Sir Richard Branson was involved in an endurance race for charity across the British Virgin Islands when his brakes gave out. 

He was worried that his back would be broken after colliding on another rider in day two at Strive BVI. This event, which involves fitness buffs completing a number of challenging land and water-based challenges over several days, is called the Strive BVI Event.

Virgin founder Richard Branson stated that he suffered severe injuries to his elbow, a large bump on his hip, and a massive hematoma on one leg. This happened after he crashed onto the road in Tortola. 

The father of three wrote in a blog that he believed a helmet had saved his life. 

He said, “I was maneuvering up a steep turn, with a large cliff drop on my left. I saw a car approaching the hill and Felix Stellmaszek my fellow Striver passing it. 

‘I pulled on both of my brakes, but they didn’t respond. 

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson, 71, suffered a 'colossal' bike crash during a charity event on the British Virgin Islands (Pictured: Sir Richard gives thumbs up as he gets in van to be taken to hospital)

British billionaire Sir Richard Branson (Pictured, Sir Richard giving thumbs up while he climbs into a van to get to the hospital

The Virgin founder said he had to be treated for severe cuts and bruises on his elbow, an 'extraordinarily big bump' on his hip (pictured) and a 'massive' hematoma on his leg after flying off his bike and crashing onto the hard concrete road on the island of Tortola

Virgin founder Richard Branson stated that he suffered severe injuries to his elbow, an “extraordinarily large bump” on his hip and a massive hematoma in his leg. This was after he crashed onto the concrete island road of Tortola.

“I was speeding up and I had no choice but to hit the car or drop off the cliff. But, my other options were to keep going, go faster, or run into Felix.

According to him, he tried pulling on the brakes as hard as possible but it didn’t work.

He added: ‘I cried out to Felix a warning – “brakes not working!” – but he had no chance of getting out of the way. We crashed – hard.

“We both fell off of our bikes and our bodies and heads smashed into concrete. 

‘There is no question that wearing helmets saved our lives – not the first time that has been the case. 

“Both of us lay on the road while the rest of our team was around us. 

‘I stayed still, hoping I hadn’t broken my back or paralysed myself. Slowly I moved my legs and they replied. 

The injured men were both taken to Virgin Gorda Hospital. 

Strive BVI describes itself as an “multi-discipline challenge fundraiser across British Virgin Islands completely under human and sailing power.”

This event is held each year to raise funds for Big Change. Big Change was founded by Holly and Sam, Sir Richard’s kids. 

Sir Richard had enjoyed sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding around Anegada during the challenge’s first day. 

The 71-year-old billionaire feared he had broken his back after colliding with another rider during day two of the Strive BVI challenge - which sees fitness fanatics complete a series of gruelling water and land-based courses over several days (Pictured moments after collision)

After colliding with another rider on day two of Strive BVI, the 71-year old billionaire was afraid he would break his back. 

Sir Richard shows off his bruised and scraped arm and torn cycling shirt following collision

After a collision, Sir Richard displays his severely scraped left arm and torn jersey. 

In 2016, Sir Richard cracked his cheek and tore several ligaments while riding in the Virgin Strive challenge in Leverick Bay (Pictured following said crash)

2016: Sir Richard broke his cheekbone and tore ligaments during the Virgin Strive Challenge in Leverick Bay. (Pictured after said crash). 

The day before the crash, day two saw the victim endure a 60 km bike ride through Tortola’s rolling hills. He then agreed to go an additional 10km. 

The crash occurred as he was returning down the steep, winding road. 

You can still find hiking, swimming, and sailing events scheduled for this week. However, it is not clear if Sir Richard will take part. 

Sir Richard said, “Thanks to the medical staff who helped us.” 

‘I’ve got some severe cuts and bruises on my elbow, an extraordinarily big bump on my hip and a massive hematoma on my leg. It could have been worse.

This is not the first accident that the mogul of business has suffered on his bicycle in the Virgin Islands. 

In 2016,  he cracked his cheek and tore several ligaments while riding in the Virgin Strive challenge in Leverick Bay.

His words were: “I thought I would die.” I flew headfirst into the concrete road. Fortunately, my cheeks and shoulder were spared by the helmet I was wearing that saved my existence.