Teenage girl, 18, who kept her friend hostage and threatened to stab her for drinking her £80 Vodka before battering her over the head with the empty bottle is spared jail

  • Clarity Kennedy (18) from Leamington Spa hit her friend with a empty bottle 
  • Laura Creedon, the victim, ran away and called 911, who then arrested Kennedy
  • The teenager admitted false imprisonment and assault at Warwick Crown Court

Court heard how a teenager girl threatened her friend with stabbing her because she was drinking expensive Vodka.

Clarity Kennedy became agitated after a party at her house.

Laura Creedon was accused of taking her vodka bottle and allegedly kicked Laura Creedon.

Kennedy demanded Miss Creedon pay her £80 for the booze, and, when the victim refused, Kennedy threatened her with an eight-inch kitchen knife.

Her refusal to leave her home in Stratford-upon-Avon Warwickshire also sparked outrage. She told her she had taken her hostage and beat her head with the empty bottles.

About two hours passed before Miss Creedon fled and called police to report Kennedy’s kidnapping suspicion.

Clarity Kennedy (pictured leaving Warwick Crown Court on Monday) kept another young woman captive in a flat, demanding to be paid for vodka her victim had drunk and threatening to stab her if she tried to call the police

Clarity Kennedy (pictured leaving Warwick Crown Court, Monday) held another young woman captive and demanded that she be compensated for vodka the victim had consumed. Also threatened to stab her in case she called the police

Kennedy escaped jail after pleading guilty at Warwick Crown Court to false imprisonment and assault. She was sentenced to 14 months detention suspended for two years

Kennedy was released after pleading guilty at Warwick Crown Court for false imprisonment and assault. Her sentence was suspended for 14 months and she will be held indefinitely.

Kennedy, Leamington Spa’s, confessed to false imprisonment and assault on Monday, Nov 8, when she appeared before Warwick Crown Court.

The sentence was for 14 months, with a suspended period of two years. She also had to perform 60 hours unpaid work.

Judge Peter Cooke stated that there is no standard for false imprisonment. However, the issue isn’t just about what they are subject to, but also how their freedom is restricted.

“What you did your friend when you both woke up hungry that morning was unacceptable.

“If an adult had committed that crime, they would not be receiving any reward for their efforts after trial.

“But, you were only a child.

“This was the day following your 18th Birthday, therefore I feel we should have at least two-thirds the amount that an adult would receive.

“So, we’re looking at 14 months of sentence to show the evilness of your actions.” 

Prosecutor Amrisha Parathalingam said: ‘Kennedy got an eight inch kitchen knife and began waving it around, threatening Miss Creedon that she would put her in handcuffs and stab her if she tried to call the police.

She said: “I will hold you prisoner until you pay me.” You can’t leave if you don’t want to.

“If I don’t get the money, you’ll have to smash this bottle against your head.”

Kennedy hit Miss Creedon several times with the bottle, leaving her with bruises and bumps.

Miss Creedon was able to escape after Kennedy’s friend forced Kennedy into a bed and shoved the victim out of the front door.

Kennedy was convicted in November 2013 for assaulting and damaging an emergency worker and May 2012 for attempted robbery.

Nick Devine, the defense, stated: “The pre-sentence reporter says Miss Kennedy at that time was immature and naive, and unable to control her emotions properly.

“This very bad incident started between three drunken individuals who argued over Miss Kennedy’s birthday gift of vodka.

“She was convinced that the victim had drank it. Things got outof control.”

“She claims that she did not know her actions could be considered false imprisonment. She is deeply sorry for her behavior.