Are you looking for pesto eggs or pasta chips, then look no further than TikTok. Young Britons love TikTok’s recipes and turn to it for tips on cooking.

  • Pesto eggs, mozzarella doughnuts and pasta chips have become a hit on TikTok
  • For cooking tips, young Britons are turning to the video networking app
  • Other video clips also include recipes such as whipped lemonade and feta pasta 

These may not be the dishes you would find if you were to look through the cookbooks by Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, or Delia Smith.

TikTok is proving to be a hit among young Britons. They love to use TikTok to make pesto eggs, mozzarella doughnuts, or pasta chips. 

As part of the social media trend, millions have viewed the video clips. They also include recipes like whipped lemonade or feta pasta.

Waitrose Food and Drink Report, which tracks changing tastes and sales, has identified the trend. 

Thanks to TikTok, pesto eggs (pictured), mozzarella doughnuts and pasta chips are proving a hit with young Britons, who are turning to the social media app for cooking tips

TikTok is proving popular with young Britons. They love TikTok’s pesto eggs (pictured), mozzarella donuts, and pasta chips.

As part of this, the supermarket predicts the rise of “potato milk” as an alternative for dairy and batch-made bottles in cocktails.

It is also tracking a rise for climatarianism. This diet, which focuses on reducing carbon footprint and encourages eating seasonal local food and avoiding meat, is also being tracked.

Many people are also adopting a 5 to 2 diet, which means they only eat meat twice a week. 

James Bailey, Waitrose executive director, stated that three-quarters of all 18- to 24-year-olds surveyed said they have been using TikTok and Instagram as inspiration for their food over the past year.

Searches for barbecued watermelon (pictured) recipes on rose by 65 per cent in August, and up 171 per cent for knickerbocker glory recipes saw a 66% increase in searches for barbecued watermelon recipes (pictured), and a 171% increase for knickerbocker joy recipes

Waitrose stated that the platforms have ‘driven sales of everything from feta, tortillas, pesto, and potatoes due to viral foods trends’. searches for barbecued watermelon recipes rose by 66% in August and grew 171 percent for knickerbocker recipes.

Sushi sales have increased by 54%, while those of herbs and spices have increased by 41%.