After spending time in hospital, and pulling out from the Cop26 summit, the Queen presented a poetry prize over Zoom from Windsor Castle.  

Her Majesty beamed as she virtually presented English poet David Constantine – who was at Buckingham Palace – with The Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry this afternoon. 

The monarch wore a floral dress and pearl necklace as she spoke to Mr Constantine. Simon Armitage, Poet Laureate, was also present. 

Earlier this week, Buckingham Palace announced that she would not be attending the Cop26 summit, after she had  cancelled a trip to Northern Ireland and had preliminary tests in hospital the following day during her first overnight stay at a medical facility in eight years. 

Yesterday, royal experts suggested yesterday that there could be a’reassessment of the Queen’s work and possibly a slight gear shift following her withdrawal from the environmental summit at Glasgow. 

The Queen today presented a poetry award over Zoom from Windsor Castle as she appeared for the second time after spending time in hospital and pulling out of the Cop26 summit

Today, the Queen presented a poetry award to Zoom from Windsor Castle. This was her second appearance after being in hospital and pulling out at the Cop26 summit.

The Queen will continue her work behind the scenes as the climate change summit in Glasgow next week takes place. She will also record a video message and will continue to travel long distances.

It comes amid fears about Queen’s health, who will film a message that will be broadcast to delegates at Glasgow. This is after she was forced to cancel her visit to Northern Ireland at the eleventh hour last Wednesday.

Palace sources claim that her decision not traveling to Scotland was a’sensible step’ taken in light of her doctor’s advice to rest, and that she was determined for the conference to be a success.

Another source claimed that it would have been foolish for the Queen to make the 800-mile round trip from Windsor, Scotland to attend the major event, which aims at securing global action on climate change.

Roya Nikkhah, Royal Expert, stated yesterday that while she wasn’t going to be there in person yesterday, royal sources provided some very interesting background guidance. She said that she was going to film this video address this Week and that she will be working behind the scenes to ensure that there are meaningful actions.

“And I thought it was really interesting that she was very keen that other heads of state and world leaders don’t use her absence to excuse not attending,” she said. So she’s watching it very closely.

Her Majesty beamed as she virtually presented English poet David Constantine - who was at Buckingham Palace - with The Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry this afternoon

Her Majesty smiled as she presented English poet David Constantine at Buckingham Palace with The Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry.

Ms. Nikkah was the royal editor of Sunday Times. She spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Today program and said that it was quite a journey for a 95-year old and that she had a packed diary (public and private) for a few weeks which has left her exhausted. 

‘And I think the feeling probably was – we don’t know, because we’re not doctors – but the feeling probably was from her doctors it was a little bit much for her to go up and do all that.

‘And it’s not just the travel – it’s also being on. It’s also entertaining and hosting world leaders, talking to them about climate change and all of that – I think the feeling probably is that’s just a little bit too much at the moment until she’s back to full strength.’

She continued: ‘I think there will be a reassessment and possibly a slight gear change in the kind of work the Queen does, the distances she travels, but I don’t think we will see – all being well, if the Queen is able to continue with public duties as we hope that she will be – I think we will still see her out and about as much as she and her doctors feel she can – but I think there will be a gear change, and her private secretaries and her diary secretaries looking at engagements that come in and thinking what does Her Majesty the Queen really need to be at, and what does she feel she really can do. So I believe there will be a continuous review going forwards.

The Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry presented to David Constantine at Buckingham Palace, London, during a virtual audience by Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen’s Gold Medal in Poetry was presented at Buckingham Palace, London to David Constantine during a virtual audience by Queen Elizabeth 2. 

Alexandra Burke and Geri Horner chat to the Duchess Of Cornwall at St James’s Palace reception for the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition winners 

The Duchess Of Cornwall appeared in high spirits as she met with Alexadra Bruke and Geri Horner to host a reception for the winners of the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition today. 

To celebrate the oldest international writing contest for schools in the world, the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out at London’s St James’ Palace to present winners and runners up their certificates. 

Camilla, aged 74, was elegant in a navy suit. She warmly welcomed Geri Horner 49 years old, a Spice Girl, in a long-sleeved, white silk dress with silver buttons and embellishments. 

In October 2019, the singer attended Buckingham Palace’s ceremony before she was named an inaugural member to the Royal Commonwealth Society. She also attended the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey last March. 

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said last night that the Queen had been performing light duties at Windsor Castle, following advice to rest. 

“Her Majesty regretfully decided not to travel to Glasgow for the evening reception of Cop26 on Monday November 1. 

“Her Majesty is sorry not to attend the reception, but will deliver an address via recorded video message to the assembled delegate.

The palace has not yet explained why the Queen was taken last week to hospital. The palace initially stated that the monarch was at Windsor after it was announced that she had cancelled her visit to Northern Ireland. 

36 hours later, after the news had leaked out that she was in serious condition, a spokesman confirmed that she had been admitted at King Edward VII’s hospital, London, for ‘preliminary investigation’.

Aides hoped that the head-of-state would be well enough for the Royal Family to be led at the summit by the Head of State, either via video-link or in person. 

She returned to Windsor on Tuesday, where she is now resting on doctors orders.

These pictures show her face as she greets Gunn Kim, the new ambassador of the Republic of Korea, at Buckingham Palace. She also spoke to Markus Leitner, new Swiss ambassador.

Cop26 organizers will be hurt by the Queen’s decision to not attend. 

Few people command the same respect or authority as the British monarch. 

It is hoped that no world leaders will use the absence of the head state as a reason to not attend the summit, 

It was revealed that Xi Jinping – the president of China and the planet’s largest polluter – has decided to skip the much-anticipated conference.

The Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge will continue to represent the Royal Family – both of them have strong environmental campaigning credentials – as well as the Duchess and Duchesss of Cambridge.

Senior royal aides stated that the Queen will be working hard behind-the scenes to make the summit a success. 

She will be filming her video message at Windsor Castle this week.