leaving Wood Farm, Sandringham Estate this morning in order to fly back to Windsor via helicopter 

The Queen is seen taking off in a Sikorsky S76C, known as The Queen's Helicopter Flight, at about 11.15am this morning

The Queen takes off from a Sikorsky S76C known as The Queen’s Helicopter Flight at 11.15 am this morning

The 95-year-old monarch is seen being driven through Sandringham today, five days after arriving there last Thursday

Today, the 95-year old monarch can be seen driving through Sandringham five days after his arrival there on Thursday.

Witnesses say the helicopter landed at Sandringham today, before the Queen was driven through the estate towards it

Witnesses claim that the helicopter arrived at Sandringham today before Queen Elizabeth was forced through the estate to get there.

The Queen takes off in a Sikorsky S76C helicopter this morning from Sandringham following her stay at the estate

The Queen takes off in a Sikorsky S76C helicopter this morning from Sandringham following her stay at the estate

And a royal source told Mirror Online today: ‘The Queen was delighted to have been able to make the trip to Sandringham, which she had been planning for some time.

“Her doctors cleared her to fly in a short helicopter, and she agreed that she would rest.

Schedule for October by the Queen 

The Queen kept her busy October schedule until the point when doctors advised her to stop and cancel her trip to Northern Ireland. This was around two weeks ago. The monarch of 95 years has done some amazing things since the beginning of October.

  • October 6th: Queen Elizabeth II holds virtual audiences with two ambassadors for Belize and Greece at Windsor. The Queen meets Canadian troops of the 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery and then has a telephone conversation with Boris Johnson, Prime Minister.
  • October 7, 2018: Queen Elizabeth II and Earl of Wessex launch the Queen’s Baton Relay to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, from Buckingham Palace forecourt.
  • October 12, 2012: Queen Elizabeth II, along with the Princess Royal, attended a Westminster Abbey thanksgiving service to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Royal British Legion. At the abbey she uses a walking stick, which is the first time that this has happened at an important event.
  • October 13th: Queen Elizabeth II will present the Queen’s Medal for Arts and Music to Dame Imogen Cooper in a faceto-face interview. Three other audiences are also available.
  • October 14, 2014: The Queen addresses the Welsh Senedd sixth session on an off-day to Cardiff.
  • October 16: Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, Ascot.
  • October 18th: Cindy Kiro has a virtual conversation with the Governor-General for New Zealand.
  • October 19, 2009: Three engagements by the Queen, including two virtual audiences at the EU and Japanese ambassadors. Then, a Windsor Castle evening reception will be held to celebrate the Global Investment Summit.
  • October 20, 2012: Queen Elizabeth II is on strict rest orders and cancels her two-day Northern Ireland trip’reluctantly.
  • October 21: Buckingham Palace has confirmed that Queen Elizabeth II spent the previous night at hospital for preliminary investigations. After lunch, the Queen returns to Windsor Castle. She is reported to have been in ‘good spirits’ and back at work, performing light tasks.
  • October 24, 2012: A Windsor church service is missed by the monarch.
  • October 26, 2012: Virtual audiences are held by the Queen from Windsor Castle. These were her first formal engagements since being ordered to take a rest. Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen had’reluctantly chosen’ to not attend the Cop26 Glasgow reception on November 1. She instead delivers an address by recorded video message Monday, which she filmed last Friday.

Her Majesty has written that she is committed to attending the Remembrance Sunday ceremonies at the Cenotaph during this week.

“It will be an enormous boost both for her and for the veterans for The Queen to attend the event.” 

The Queen and Prince Philip used to escape to Sandringham every year around the time of Halloween so they could enjoy some quality time together at Wood Farm on the estate.

And although her ‘dear late husband’ – as she referred to him this week – died in April, the Queen has decided to honour those cherished memories together by going back to the estate this week.

Wood Farm was home to Philip, his husband of 73-years, who died aged 99 after a long and difficult battle with cancer.

He was a countryman by heart and loved Sandringham. However, he also enjoyed Wood Farm’s relative simplicity. His only concession to modernization had been the installation of a kitchen. He would likely have died there, if it wasn’t for the pandemic that saw him relocate to Windsor to be near the Queen.  

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh last year spent their Christmas alone at Windsor Castle – which made it the first time since 1987 that she did not spend the holiday with her family at Sandringham.

Although she won’t be able to make it to the Remembrance Sunday Service at the Cenotaph, the monarch pledged that she would attend.

After royal doctors advised her not to travel, the head of state was due to attend Cop26. She had planned to give an in-person speech at Cop26 and host a reception.

Instead of Prince Charles, Camilla, and the Duke & Duchesss of Cambridge representing the Royal Family at the conference was instead Prince Charles.

The Queen was secretly admitted to London’s King Edward VII Hospital. According to royal aides, the Queen’s trip was only for preliminary investigation. The exact cause of the trip is still not known.

Two weekends ago, Prime Minister spoke out to say that Queen Elizabeth was happy when she attended their weekly meeting.

Boris Johnson stated that she seemed in good health. Her doctors have told her she needs to be rest. I believe we need to understand and respect this. The whole nation wishes her well.

Buckingham Palace has assured her that she is in good health, but public concerns are unlikely to go away given the prolonged absence of illness during her reign.

The monarch will be reassessed by doctors at the conclusion of her fortnight-long recommended rest. It is possible that her diary may also be affected.

The desire of the Queen to move as fast as possible is ultimately overshadowed in the end by what her doctors believe is best.

The Prince of Wales and other royals who are in high positions will need to be present at more events on behalf of her. 

Last month, concerns were raised about Queen Elizabeth II, who was recently seen with a walking stick during events. She cancelled her two-day trip to Northern Ireland. 

MONDAY -- The Queen is photographed enjoying an afternoon drive through her Sandringham estate yesterday

MONDAY — This is the queen enjoying an afternoon ride through Sandringham yesterday

SATURDAY -- The Queen is pictured three days ago enjoying a Saturday morning drive through her Sandringham estate

SATURDAY — Three days ago, the Queen was enjoying a Saturday morning driving through Sandringham. 

FRIDAY -- The Queen is photographed being driven back to Wood Farm at Sandringham in Norfolk on Friday of last week

FRIDAY — On Friday last week, the Queen was photographed driving back to Wood Farm in Sandringham.

She made the decision just hours before her flight and, despite claims that she had stayed at Windsor Castle, she was taken to hospital where she spent eight nights.

Last Monday, Queen Elizabeth was photographed near Windsor Castle in Berkshire driving in a green car. 

The Queen addressed world leaders at Cop26 that same day and recorded it the Friday before. She made an urgent plea to them about the climate crisis.

The monarch spoke out for the first time on the topic of the environment. She said that they must ‘rise above politics’ to show true statesmanship on this issue.

Speaking in a video message – played at a reception marking the first day of the climate summit – the Queen declared: ‘The time for words has now moved to the time for action.’

NOVEMBER 1 -- The Queen is pictured driving close to Windsor Castle on Monday of last week after being instructed to rest

NOVEMBER 1 — On Monday, the Queen drives close to Windsor Castle after having been instructed to take a rest.

OCTOBER 29 -- The Queen in a a Cop26 video message recorded on October 29 and played in Glasgow on November 1

OCTOBER 29, — A Cop26 video message from the Queen recorded on October 29th and played in Glasgow, Scotland on November 1,

The monarch spent a long weekend at her Norfolk estate of Sandringham (file picture) after flying there by helicopter

After flying from London by helicopter to Sandringham, the monarch spent an extended weekend there (file image).

She included a poignant nod to her advancing years, saying many involved in the Glasgow summit – including herself – would not see the fruits of their actions, adding: ‘None of us will live for ever.’

However, she stressed the following: “We’re doing this for our children and their children. And those who will be inspired by them.”

The world leaders can solve the most difficult problems and triumph over all adversities if they work together, according to Shearer. 

She spoke with unusual candour of her pride in her family and their stance on the environment – from ‘my dear late husband’, the Duke of Edinburgh, to her son the Prince of Wales and grandson the Duke of Cambridge.

The Queen has been staying at Windsor Castle (file picture) for rest following her recent overnight hospital stay

The Queen has been staying at Windsor Castle (file picture) for rest following her recent overnight hospital stay

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh last year spent their Christmas alone at Windsor Castle - the first time since 1987 that she did not spend the holiday with her family at Sandringham. The Queen and Philip are pictured at Sandringham in 2017

Last Christmas, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip spent their holiday alone at Windsor Castle. It was her first visit to Sandringham since 1987. Picture of Philip and the Queen at Sandringham, 2017.

Insiders said the Queen was determined to host her family at the Sandringham estate in Norfolk for Christmas this year

Sources claim that the Queen wanted to spend Christmas with her family at Sandringham, Norfolk’s estate for this holiday.

She recalled how in 1969 Prince Philip told an academic gathering: ‘If the world pollution situation is not critical at the moment, it is as certain as anything can be that the situation will become increasingly intolerable within a very short time… If we fail to cope with this challenge, all the other problems will pale into insignificance.’

According to the Queen, “It is an source of great pride that my husband played in encouraging people protect our fragile world through the work done by our eldest children Charles and William.” Their achievements are something I couldn’t be prouder of.

She added she had also ‘drawn great comfort and inspiration from the relentless enthusiasm of people of all ages – especially the young – in calling for everyone to play their part’.

She stressed the enormity of the task ahead and said: “In the next days, we have the opportunity to unite in our shared goal of creating a safer, more stable future for all people on the planet.”