Platinum Jubilee will be’marred by Prince Andrew’ court case: Key moments in Duke’s New York hearing about Virginia Roberts claims will occur just DAYS before celebrations of Queen’s 70th anniversary. Judge rules

  • The Queen’s platinum Jubilee will be held before Prince Andrew’s court case is heard
  • The civil case brought by Jeffrey Epstein victims is to be opened as soon as possible
  • Judge Kaplan will draw a line in the amendments to take effect by December 15
  • Next year will be filled with events to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary on the throne

It emerged last night that Andrew, the Queen’s son, is likely to impede her platinum jubilee.

Documents filed in the US indicate that Jeffrey Epstein victim is proceeding with the civil case of rape/sexual assault against him.

Judge Lewis Kaplan has ruled that all disclosures and depositions must be completed before July next Year, with agreement from both parties. 

This means that important moments in the case will also be heard during the official celebrations of the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

Documents show the civil case of rape and sexual assault being brought against Prince Andrew (pictured) by a Jeffrey Epstein victim is to go ahead as quickly as possible

Documents show that Prince Andrew is being sued by Jeffrey Epstein for rape and sexual assault.

This means that key moments in the case will be heard in the run-up to the official national celebrations to mark the Queen's 70 years on the throne

This means that important moments in the case will also be heard as part of the official national celebrations to celebrate the Queen’s 70th year on the throne

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, pictured together in 2001

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, pictured together at the 2001 Olympics



Netflix will film Princess Diana’s Panorama interview with Martin Bashir (disgraced BBC journalist) – despite Prince William’s requests that the interview be removed from air.

The fifth season will feature an episode that focuses on the 1995 interview in which she said, “There were three of us in marriage” – a reference both to Charles and Camilla.

According to insiders, Netflix has spent millions on the episode. The Sun will be the pivotal part of the next installment. Netflix’s decision to recreate the Panorama interview puts it at odds with William who demanded that it not be aired. 

The Duke of Cambridge took aim at Bashir’s egregious tactics to win his exclusive with his mother earlier in the year.  

Harry and William accuse the BBC of ruining their mother’s life through its ‘deceitful interview’ and contributing to the tragic chain events that led to her suicide two years later. 

However, senior sources insisted Netflix, which struck a £112million deal with Harry and Meghan after they quit royal duties, is going ahead with the special episode.  

They said that the interview was seen by the Crown’s creators as the keystone moment for series five.

The commemorations will last throughout the year and will see senior royals – except Andrew – travel around the country and overseas. 

Judge Kaplan will draw a line under any New York proceedings amendments by December 15. 

All disclosures regarding expert witnesses must be made by June 13, with the disclosure process completed one month later. 

One US legal expert described it as ‘brisk’.

Andrew, a close friend and convicted paedophile Epstein was always denial of Virginia Giuffre’s claims she was trafficked to have sex three times with him when she was 17.

Although the prince and his legal staff were shocked when she filed a civil lawsuit against him in April of this year, they now plan to use it as a way to prove his innocence. He has not been accused of any crime.

They have until Friday to reply to her lawsuit. Next week, a hearing will be held at a Manhattan court. 

The Metropolitan Police stated earlier this month that it would not take any action regarding Ms Giuffre’s claims.

The case has had a devastating impact on the image of the duke.

In November 2019, Andrew denied claims he had slept on three occasions with Ms Giuffre in a Newsnight interview. He said: ‘I absolutely categorically state that it never happened.

“I have no recollection whatsoever of ever meeting this lady.

The duke said that he doesn’t remember a photograph of him with Ms Giuffre’s arm wrapped around his waist. He also questioned whether the image was taken by his hand.

The interview resulted in the royal being criticised for displaying a lack empathy towards Epstein’s victims and a lack regret over his friendship to the disgraced financier.

While in custody, Epstein committed suicide.

The Queen is not getting her daily ‘tonic. Monarch has been forced from walking her dogs every day while she recovers from her hospital stay.

REBECCA English, Royal Editor for the Daily Mail 

After being advised to rest by doctors, the Queen was unable to enjoy her daily walks with her dogs for nearly a week.

Sources claim that the monarch is taking their orders to rest seriously, having been admitted to hospital on Wednesday night for preliminary investigations.

The Queen, 95 years old, has two corgi dogs and dorgi Candy. This cross between a corgi dachshund and corgi is called a dorgi candy.

The Queen (pictured on April 2, 1994), 95, has not been able to walk her two corgi puppies and dorgi Candy for almost a week after she was ordered by doctors to rest

The Queen (pictured on April 2, 1994), 95. She has not been able walk her corgi dogs and dorgi Candy nearly a week after being ordered by doctors to rest.

Sources say the monarch (pictured) has been taking their orders to rest seriously after she was kept in hospital overnight on Wednesday for 'preliminary investigations'

Sources claim that the monarch (pictured) is taking her orders to rest seriously, having been kept in hospital overnight Wednesday for preliminary investigations

One of the highlights was being driven to walk her children near Frogmore on her Windsor estate. This is where Harry and Meghan lived once. 

Friends and family believe that these daily excursions are a tonic’ and have helped the Queen stay so healthy into her nineties.

Instead, staff have walked the dogs since her hospital stay. 

Yesterday, Buckingham Palace stated that the Queen was in good spirits and performing some ‘light duties’ while she rests.

It is still hoped that she can lead the Royal Family next week at the Cop26 UN Climate Change Summit in Glasgow via video link or in-person.

The final decision will be made at the end of the week.