Is your house green? Experts have shown that small properties such as flats or maisonettes are much more efficient in energy than detached, semi-detached and large-sized houses. Check out your home’s performance.

  • The Office for National Statistics, (ONS), has ranked houses in England and Wales 
  • Analysis found that blocks of homes are more energy-efficient than those in single family houses
  • The least efficient houses, whether detached or semi-detached, are larger homes.

According to new research on domestic energy efficiency, smaller, more modern homes tend to be greener than older, larger properties.

The Office for National Statistics, (ONS), has classified homes in England & Wales into seven groups akin to the order they receive for council tax.

Each band is given a score. Band A gets the highest energy efficiency and Band B the lowest.

According to the ONS analysis, flats, maisonettes and homes built in blocks were the most efficient. Larger semi-detached or detached homes are less efficient.

It was also important to consider the age of your home. Older houses are less efficient due to improvements in insulation technology and boiler technology.

The median or middle ratings in England and Wales were 66 and 64 respectively, equivalent to Band D on the scale.

To find out the energy ratings of your home, enter your postcode. 

The banding used by the ONS

Banding as used by the ONS

The median or middle ratings in England and Wales were 66 and 64 respectively, equivalent to Band D on the scale

The median ratings or middle ratings of England and Wales were respectively 66 and 64, which is roughly equivalent to Band D.

In news that shows the scale of the Government’s plans to make homes greener, the ONS found that In both countries, almost eight in 10 dwellings used mains gas as a main fuel source for central heating. 

Boris Johnson spoke out about his wish to eliminate domestic gas completely by 2035.

According to the report, “Overall, flats were more energy-efficient than any other property in England or Wales with a median score of 72. This is equal to band C. 

“Detached dwellings” scored lowest in Wales at 62, while semi-detached and detached homes in England were equal lowest. These scores are comparable to band D. 

“This could be because detached properties are less exposed to external walls than those in flats and maisonettes. 

“While flats are more efficient than houses when it comes to energy consumption, the difference was not that great between different kinds of homes, especially in Wales.